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6 Best Feminine WordPress Themes for Women 2017

Are you looking for beautiful feminine WordPress themes! What are Feminine WordPress Themes? Everything you need for a beautiful theme, Feminine WordPress theme is a complete feminine theme that is suitable for a wide range of niches that includes – fashion, lifestyle, food, travel, beauty, mommy blogger. Women business owners, creatives, and female bloggers make up a huge part of the blogosphere today, “This theme is for Women” Yes! Feminine is female orientated WordPress themes. Where Is The Best Feminine WordPress Themes? Anyway, on with the show… Here is my top 6 Feminine WordPress Themes, Every Women’s Fashion Blogger Should Use! 60%
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Seven important metrics to measure content marketing ROI

30-second summary:Content marketing is a tactic 91% of B2B companies use to generate more leads, build customer loyalty, create a subscriber base, and boost sales revenue.For most B2B marketers, this strategy helps them achieve top-of-funnel marketing goals.Let’s face it, developing and distributing white papers, blog articles, videos, and other kinds of content costs time and money.Statistics show that only 43% of B2B companies measure content marketing ROI.A shocking 27% of B2B marketers say they do not know how to measure ROI while 21% feel the process consumes too much of their time.This article takes you through a simplified yet super effective list of important metrics that your company can use to measure ROI and show you how they work. Whether you are conscious about it or not, content marketing is the first strategy that comes to mind any time you think of B2B digital marketing.It is popular among B2B companies.91% of themuse it to generate more leads, build customer loyalty, c…

How connected TV measurement proves its performance marketing potential

A lot has been written about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world of advertising. Budgets were decimated and marketers scrambled to find other ways to do more with less.One of the less talked about themes, however, has been how the pandemic served as a major blow to linear TV consumption and as a boon to Connected TV (CTV). There are tons of stats that support this sea-change – 80% of US households now own at least one connected TV (CTV) device, and Nielsen has tracked an 81% YoY increase in CTV viewing time while linear has fallen off. Some TV networks are now even starting to prioritize their content for streaming ahead of linear TV in a nod to the new normal of user behavior.And at this year’s virtual Upfronts, the TV advertising industry at large seemed to finally acknowledge what we’ve all noticed for some time now: streaming is no longer simply a place to park old content, it’s how and where people watch TV now.So with the mass exodus of viewers mostly complete and t…

What are UTM Codes in Digital Marketing & How To Use It? (Free Template)

Do you know using UTM tags will make you a better digital marketer? If you do not understand about what UTM tags are, read on to learn more… The most important aspects of digital marketing are being able to track which marketing effort is driving traffic and sales. Lets think of this scenario: You may …What are UTM Codes in Digital Marketing & How To Use It? (Free Template) Read More »What are UTM Codes in Digital Marketing & How To Use It? (Free Template) is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

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15 seconds of engagement as a simple content metric

Time on page is a familiar metric for content success, although it’s obvious that a page can be left open with no engagement happening. inPowered, the AI-driven content marketing, has proposed a minimum 15 seconds of engagement as optimal, and is reporting positive business outcomes.Post CPC/CPM metrics. The intention is to get away from vanity metrics or meaningless total traffic reporting, and focus on visitors who are actually engaged with a piece of content. Data is used to drive a post-click customer journey, with AI making recommendations for next best action.AI-driven content distribution, including re-targeting the 15 second-plus visitors, is said by inPowered to show superior ROI to DSP and ad-network buys.Case studies. The claims are supported by several case studies. For Travel Nevada, inPowered use the 15 second engagement model to send interested visitors a CTA, directing them to a landing page to further engage with the website. The result was a doubling of average time …

How visual commerce is transforming the customer experience

As we near the six-month milestone in the new world of the digital customer experience, one often overlooked segment is now more relevant than ever—visual commerce. But what is visual commerce? 3-D images? Video sales calls? Visual commerce is much more than just these tactics, which proactive marketing departments are getting to know as they adjust to the new normal. “The transition that people expected to take four years has occurred in four months,” said Chris Beaudin, director of marketing for Atlatl Software, a visual commerce platform. “It is a drastic mental shift that is now a necessity. A lot of big companies were dragging their feet, making the back end a priority, now they have to play catch-up.” Founded as a CPQ software vendor for the manufacturing industry in 2013, Atlatl quickly morphed into a visual commerce platform after identifying the void in the marketplace. According to Atlatl:93% of human communication is visual;Humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than ot…

Want media coverage? Make sure your content is emotional

30-second summary:Emotion is a pivotal component of great content.If you have an opportunity to create emotional content, you’re much more likely to be successful. A new Fractl study reveals what emotions are most common in highly-linked-to content in each industry.You should explore what emotions are already prevalent in your industry to gain new ideas and understand what already resonates with your audience.When pitching content to writers, highlight the key emotional takeaways so reporters glean them quickly. Yes, content should be useful. In fact, nine times out of 10, itmustbe useful in order to make an impact.But emotion is pivotal too. Emotion can form a sense of connection between a reader and a story — between a reader and their place in the world.For this reason, emotion can sometimes carry an entire piece of content because it taps into our common humanity. How do you hit the right chords with emotional content? Here are tips on how to do that.Sure, it sounds corny. But that…