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Top Columns On Marketing Land In 2013

What were the hottest subjects for discussion and exploration among digital marketers in 2013? Looking back at the year in contributed columns, we’d deduce that mobile marketing, changes at Google, LinkedIn developments, and programmatic media buying were top of mind.

On Marketing Land, we published columns contributed by practitioners in a variety of disciplines: Email Marketing, Analytics & Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Display Advertising, Marketing Strategies and Search Marketing. Here’s how the pageview counts stacked up for the various column topics in 2013:
Now, this chart isn’t exactly scientifically sound, for various reasons. We published more on some topics than on others, and traffic is also likely to vary by day of the week. And then there were the columns we started up mid-year, like Marketing Strategies. Still, I found it interesting and encouraging how spread out Marketing Land’s column traffic was in 2013.
Many thanks are due…

10 New Year’s Resolutions For The Evergreen Marketer

It’s the Eve of a New Year. Aside from the celebrations, it’s a fine time to spend a few minutes contemplating goals for the New Year ahead.
For us marketers, perhaps the single biggest perennial challenge we face (aside from getting a little more exercise) is keeping up with the phenomenal pace of change in our profession. We must continuously stoke our curiosity and be willing, even eager, to experiment with new ideas.
So I humbly offer ten suggestions for things to do in the New Year to renew your perspective and skill set in the evergreen field of modern marketing:
1. Follow A New Blogger
Ideally, follow someone who writes outside the circle of the other bloggers that you already read. Here are three suggestions to consider: David Raab of Raab & Associates; Paul Roetzer of PR 20/20; Greg Satell of Digital Tonto.
2. Try A New Piece Of Software
We’re living in the Golden Age of Marketing Software — there are so many new products offering marketers so many new capabilities. Most of it …


Today is my last day as managing editor of Marketing Pilgrim and it’s been a great ride.
As I hand the reigns of Marketing Pilgrim back to its founding father, Andy Beal, I just want to say thanks.
First to Andy. He’s a great guy and can put up with a lot of crap. I tested him often, trust me :-).
And thank you to:
- The advertisers who worked with me over the years. My heartfelt appreciation goes out to each of you.
- Cynthia Boris – she comes up with the ‘cool stuff’ consistently.
- All of the folks who have contributed to the content here at MP.
- Those of you who have tolerated my typos and bad grammar.
- Those of you who hated my opinions and points of view.
- Those of you who blindly passed along our content without ever reading it.
- The bots and automated posters who worked so hard to add value to our content.
- Those of you who took the time to comment on our posts. Thank you for adding to the conversation (most of the time unless you were really obnoxious, completely off point or just …

Could Facebook’s Algo Changes Really Push Advertisers Away?

Facebook has changed their News Feed algorithm in the very recent past and the impact has made several advertisers take a much closer look at just how well their efforts are reaching their target markets. The results have made many stand up, take notice and some are even taking action. That action means to stop running ads on Facebook.
Take for example, this intro to a story from Business Insider. It tells the initial story of many small businesses very well

Stephanie Stiavetti is a freelance food writer.
She is the author of a cookbook called “Melt: The Art of Macaroni and Cheese,” published by Little, Brown, and Company.
She is at the vanguard of a swelling movement against Facebook.
Stiavetti knows that as an author and writer, she is a one-woman brand — and that she needs to market her brand as best she can on the Internet.
So she’s got active profiles everywhere: Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google Plus.
One place online where Stiavetti has decided to be less active about promotin…

Top 5 Global Technological Failures of 2013

There have some great product launches in 2013, some awesome gadgets being introduced and a great year in terms of consumer spending. But for every great product launch, there have been some very serious and funny technological failures as well.
Companies no doubt spend millions of dollars into the research, development and marketing of a product, but what if everything falls flat on the surface?
Here we present some of the major technological failures of 2013, which made the companies bite the embarrassment pill.

RIP Google Reader
Early in the year, Google decided to kill Google Reader, the most famous and popular RSS feed reader. The news was a major blow to serious online readers, who relied on Reader to manage their day to day blog reads. The internet was abuzz with various theories regarding it’s sudden death, and it’s fans mourned its demise. The most apparent technological failure of 2013 was the death of Google Reader.
Microsoft Surface RT
In the month of July, Microsoft wrote-off $…

Google Zeitgeist 2013

Here we are again, the Google Zeitgeist for 2013 has just been released, summarising the most popular searches for this year. What were we searching for this year? Google’s Amit Singhal, senior vice president, said “We want to find out more about our heroes, explore far-away destinations or settle a dinner-table dispute between friends.” The […]
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Leaked: Facebook’s International Mobile Numbers Show Successful Global Adoption

A leaked Facebook magazine was obtained by TechCrunch that touches on first ever breakdown of international mobile use. The verdict? Facebook’s mobile adoption is quite healthy with most countries up over the 50% mark of total mobile users.
Previous reports clumped this data by region, but this glimpse shows the breakdown across 7 countries. The report breaks down both the Daily Active Users (DAU) and Monthly Active Users (MAU).

Here’s a look at the specific data from the official Facebook document:

Germany 43% of German Internet users are on Facebook 19 Million daily active users (13 Million DAU on mobile) 25 Million monthly active users (18 Million MAU on mobile)
France 63% of French Internet users are on Facebook 18 Million daily active users (11 Million DAU on mobile) 26 Million monthly active users (117 Million MAU on mobile)
Spain 58% of Spanish Internet users are on Facebook 12 Million daily active users (8.1 Million DAU on mobile) 18 Million monthly active users (13 Million MAU on …

Marketing Day: December 30, 2013

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

With More Than 4 Million Followers, Anderson Cooper Is 2013′s Most Popular Journalist On Twitter

According to Muck Rack, an online networking platform for journalist and bloggers, Anderson Cooper was the most followed journalist on Twitter this year. The host of CNN’s AC360 saw a 34 percent increase in Twitter followers during 2013, bringing him to more than 4.6 million followers on the social media site. Muck Rack’s Top Ten […]

Survey: Facebook Still Tops But 42 Percent Now Use 2+ Social Networks

According to third quarter survey data from the Pew Research Center, 72 percent of US online adults are on social networks. Newly released data show that Facebook is still the dominant network by a wide margin. However Americans appear to be “diversifying” their social media usage. According to new Pew survey findings out this morning, […]


With More Than 4 Million Followers, Anderson Cooper Is 2013′s Most Popular Journalist On Twitter

According to Muck Rack, an online networking platform for journalist and bloggers, Anderson Cooper was the most followed journalist on Twitter this year.
The host of CNN’s AC360 saw a 34 percent increase in Twitter followers during 2013, bringing him to more than 4.6 million followers on the social media site.
Muck Rack’s Top Ten Most Followed Journalist on Twitter:

Anderson Cooper
Piers Morgan
Rachel Maddow
Adam Schefter
Larry King
Bill Simmons
Chris Hardwick
Erin Andrews
George Stephanopoulos
Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Muck Rack also calculated each of the top ten most followed journalist’s increase in Twitter followers for the year:

At 502, Muck Rack claims the New York Times ranked No. 1 for media outlets with the highest number of “most tweeting” journalists. Reuters, which ranked second with 496 journalists on Twitter, more than doubled its number of journalists who tweet since 2012.
Media Outlets with the Most Tweeting Journalists:

New York Times: 502
Reuters: 496
Associated Press: 482
Wall Street Journal:…

71 Percent of All Internet Users Check into Facebook on a Regular Basis

73% of online adults now use social networking sites.
That’s almost three-quarters of the people roaming the internet at all hours of the day and night. That’s impressive. . . and important. But you already knew that. Sure we all complain that Facebook is hiding our posts and Tweets don’t get the RT’s they used to and Pinterest is great if you sell home goods but. . .
Forget the but. Social media usage is on the rise and marketers will have to find a way to stay visible. Let’s look at some of the data from the Pew Internet and American Life Project: Social Media Update 2013.
Dark blue beams are last year. Light grey is this year. Even with all the grumbling we hear about Facebook, usage slid up from 67% to 71%.
What’s really amazing is the increase in the number of seniors. 45% of those 65 and older are checking Facebook on a regular basis. That’s up from 35% last year.
The 18-29′s have a lock on Facebook but their numbers aren’t increasing. Facebook has 84% of that population …

Jailed Spammer Escapes Prison | Direct Marketers Finding Paper Messages Pricey

Email: Convicted spammer Jeffrey Killbride may be home for the holidyas, having escaped from a federal prison in Lompac, CA. He was more than half-way through his 78 month sentence. Killbride was one of the first imprisoned spammers, having been convicted of early CAN-SPAM violations in 2007. Direct: The "other" direct marketing medium (remember snail mail?) is moving [...]

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Mastercard #PricelessNewYear Campaign To Feature Consumer Photos On Times Square Billboards

To ring in the New Year, Mastercard is giving everyone a chance to be featured on Times Square’s famous digital billboards during New York City’s New Year’s Eve events.
The company has launched its #PricelessNewYear campaign, asking consumers to post images of their holiday “priceless moments” on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter along with the #PricelessNewYear hashtag. According to Mastercard, it will display “the very best of all consumer generated content” on the famous Times Square billboards from 6:00 a.m. New Year’s Eve until the ball drops.
Mastercard says this campaign is its, “Largest integrated digital and social media campaign to date.” The company has already started curating consumer images on its website and social media accounts.
SHE SAID YES! Share your 2013 absolutely memorable moment using
— MasterCard News (@MasterCardNews) December 26, 2013

Beyond the social media and Times Square digital billboard content, the #PricelessNewYea…

Programmatic Dominates Our Top 10 Display Advertising Columns For 2013

What was on the minds of Display Advertisers in 2013? RTB? DSPs? DMPs? Indeed, it was all of these acronyms, which you can clearly see from looking at our list of top 10 columns for the year. (By the way, those stand for real-time bidding, demand-side platforms and data management platforms — all aspects of the increasingly popular programmatic media buying landscape.)
Our generous contributor Ratko Vidakovic hit it out of the park with a guide to moving beyond AdWords to Demand-Side Platforms, and with so many other columns covering this emerging area of the display ad landscape. Thanks, Ratko!
Other hot topics included the seemingly-imminent demise of the cookie and musings on what might replace it, as well as explorations of what the growth of mobile devices means for display.
Following are our top 10 Display Advertising columns published in 2013, ranked based on pageviews gathered via Google Analytics.
Top Display Advertising Columns Of 2013
1. Beyond Adwords: Demand-Side Platforms Ex…

Get To Know: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s CMO

John Dragoon is the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. As the CMO of one of the world’s leading publishers and largest providers of pre-K-12 education solutions, Dragoon leads HMH’s product management, product marketing, field marketing, corporate marketing, marketing operations and consumer marketing.
Before joining Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Dragoon served as Chief Marketing Officer and Channel Chief of Novell from October 2003 through April 2011. While at Novell, he oversaw all aspects of the company’s marketing and partner programs.
Dragoon’s marketing leadership experience includes the roles of Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Art Technology Group (“ATG”), and the Vice President of Operations at Internet Capital Group. Dragoon also spent more than 16 years at IBM, where he held a number of marketing and sales positions.
Dragoon is a graduate of The Johnson School at Cornell University where he received his M…

Matt Cutts on Duplicate Content

It’s very slow from a news perspective right now so why not go to something practical like a Matt Cutts video talking about duplicate content from earlier this month.

The video that follows immediately after is about guest blogging as well which is always a fun subject to consider.
Do you have a real strong grasp of what is considered duplicate content these days?
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