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Facebook Buys Israeli Mobile Analytics Company Onavo

Facebook has acquired Israeli startup Onavo. TechCrunch first reported the news, which was confirmed by a company blog post. The acquisition price wasn’t announced but speculation puts it between $150 and $200 million.
There are essentially two aspects to Onavo: consumer-facing apps that help users manage data and save money and an app-analytics business. The company’s consumer-facing apps have been around since 2011. They compress data to make plans go further; they also provide visibility on data usage to mobile subscribers:
By compressing your data, Onavo Extend can increase the power of data plan by up to 500% — giving you the ability to do up to five times more with your current data plan without any additional fees or hassles. In addition to extending your data plan, Onavo Extend also provides you with a breakdown of your data usage. With this information, you can see how much data is being consumed by each app and make better informed data usage choices.
The analytics tools, which…

Doug, Ford’s Hilarious Spokespuppet, Is Missing From YouTube

Ford created my favorite YouTube campaign of all time. It took place in 2011 and starred an orange, irreverent puppet named Doug and his reluctant co-worker, John. The two appeared in several videos about the Ford Focus.
The campaign was brilliant and had all the elements you want in a video campaign. Each video was unique, branded, provided value propositions, and made the viewer smile. Ford released a new video each week, and I was always excited to see the new adventures of Doug the spokespuppet.

Before the campaign officially launched, a few random YouTube users posted videos of a puppet doing miraculous things like performing CPR and thwarting a burger. Fords seems to have seen these videos, then hired the extraordinary puppet to introduce the new Focus.
After launch, the campaign followed Doug and John as they traveled the country in a Focus, meeting strangers and interacting with each other. Doug was a fun guy who would bully the “boring” John and flirt with women whenever possibl…