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6 Best Feminine WordPress Themes for Women 2017

Are you looking for beautiful feminine WordPress themes! What are Feminine WordPress Themes? Everything you need for a beautiful theme, Feminine WordPress theme is a complete feminine theme that is suitable for a wide range of niches that includes – fashion, lifestyle, food, travel, beauty, mommy blogger. Women business owners, creatives, and female bloggers make up a huge part of the blogosphere today, “This theme is for Women” Yes! Feminine is female orientated WordPress themes. Where Is The Best Feminine WordPress Themes? Anyway, on with the show… Here is my top 6 Feminine WordPress Themes, Every Women’s Fashion Blogger Should Use! 60%
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Guide: How to effectively incorporate customer journey mapping into your marketing strategy

30-second summary:A customer journey map is a visual representation of every interaction between you and your customers. Proper customer journey mapping can make a huge difference in conversions and help you create a more customer-centric marketing strategy.Customer journey mapping starts with identifying your user personas. This way, you’ll know exactly which customer segment to market.Next, you identify and map out every touchpoint or experience along the customer journey. This will help you learn and later predict customer behavior and buying decisions.Chief content writer, Connie Benton guides you through the customer journey mapping process outline with some great examples and tools to help you. When it comes to building a robust marketing strategy, most beginner entrepreneurs have nothing to start off with except expert advice they find on digital marketing blogs, let alone the idea of customer journey mapping. While this alone will last you a long way, ultimately, you’re borrowi…

CabinetM and Stacktus merge

CabinetM, the Boston-based martech management and visualization platform has merged, effective immediately, with Denver-based Stacktus, a platform with a similar vision created by Megan Michuda just one year ago. Stacktus has already ceased standalone operations.Stacktus: the background. The impetus behind Stacktus was to relieve marketing operations managers of the need to rely on spreadsheets to keep track of their stacks. Its features included an auto-stack builder, the ability to track integrations between solutions within the stack, and a roadmap planning tool for future martech acquisitions.CabinetM: the background. With a directory of martech vendors comparable in depth to Scott Brinker’s martech landscape, CabinetM not only provides a discovery tool for solutions within the space, but also paid services for auditing and evaluating existing stacks.In a statement, Anita Brearton, CabinetM CEO said: “From the start, CabinetM has been focused on helping marketing operations teams …

Google’s 3D Swirl ad format now available in DV360

Swirl, the mobile interactive display ad format that Google started testing last year is now available globally to Display & Video 360 customers globally.Users can rotate, zoom and expand 3D elements in Swirl ads. Brands that have been testing the ads include Purina, Nissan, Adidas and Belvedere Vodka, Google said in the announcement.How they work. If you have existing 3D assets, upload them to Google Web Designer and select one of the Swirl templates or build creative from scratch. You can also use Poly, Google’s 3D design platform to configure your 3D models for Swirl ads.Swirl ads are available in three sizes and fullscreen expansion is optional. The ads run across Google Ad Manager inventory.Advertisers get engagement time and type (rotation and expansion) metrics in DV360.Why we care. The concept isn’t new, interactive ads have been around for years from a number of ad tech vendors. This just means advertisers using DV360 can create and launch 3D ads natively within the Googl…

Marketing strategies during COVID-19 times

30-second summary:If a sitehasneverbeenpromoted, therehavebeenno SEO auditsandthereare a lotoferrorsincode, thenlinkbuildingwillnothelp.Ifthecompanyissetuptoworkinmessengers, itcanreceivesubscribers – evenwithoutthesupport.SMM islessaboutdirectsalesandmoreaboutbuilding a linkbetweenuserandbrand, andcontentplays a primaryroleinthis.Themaintasknowistobuildanapproximateplan

The Week in Martech

Episerver launches Intelligence Cloud, appoints new CMOThis week Episerver, the content management and digital commerce platform, launched Intelligence Cloud, which integrates with its existing Content and Commerce Cloud offerings. The launch will deliver functionality from last year’s two acquisitions, Idio and Insite Software, to Episerver customers.At the same time, Episerver announced the appointment of Kirsten Allegri Williams, formerly of SAP Success Factors, as CMO. “In this business environment, digital is crucial to how businesses re-imagine themselves,” she told us. “If you have rigidity in your digital model, it is difficult to move at the pace that economic conditions are evolving.”Intelligence Cloud will combine Idio’s content personalization with Episerver’s data, recommendations and analytics to deliver individually tailored content and product recommendations at each stage of the customer journey. “It helps you with insights to create more engaging and relevant online …

WEHCO Media hails Blueconic’s orchestration upgrade

Blueconic, the customer data platform, last week announced enhancements to its customer lifecycle orchestration capabilities. The improvements are aimed at making messaging responsive to customers at any point in their journey, rather than responsive to channel-based campaigns.The enhanced capabilities are designed to help marketers leverage cross-channel touch-points relevant to each stage of defined customer life-cycles.Why the changes matter, WEHCO Media had been a Blueconic customer since 2017. We reached out to Amanda Hamilton, marketing manager at WEHCO Media, to gauge the significance of the changes.“Blueconic really is the backbone of all our marketing and communications,” she said. “We use it to manage all touch-points across all these different channels.” The drawback had been not being able to manage the messaging all in one place. “With the new UI,” she said, “we can look at it across all of our channels.”Personalizing across all channels. WEHCO Media’s channels include we…