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Email-Like Ads Go Live In Gmail Android App 4.6

The latest version of the Android Gmail app, 4.6, has an entire library dedicated to code for ad execution as Artem Russakovskii of Android Police pointed out last week. Now the first signs of ads in the app have popped up.

As with the desktop, Sponsored Promotion ads appear above, but in line with regular emails in the Promotions tab. Here’s a first look at the ads in the Android app from Dutch blog Android World:

It’s not clear how wide spread the testing is or what regions the ads are appearing. A Google spokesperson wouldn’t comment other than to say, “We’re always experimenting with new features, but have nothing new to share at this time”.

If you’ve noticed fewer or no instances of the native-style ads in the Promotions tab on desktops recently, you’re not alone. However, I’m told nothing has changed on that front.

The Gmail Sponsored Promotion ads are in limited beta. Advertisers can request access through their Google reps.

via Marketing Land

First Half Online Ad Revs $20 Billion: Search Biggest, Mobile Fastest Growing

The IAB has just released Q2 and first half 2013 online and mobile ad revenue figures. Total digital ad revenue in the US for 1H 13 was just under $20.1 billion (vs. $17 billion last year). Mobile represented 15 percent of the total.
Search revenues were up 7 percent in real dollars ($8.7 billion) vs. a year ago, though down as a percentage of total revenue. For the first six months of this year, search represented 43 percent of digital revenue vs. 48 percent in 2012. Display ad revenues were also up in real dollars though down in percentage terms.
Search remained the strongest ad category. However “decline in its overall share is attributed to growth in Mobile and Mobile Search, which is included in the Mobile category,” explained the IAB.

The IAB didn’t break out mobile ad revenues by format, unfortunately. In 2011 mobile search revenues were basically parallel (in percentage terms) to PC revenue distribution. However it’s very likely that mobile search revenues are more than 50 percen…

The Artist Formerly Known As The Marketing Funnel

The Egyptians had the pyramid. The Greeks had the circle. Prince had his funky love symbol. And marketers? Well, we have the funnel.

Stock image used with permission of Shutterstock.

The marketing funnel is probably the most iconic shape in marketing analytics. A big bucket of prospects are poured into the top of the funnel. It narrows on the way down, as prospects bail or choose competitors. And then, at the very bottom — plop! — out pops a subset of those prospects as customers.
It looks like (and acts like) a kind of sausage-making machine.
Many marketing programs have been built around the funnel. Top of funnel lead generation. Middle of funnel lead nurturing. Bottom of funnel sales enablement. TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU, respectively. A bevy of marketing metrics monitor the volume and velocity of prospects trickling through this tapering tube.
Yet despite its ubiquity, the funnel isn’t a particularly flattering shape for modern marketing.
It fails to take into consideration the powerful feed…

The Consumer’s View Of A Programmatic World

I have written a lot about what Big Data and Programmatic Marketing really mean (as well as what they do not). As marketers, we spend a lot of our time thinking about how these innovations will impact our world. But what about the person on the street? How will their world change — and is it for the better or for the worse?
(If you are newer to the topic, I suggest you start with “The Real State of Programmatic Marketing” and “Why Do Big Data & Programmatic Marketing Actually Matter?,” and then come back here.)
A Typical Programmatic Day
Let’s start with Bailey, whose day we are going to follow. She lives in NYC and is a runner. On this particular morning, she returns from her usual circuit and looks at the app on her phone to see how far and how fast she ran — likely also noting how her run compared to her previous runs, as well as those of runners who take the same route as she does.
Today is a little different because she has a notification in the app that the soles of her running …

Google Changes Menu Options, Adds New Reports In Google Analytics

Next time you check Google Analytics, you may see a new navigation menu and have a hard time finding some of your favorite reports.
There’s been no announcement that we’re aware of, but the main menu that several members of our editorial team are seeing in their Google Analytics accounts are quite different. Under the “Standard Reports” heading, we’re seeing these primary sections today:


I bolded the new options, which previously said “Traffic Sources” and “Content.”
It’s not just a renaming of those sections, either. Several reports have been moved, and a couple new reports have been added.
For example, the options under “Traffic Sources” used to be Overview, Sources, Search Engine Optimization, Social, Cost Analysis and Advertising. Now, under the new “Acquisition” section, the reports are

All Traffic
Cost Analysis
Search Engine Optimization

Options under the new “Behavior” section are Overview, Beh…

Marketing Day: October 8, 2013

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

Focusing On “Objectives” Facebook Simplifies Ad Creation, Measurement

In June of this year, Facebook announced that it would overhaul and dramatically simplify the process of buying ads on the site to eliminate confusion. Today, Facebook is taking a major step in that direction. The company is announcing a redesign of its ad creation/buying and reporting tools. Rather than asking users to select a […]

Google’s Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg To Pen Book Offering Up Google Management’s “Secret Sauce”

Publishing firm The Hatchett Group announced Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg, who served as Google’s senior vice president during Schmidt’s tenure as CEO, have signed a book deal with Grand Central Publishing’s imprint Business Plus. According to the announcement, No Adult Supervision Required: How To Build Suc…