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UK Agencies Eying Robot Buying with Reservations |

Robot Invasion: A study shows evolving attitudes about robot media buying in the island nation that brought us Dr. Who's Daleks shows agencies aren't jumping in feet first quite yet.

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Fake Reviews Earn Fines | AOL: Gimme Your Money | Dark Days for Search Optimizers: Google Nixes Keyword Data

Media: AOL's CEO told ad buyers to give his company a lot of money via the programmatic channel, which he calls the wave of the future, and also happens not to involve a lot of pesky sales people and attending commissions. SEO: Who was it who was just saying SEO was dead? Several firms earned significant fines for [...]

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Networked Insights New Technology Platform Charts 100 Million Pieces Of Social Data In Real-Time

Marketing analytics technology provider Networked Insights is releasing an enhancement to its social data platform SocialSense today. According to the announcement, the new technology analyzes 100 million pieces of social content in real-time across 22,000 dimensions, including age range, location, gender, psychographics, life stage, interests and preferences.
Networked Insights claims its platform enables brands to “segment and understand audiences” based on the company’s social data classification system that determines consumer details not specifically stated in social profiles:
Our comprehensive real-time classifier platform introduced today includes advancements like a unique Age classifier that analyzes 2,000 dimensions of social data to accurately determine the age range of consumers, even if they have not explicitly stated it.
“We have built a consumer taxonomy that classifies consumers in a unique way,” said Networked Insights CTO Brad Burke, “One that allows brands to use impli…

Tapped-Out: Swipe-to-Engage Ads Will Save Mobile Advertising

Despite frequent headlines claiming that mobile ads are the future and the future is here, advertisers, audiences and publishers are secretly rolling their eyes. Mobile advertising is a huge nuisance to everyone: It’s incorrectly valued, and the user experience sucks.
The problem isn’t that ads don’t work on mobile; it’s that the desktop model of “click or hover-to-engage” doesn’t translate to mobile. A mobile tap is not the same as a desktop click, and there’s no such thing as a touchscreen hover. It’s the classic round-hole, square-peg problem — the desktop schema doesn’t work for touchscreens.

With gross rating points (GRPs) moving to the “third screen,” now is the time to think about mobile display differently — because it is different. Swiping is how audiences interact with their mobile devices — they should interact with their ads on mobile in the same way. Swipe is here — let’s use it!

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In December 2012, Google added a prompt to “Visit Site”…

Nimbuzz Partners With Spectranet To Offer Super Cheap VOIP International Calling

If you call international locations from India frequently, this will bring a smile on your face. Nimbuzz, the popular PC and mobile messaging app has forged a partnership with Spectranet to launch “Spectranet hello IP”, a legal VoIP calling platform that will allow Nimbuzz users in India to make international calls at super cheap rates. This service can be used either from PC or mobile across all data networks and Wi-Fi starting today and is applicable only to international calls made from India.
Calling to US through Spectranet Hello IP is nearly equivalent to prices of a local mobile call. A call from India to US on a landline or mobile phone costs 0.008 cents per minute or equivalent to around 50 paise per minute, or less than 1 paise per second. Even calls to UK work out to be extremely cheap, roughly around Rs. 1.25 per minute.

With these kind of rates available, a user may not think twice about having long international calls. Calling rates for countries other than US and UK are a…

The Barrier To The Cheapest Android Phone!

This is something that is not talked about often, at least not more than passing. While there are phones that are over Rs. 40,000 and are the prodigal children of the companies. The flagships that offer you the world – Quad core processor, 2 GB RAM, a huge screen and what not.
And then there are phones that hold the promise of providing Android to everyone. The barrier of owning a smartphone is currently merely Rs. 3000. That is the price where Micromax Bolt A27 and Josh Fortuna Square lie. In perspective, Nokia Asha 205 (cheapest Asha Phone) is around Rs. 3500.

Now, while people might scoff that these phones are nothing to brag about and would not function properly, let us see their specs:-

Micromax A27
Josh Fortune Square
Samsung Galaxy Ace

3.5″ 320×480
3.5″ 320×480
3.5″ 320×480

1 GHz
1 GHz
800 MHz

256 MB
256 MB
278 MB

0.3 MP
2 MP
5 MP

Gingerbread 2.3
Gingerbread 2.3
Gingerbread 2.3



I have added Samsung’s Galaxy Ace for…

How Augmented Reality’s Cutting Edge Technology Is Helping E-Retailers

Amongst all technology tools businesses use to grow themselves and provide value to the end-user, Augmented Reality is slowly catching up with its peer technologies. In industries as diverse as auto and apparel retailers, AR has boosted the way customers experience products.
Augmented Reality is defined as a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. In layman terms, AR allows for a digitally enhanced view of the real world. And some of the most loyal users are E-Retailers!
The main concept of Augmented Reality is to superimpose graphics, audio or any other sense enhancements in a real-time manner. The technology incorporates three components which include head-mounted display, tracking system and mobile computing power into one unit.
How E-Retailers are using Augmented Reality
Hyderabad-based startup Imaginate has created virtual trial r… Revamps Itself; Wants To Redefine Online Music Streaming In India

Digital music is a very promising sector in India, which is witnessing a robust growth since last few years. It is estimated that online music generates more than Rs 650 crore annual revenues inside India and in the year 2011, the sale of online music surpassed the sale of physical music albums for the first time in the history., which is backed by Times Internet, is one of the major players in online music streaming industry. With as estimated 5 million monthly users, Gaana offers around 2 million songs spread across 84 languages and different genres of music.
Recently, revamped itself, with the launch of Gaana 3.0 version for web and mobile platform. With some interesting features such as integration with social networks, inclusion of radio stations from all over the world, and customized and curated playlists, Gaana is all set to redefine online music streaming inside India.

We spoke to Mr. Pawan Agarwal, Business Head of to understand the new revamped lo…

Blue Ocean, Blue Sky

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Comscore Perhaps Confused Again |

Media: Yahoo is again, and somewhat inexplicably, rated by Comscore as the largest site network on the web, beating all of Google's sites. Tumblr is included on a separate line item, so Yahoo's latest acquisition appears not to explain the anomoly.

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