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AOL Buys Way into Video #1 Slot

Video: AOL's acquisition of vaulted it to the number one video ad serving position.

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Carat: China Online Spend Still Exploding | Tumblr Adds Effect Data for Brands | Ad Group Throws up Hands, Leaves Do Not Track Group

Media: Carat believes China's online spend will increase by almost half again next year. Social: Yahoo's Tumblr announced it will make DataSift data available to brands to help them answer the age-old question, "What the heck - if anything - did all this social spending accomplish?" Privacy: The Digital Advertising Alliance left the Do Not Track standards committee process, indicating [...]

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New Mobile App From SumAll Lets Users See 30+ Data Sources From A Single Screen

SumAll, an analytics solutions provider that integrates multiple sources of marketing data viewable on a single screen, has released an iOS and Android application and optimized its analytics platform for mobile devices.
SumAll says its solution integrates analytics from more than 30 social media, payment and digital marketing platforms, into one chart. With its latest release, SumAll users can now access SumAll’s analytics platform on a mobile device by downloading the SumAll app from iTunes or the Google Play Store.

“We designed an app we’re proud of to give users full visibility into their data, anywhere in the world,” said SumAll CEO Dane Atkinson. According to the announcement, SumAll has earned an 1,100 percent year over year growth in customers, and currently tracks, “$4 billion in online commerce data, over 300 billion social actions, 190 billion visits while integrating with over 30 data sources.”
Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Google Analy…

AOL Takes Top Video Ads Spot From Google

AOL is now the top video ad-serving property or network on the internet; Google is number two. That happened as a result of AOL’s roughly $400 million acquisition of programmatic video ad platform in August.
The following the top 10 video ad properties according to comScore:

Source: comScore (9/13)
ComScore said that “Americans viewed more than 22.9 billion video ads in September. AOL, Inc. assumed the #1 position for the first time with 3.7 billion ad impressions following its acquisition of Google Sites came in second with 3.2 billion ads, followed by BrightRoll Platform with 2.8 billion and with 2.6 billion.”
Americans spent 8.5 billion minutes watching digital video in September. AOL delivered 1.7 billion minutes of video advertising, reaching 55.4 percent of the US population.
In terms of video viewing and audience reach, Google and Facebook are the top two properties, followed by AOL in third place.

Source: comScore (9/13)

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20 Quick-Win Tactics For Building A New Social Media Presence

Have you ever noticed that all the social media experts who tell you not to worry about fans and followers usually already have plenty of both?
It’s great to have smart, long-term social media goals like traffic back to your website and even conversions. But we all have to start somewhere. And sometimes, where you’re starting from is the very beginning.
When you’re building a brand-new Facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest profile, Google+ page or other social media presence, the rules are different. For a while, your only objective is getting your audience to a minimum critical mass.
Starting from scratch can be intimidating, but there are plenty of ways to start stacking the deck in your favor right from the start. Here are 20 quick-win tactics for building a new social media presence on any network.

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1. Fill In The Blanks
First things first: make sure that anyone who wants to find you, can. That means filling out your profile as completely as pos…

How NOT to Derail Your New Marketing Platform

This post comes from our Marketing Automation Channel sponsor Marketo.
So, let’s say your company has decided to adopt marketing automation. What’s the #1 thing that will derail your new platform?
I’ll start with a little story:
I was working as a consultant for a client – let’s call them Client X. Client X had purchased a nice services engagement to get them started. This included a 2-day discovery session, which got them up to speed and formed a base for how they’d use their new marketing platform. Afterward, Client X asked, “Why don’t you just build it all for us?”
We felt a little concerned, but we did as they asked. One year later, we were back on their site. Client X now needed help to start using their marketing automation platform properly. To summarize: The client had a 1-year execution detour!
So what went wrong? It’s simple: the client wasn’t interested in educating its team members. In retrospect, the “build it for us” request should’ve been a red flag.
What does education mean?

Bottlenose Releases Free Social Visualization Tool ‘Sonar Solo’ To Show Trending Content

Social analytics and monitoring company Bottlenose has been leading innovation in the social discovery space as of late. On the heels of last month’s enterprise Nerve Center solution, Bottlenose has announced the new free tool – Sonar Solo.
Sonar Solo is a scaled down version of their previous Sonar product that has been rolled into the new nerve center product and is the first of a “planned series” of free tools. Sonar Solo allows users to enter in a trend/keyword that will reveal a web of trends around the topic. Each associated trend will show as a node with both trend acceleration metrics and sentiment metrics.
Trends that are rapidly growing will be displayed in orange, while the sentiment around a specific trend will be displayed as the node will be either red or green (negative & positive). Users can click on any additional trends to zoom in further for a magnified view. The most popular Tweets on a topic will appear on the right rail to help users see imperative veterinarian…

Report: Online Shoppers More Likely To Respond To Free Shipping Offers Than Price Discounts

Based on data pulled from 100 million online transactions, 20 million user profiles and 100 email campaigns, marketing solution provider Retention Science discovered online shoppers are twice as likely to respond to free shipping offers versus price discounts.
According to Retention Science’s report, conversion rates for ‘Free Shipping’ offers ranged from .22 percent to 1.9 percent, while ‘Percentage-Off’ incentives garnered a .1 percent to .8 percent success rate.

Another key finding of the report revealed emails sent during the afternoon had the highest conversion rate at 38 percent, compared to 28.5 percent conversion rate for emails sent between 6:00 a.m. and noon, when most businesses send marketing emails.
Also, the data showed Tuesdays and Fridays were generally the best days of the week to send promotional emails, with Tuesdays earning a 28 percent conversion rate and Fridays a 26 percent conversion rate.
Women’s fashion retailer SwayChic claims they increased revenues by 300 perc…

Facebook Allows Teens To Go Public With Sharing

I know I am going to sound like a prude here but the announcement from Facebook that they are letting tens post updates publicly is not a great move.
Well, let’s qualify that. As far as being something that will make certain advertisers pee themselves with excitement, this is a fantastic move. The public company needs to generate revenue and this is one of the untapped faucets it has available to it. Of course there is some risk involved here but it’s not really Facebook’s at al. Rather it is the tens who are now being allowed to ‘go public’ with their updates etc.
The New York Times reports

Facebook has loosened its privacy rules for teenagers as a rising debate swirls over online threats to children from online bullies and sexual predators.
The move, announced on Wednesday, allows teenagers to post status updates, videos and images that can be seen by anyone, not just their friends or people who know their friends.
While Facebook described the change as giving teenagers more choice, big …

Smaller Social Networks Losing Momentum to Critical Mass | Facebook eCPM up 15% | Yahoo Has Ad Troubles, Dog Bites Man

Social: It could be that the increased girth of the few large social media players has accreted all of the oxygen in the social universe, and could now be starving the smaller entities, like Path which appear to be diminishing. Meanwhile, the munching sounds continue over in the Facebook corner, as AdExchanger reports that retailers are trebling advertising [...]

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Chinese Search Market Not Yet Stable | Online Display Adspend Growing, But Not Like Boom Days

Search: The Chinese search market is still seeing new competition from new entrants as well as some second tier consolidation. Media: eMarketer reports that media spend continues to rise. Digital display media - once boasting dozens of percent gains each year - rose only about double the average (5.3 percent in Q2), which was even bested by television's [...]

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Marketing Day: October 16, 2013

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

The Marketing Land Guide To The Twitter IPO: Key Facts, Figures & S-1 Filing Document

Marketing Land’s simplified version of key facts, revenue figures and usage stats pulled from the Twitter S-1 filing with the SEC in October 2013. Follow along with Marketing Land’s complete news coverage of the Twitter IPO process, along with insight and analysis on what it all means for digital marketers.

Is Microsoft’s Scroogled Campaign Working? Not If Gaining Consumers Is The Goal

Microsoft has been attacking Google’s products and services with its “Scroogled” campaign for almost a year now. Is it working? Ad Age has an interesting story with experts saying yes, in terms of ad effectiveness. But if the ads are judged as effective by actually causing people to switch, I’d say the answer is a […]

Google Launches Media Tools Website For Journalists