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Peak Facebook? Great Fincincial Results, But Teen Momentum Halts | Webmaster Tools Informs on Malware | Microsoft Intros OS-Integrated Ads

Peak Facebook: Facebook showed impressive quarterly results yesterday, but a dark lining in the bright cloud appeared to be the loss of momentum in the U.S. teen demographic, showing a decline in average daily users. The teen market has traditionally been a harbinger of future coolness and traffic generation capacity among social media sites, something other [...]

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CollegeHumor’s “Social Media Pro” Halloween Costume Is Scarily Funny

Hey social media pros, the funny folks at CollegeHumor are having some laughs at your expense with this “Social Media Professional” Halloween costume, featured this week in an article titled 7 Costumes to Really Scare Twenty-Somethings.
The description on the package is LOL funny, if you ask me:
This terrifying, true-to-life monster will spook your friends with buzzwords like “Brand Engagement”, “Impressions Per Post”, and “Retweets-To-Favs Ratio.”
And then the topper:
Comes with a TRULY SCARY lack of certifiable skills.
Thick skin, social media pros. Thick skin. :-)

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A Beginner's Guide to Ghost

The Ghost team knew that there were many people whom WordPress was serving poorly. Their perception: Some people just want to blog. It's a "friendly" blogging platform that offers an alternative to WordPress's kitchen sink approach.

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Live @ SMX Social Media Marketing: Managing Your Social Community

Social media is all about building, engaging with, and nurturing community. So are you giving proper care and attention to how you manage your community? Yes, manage. If you’re taking a lassiez-faire, casual approach to your community you’re likely both wasting time and possibly alienating some potentially very important customers, fans and influencers.
Managing Your Social Community at SMX Social Media Marketing in Las Vegas on November 20-21 is a soup-to-nuts session on effective online community management. It’s your ticket to a healthier, happier, more engaged network of customers, clients, and fans.
The session will cover:

Setting realistic community expectations
Incentivizing engagement and rewarding participation
Dealing with community crises and conflicts
Publishing a consistent stream of topical content
Measuring goal-oriented metrics
…and more!

If you’re not actively managing your social community, you owe it to both yourself and your fans and followers to absorb the best practices a…

NSA Laughs At the Thought of Search Privacy

Let’s face it. Nothing is private. If you think it is then you might just be an idiot. Sorry to be so blunt but the latest news regarding the NSA and Google (along with Yahoo) makes it pretty clear that nothing is private. Now whether you care about that is another issue because many don’t and that’s their prerogative.
The Washington Post (is this Jeff Bezos impacting the ‘reporting’ already?) tells us the brutal truth.

The NSA, working with its British counterpart, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), secretly taps into the internal networks of Yahoo and Google, the two biggest Internet companies by overall data traffic. The operation intercepts information flowing between the enormous data centers that those companies maintain around the world. In general, Google and Yahoo use privately owned or leased lines to synchronize their data centers.

Since a picture can say so much more take a look at this graphic describing how Google gets gamed by the NSA.

Now if you want to see…

Is Parallax Scrolling The Future of Infographics?

As a marketer, I started using infographics to drive visibility, traffic, and leads for my clients around four years ago. Yes, I was a bit late to the game, but immediately saw massive value in this type of promotion strategy and engaged with our good friends at Avalaunch to help in the creation and promotion of these graphics for my clients.
Because we were driven marketers, my colleague Ash Buckles and I were always asking, what’s the next for the infographic? Is it video infographics, interactive infographics, etc.? I’m not sure anyone really had a good answer back then and I’m not sure they do today either.
I will tell you, that we’ve seen some cool video infographics, like this one from MDGadvertising titled “A Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest” or this one from Lemonly titled “’s Pop Culture Halloween Costumes of 2012”, but these are few and far between.
So what’s really next for the infographic? We at Stryde believe that incorporating parallax scrolling into your graphics and …

Govt Launches Integrated Bus Booking Portal, Threat To Private Players?

Indian Government has decided to enter the bus ticketing domain, and intensify competition in this segment. Biggies such redBus will definitely be watching this development closely.
Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways Mr. Oscar Fernandez will launch India’s first integrated National Transport Portal: today on October 31, 2013 at Constitution Club, New Delhi. Here is the official invitation of the launch.

The portal has been developed by Radiant Info, which is an IT Solutions company based in Bangalore. As per the website, the service was started in February, 2013.
Radiant Info: Largest Bus Ticket Seller in India?
Relatively unknown in media and advertising world, Radiant Info is an experienced player in IT & Software development industry. They claim to have delivered over 11 crore bus tickets as of now,totaling revenues of Rs 3600 crore since 2006.
This easily makes them the largest bus ticket seller in India.
Radiant Info has partnered with State Transport Corp…

Snapdeal Starts Offering ‘Product Price Search On Sms’

Imagine a scenario where you are in a mall browsing through a few shops. Suddenly you see something that catches your eye and you think of purchasing it. It is not the old times anymore and it is possible that you might get a cheaper deal online for the same product.
What do you do?
Of course, one possibility is that you have apps for various online stores. Or you can use your browser on the phone. I know I have done that often enough.
However, it is completely possible that you are stuck with no data connection or possibly have a phone which doesn’t have those features.
Snapdeal has come up with sms service for such people. All you have to do is send an SMS to Snapdeal at 92789-92789 with the product name and in a few seconds the company would send the top results for that search and even links if you can/want to purchase the product immediately.
[Editor’s Note: We tried a few searches, and the results were surprising quick and satisfactory. We made 3 searches and here were the results th…

An Easy Way to Download APK Files from Google Play

Android apps and games are packed as APK files. Learn how to easily download any APK file from the Google Play Store.

This story, An Easy Way to Download APK Files from Google Play, was originally published at Digital Inspiration on 30/10/2013 under Android, Internet

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Sachin Tendulkar Has Invested In Online Travel Business; Has 7.5% Stake in

Sachin Tendulkar, the iconic cricketer who is going to play his 200th and last test match against West Indies next month, has made an investment in online travel portal.
Way back in June, 2013, he had picked up a minority stake of 7.5% in UAE based travel portal He is also the brand ambassador of this online travel portal and responsible for online and offline promotion. So expect more advertisements of this Cricket God on billboards across highways, and on TV and websites, blogs, and radio. is a travel portal based in UAE and founded by Mohammed Al Thani, Sachin Gadoya and Albert Dias. They offer premium travel packages across 3000 locations, and have collaborated with over 270 airlines and 47000 hotels all over the world. The website claims that are managing travel requirements of over 2000 organizations in India and abroad.
Reportedly, is going to invest Rs 100 crore into their Indian launch, out of which 60% would be spent on marketing alone. This…

iPhone 6 Wish List: What Changes People Want in Next iPhone?

The iPhone 6 launch is quite a long way far and though no solid rumors are there about what this device will appear like or what all features Apple Inc. will include in this smartphone, there are lots of healthy rumors. There are some things which almost everyone would love to see from new iPhone […]

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Reasons to Buy iPad Mini With Retina Display

The iPad mini has launched on 23rd October that contains the full strength of an iPad but smaller in size. But the question is that will it be the attractive one being smaller in size for the users who do not want to pay more for it? The buyers who are spending $200 for the […]

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Google’s Glass Accessory Store Is Coming Online (Wow. Stuff’s Expensive!)

Google is bringing an official accessory store for Google Glass online this evening, based on reports first shared in a private Google forum for Glass Explorers.
The store appears to be part of the “My Glass” control panel area that all Explorers use to manage their device and its apps. It’s also reachable via the Google Glass Help website, which has a new section called “Accessories” that links to sections labeled Charger, Earbuds, Shades and shields, Swapping frames and Pouch.
The Shades and Shields support material says that Google has “partnered with Maui Jim and Zeal Optics to include a sunglass shade with every new Glass.” Each Help section, except for “Swapping frames” links readers to the accessory store.
At the moment, the store only shows four products. Only one is listed as being in stock, and they’re all quite expensive:

Extra Mono Earbud: $50 (out of stock)
Clear Shield: $75
Extra Cable and Charger: $50 (out of stock)
Extra Pouch: $50 (out of stock)

Here’s what it looks like:


Starbucks Launches Tweet A Coffee Program and Amazon Gives Back

Starbucks caused a “stir” this week with their new Tweet-A-Coffee program. Sign up for the program and you can send $5 Starbucks gift cards to anyone who has a Twitter handle.
Use it to send gifts to your friends and family or use to do deliver a random act of kindness to someone you barely know. Marketers, you can use this program to send Starbucks greetings to your most influential Twitter followers. It’s only available in the US but there doesn’t appear to be a limit on how many you can send.
The first time you use the system, you have to visit the Tweet-A-Coffee page first. You have to have (or start) a Starbucks account, then you click to hook that account to your Twitter. Finally, add a form of payment or choose one you already have on file.
If you have a VISA card, you might win a bonus $5 GC for yourself. They’re handing out matching rewards to the first 100,000 customers.
Once that’s done, you fill in the Twitter recipient handle, add a message and click. Warning – I did this and…