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Consultancies Make Another Attempt at Agency Market | Bing Launches New Targeting Features |

Agencies: Deloitte, one of the biggest consulting companies in the world, purchased another ad agency, solidifying its intent on invading into the marketing services space, a foray that the consulting industry has tried periodically over the past 20 years, with rather limited success. Early efforts were stymied by attempts to complete against ad agencies with for [...] via MarketingVox News & Trends

Product Picture-Taking Most Common In-Store Shopping Behavior In EU5

Taking pictures of products in stores turns out to be the most popular thing that Western Europeans do with their smartphones during shopping according to new data from comScore. The reason for this is fairly clear: people are sending pictures to friends and family for purchase advice. In the same vein, Europeans also call or text friends and family about products as well. US audiences do much the same thing with their smartphones in stores, although the order of their activities is somewhat different: Search for coupons or offers Price comparisons Make and use shopping lists Seek/look at product reviews and related information Send pictures to friends/family re their opinions Search for nearby stores offering same product Ask product-related questions or post pictures on social networks Buy the product through the phone Source: Opus Research n=1,050 US smartphone owners (September 2013) Different surveys often will show slightly different results in terms of the orde

Russian Search Engine Yandex Launches Free Analytics Tool To Track Metrics For Its 25 Apps

Russian search engine Yandex announced today a new mobile app analytics tool, Yandex Metrica for Apps . According to the announcement, the analytics solution is a free tool available to mobile developers worldwide, allowing them to create personalized app-audience profiles and usage reports. Russia’s largest search engine confirmed its new mobile app analytics solution was built to work on Android , iOS and Windows Phone platforms. With 25 different apps “enjoyed by millions” on various mobile devices, Yandex says: The main reason why we made an app stats tool from scratch, instead of using any of those currently available on market, is that we wanted a reliable, as well as quick and easy, way to learn about the audience and usage of each of the 25 apps that we’ve made so far. None of the analytics solutions could offer us the answer to our questions about our apps stats in real-time. Yandex claims its analytics tool allows developers to build reports based on a number of paramet

How To Conquer The Age-Old Marketing Buy-In Challenge

We’ve all been there. We have the big idea. We are sure that if we just created it and launched it, this marketing campaign could make a huge difference for the company. We’ve done the research, we’ve built the spec, and we’ve got the rest of the marketing team stoked to give it a try. No easy feat, for sure. But then the rest of the company hears about it. Eyebrows rise. Arms cross. People get worried and — BAM — bye, bye big idea. It happens all too often, particularly for those marketers trying to shake things up. The bigger the wave you hope to make, the more critical it is that you fine-tune your skills for creating buy-in cross-company. But, it’s hard. For years, I’ve struggled with this. How do I get the lead of that team on board? How do I sell the vision? How do I get the resources to see it come to fruition? Tough stuff, for sure. But there are things you can be doing. There are ways to seed buy-in early and get other teams on board with marketing before you even need the

Infographic: Instagram Marketing by the Numbers

Twitter marketing. Facebook marketing. Regular old marketing. Content marketing. The list of types of marketing that is prescribed to every marketing professional as if everyone knows everything all this intuitively continue to grow day in and day out. Not to be left out, Instagram is staking its claim to the advertiser world that it should be part of their overall plan. Why you ask? Well, there are some rather large numbers associated with the service. Couple that with the fact that it’s owed by Facebook and the marketing mind begins to spin at high speed. Take a look at this infographic from InstaZebra and see if Instagram has enough statistical ooooomph to get your attention. Join the Marketing Pilgrim Facebook Community via Marketing Pilgrim - Internet News and Opinion

Mobile Commerce Data Defines What Is Truly Mobile for the Affluent

eMarketer has put together a thorough examination of the state of mobile commerce. Of all the data that is shared in this report (free but you have to fill out a form) what I found quite interesting was the way that the affluent use mobile in tie lives. The chart below shows how they use both smartphones and tablets in the mobile commerce sense. What comes to mind in this data set is wondering just how mobile tablets and their users really are. Most of the activities that are shown to be tablet centric are those that require less mobility. That said, are people TRULY using their tablets as true mobile devices or are they simply using the tablet as a replacement for their laptop when they are feeling a little less than mobile? In the end as tablets get smaller and smartphones get larger, maybe the phablet will be even more commonplace? What do you think? via Marketing Pilgrim - Internet News and Opinion

Top 10 Highest Earning Bloggers from Adsense

Blogs have been a major source of earning for many bloggers. It have been sought as one of the easiest […] The post Top 10 Highest Earning Bloggers from Adsense appeared first on The Next SEO: All About Social Media News | Social Media Tips and Tricks . via The Next SEO: All About Social Media News | Social Media Tips and Tricks