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Google Results Show What Publishers Knew: Revenues Moving In-House |

Publishing: Google posted impressive numbers, coming just shy of $15 billion for the quarter, but the real news is in the details. Of particular interest is the inevitable revelation that all of the growth in ad revenues is being directed to Google-owned properties. The partner network of non-Google websites is seeing flat total revenues in the [...]

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Report: Only 45% Of Top 100 Internet Retailers Employ Tag Management Systems

Lima Consulting Group and tag auditing firm ObservePoint audited Internet Retailer’s top 100 companies of 2012 to examine how retailers are deploying tag management systems and determine connections between site load times and site overhead. According to the report, only 45 percent of the sites employed a tag management system.
To conduct the audit, nearly 48,000 pages of the top 100 Internet Retailer websites were analyzed. Lima and ObservePoint’s data identified four major pain points for the sites: incomplete tag implementations, JavaScript errors, slow load times and high duplication rates.
A staggering 93 percent of the sites had incomplete implementations. Sites not leveraging a tag management system had a 47.6 percent higher rate of duplication and 9 percent more JavaScript errors, while sites with tag management systems garnered 4.54 percent faster load times.

The Lima Consulting Group and ObservePoint audit revealed the largest percentage (33%) of websites employed 9 – 12 tags, …

Google Shares Crack $1,000 Barrier

A lot of people with Google stock are probably feeling wealthier this morning. The stock has just broken the long-anticipated $1,000 threshold.
This is based on some very bullish reports by investment analysts and Google’s nearly $15 billion quarter, announced yesterday.

The question now is whether GOOG can go much higher or whether this is a ceiling (and whether there will be a spit). Yesterday the stock was trading at $888. It’s up more than $100 today.
There will likely be some profit takers who send the stock down either later today or almost certainly on Monday.

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Pew: US Tablet and E-Reader Ownership Now At 43 Percent

This morning the Pew Research Center released new survey data about tablet and e-reader ownership in the US. Previously the organization had said that US tablet ownership among adults was 34 percent.
The survey data released today indicate that 43 percent of Americans over 16 owne either a tablet or e-book reader (or both). The data show that 35 percent of Americans over the age of 16 own tablets and 24 percent own e-book readers such as the basic Kindle.

The survey from which these data come was conducted between July and September among more than 6,000 people over the age of 16.
What does this mean in terms of real numbers? There are roughly 240 million people in the US over 16. If the Pew survey data can reliably be extrapolated it would mean the following:

Tablet owners: 84 million
E-Reader owners: 57.6 million

These data were released in anticipation of Apple introducing new iPads next Tuesday. We’ll be there to cover the event.

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Marketing Automation Has Plenty of Room for Growth

We talk a lot about marketing automation these days and for good reason. In the new world order of Internet marketing it is a volume game.
Marketing is no longer about creating an ad or even a series of ads that will ‘run’ in a variety of places in the hopes of someone seeing it at the time they had a need. Those were the easy days because the standard line was that it was for branding and it couldn’t be measured very well at all but it had to be done.
Those days are long gone and have been replaced by highly measurable techniques in the online world that require marketers to create ridiculous amounts of content that are aimed at specific groups and designed to ‘show up’ when someone is looking for that product or service at the time of their need.
There are now many marketing automation systems that help marketers manage and measure these efforts and you would think that with the level of importance it has in the process of gaining new customers that everyone would be getting involved. …

Length of Tweet Impacts Retweet-ability

HubSpot’s social media scientist Dan Zarrella has done yet another study to give us some insight into the length of a tweet and its impact on how much the post is retweeted.

Zarrella says in a post

I found that Tweets between 100 and 115 characters were 34% more likely to be ReTweeted than Tweets outside of that range, with a 99.9% confidence interval. A big drop off in ReTweet probability occurs once Tweets get beyond about 120 characters, but up to that point, the longer the Tweet, the better.

So the high water mark is 120 characters. Can you restrict yourself to that limit on a consistent basis? Do you even agree? Do just a few more characters make it too long for people to read and share? Is it because anything longer might not let the retweeter add his or her’s two cents? God forbid!

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eBay Solidifies eCommerce Position with a Local Mobile Push

When eBay launched as a marketplace for one-offs and collectibles, people thought it would fizzle as fast as a dud firework. Eighteen years later, they site has grown to be a major force in the eCommerce world. Still, stocks fell 6% today after the company predicted a sluggish holiday season due in part to that nasty old government shutdown.
Fear not – eBay shall bounce back (and soon I hope because my eBay sales are suffering!) Check out these numbers from yesterday’s conference call:

137 million active accounts globally
In Q3, eBay’s core Gross Merchandise Volume grew 12% over the prior year.
2.4 million new users acquired through mobile in Q3.
Fixed-priced listings accounted for 71% of GMV globally and more than half of all U.S. transactions shipped free in Q3. (There’s that free shipping thing! Customers love it.)

Now eBay is making a bigger push into the local scene with eBay Now. This is their buy it on your phone, have it delivered within the hour service they’ve been testing in San …

Marketing Day: October 17, 2013

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

New Mobile App From SumAll Lets Users See 30+ Data Sources From A Single Screen

SumAll, an analytics solutions provider that integrates multiple sources of marketing data viewable on a single screen, has released an iOS and Android application and optimized its analytics platform for mobile devices. SumAll says its solution integrates analytics from more than 30 social media, payment and digital marketing platforms, into one chart. With its latest […]

AOL Takes Top Video Ads Spot From Google

AOL is now the top video ad-serving property or network on the Internet; Google is number two. That happened as a result of AOL’s roughly $400 million acquisition of programmatic video ad platform in August. The following the top 10 video ad properties according to comScore: Source: comScore (9/13) ComScore said that “Americans viewed […]

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