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Get Proven Tactics from a Full House of Experts – SMX Social Media Marketing Rates Increase Friday

Sometimes “winning” is just a matter of improving the odds. And stacking the deck in your favor with successful social media marketing tactics and strategies is a smart bet.
Improve your odds. Attend SMX Social Media Marketing, November 20-21 in Las Vegas. Here’s why you need to be there:

More than 40 of the world’s most knowledgeable social media specialists – from both brands and agencies – will present. They were selected based on ability AND willingness to share what makes them successful…and what they’ve learned along the way. See who’s speaking.
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Network with your peers, share your experiences, and learn from others. SMX Social Media Marketing offers a mix of structured and social networking opportunities; there’s no better place to grow your professional network.

You don’t need to be a high roller to attend. Register today and pay only $1495 for a two-day All Acc…

Google Is Turning Evil; Advertisements Push Actual Search Results Below Fold!

Way back in the year 2005, when Marissa Mayer (who is the CEO of Yahoo right now) was the VP of Search Products and User Experience at Google, she had written a blog post wherein she had emotionally declared that Google will never place any banner ad on their homepage:

It seems Google is abandoning this declaration and slowly turning evil.
It has been revealed that Google is planning to place huge banner advertisements on its homepage, for some specific branded queries.
For example, when one searches Southwest Airlines, here is the format of Google search result page which is being displayed:

Image credit: Search Engine Land
Hence, the Google search results which should actually display more of organic results and less of paid advertisements, will now show 80% paid advertisements and only 20% organic results.
The good thing is that Google is only targeting branded queries for this “full page advertisement” experiment.
Here is another such such search result, this time for “Virgin America”


Report: Google Increases Locations Serving Search Requests from 200 to 1400

A study coming from USC shows that Google is working to improve the delivery of search results by utilizing the same network infrastructure used to deliver content.
The Press Room for USC gave some of the findings from the research

Over the past 10 months, Google search has dramatically increased the number of sites around the world from which it serves client queries, repurposing existing infrastructure to change the physical way that Google processes web searches, according to a new study from USC.
From October 2012 to late July 2013, the number of locations serving Google’s search infrastructure increased from from a little less than 200 to a little more than 1400, and the number of ISPs grew from just over 100 to more than 850, according to the study.

While many might see this as a “So what?” it really is significant in that it shows the position that search still holds with the company even as it expands in many different directions. It is also indicative of the importance of search …

Facebook Postpones Auto-Play Video Ads for Now

When I look at the announcement that Facebook will be holding back their auto-play video ads until at least next year, the consumer side of me breathes a huge sigh of relief. In more than a few ways the marketing side does the same thing.
Why the relief? In my opinion (not that of Marketing Pilgrim necessarily) I dread the interference of auto-play video in how I use Facebook. It sounds extremely intrusive so I can see it being a headache for personal use. Now, if I feel that way as a consumer, are there more that feel the same way and will get ticked if my ad interferes with their Facebook needs and wants? If there are I would have to wonder if an investment in this offering would be a good thing.
AllThingsD reports

If you’re an advertiser waiting to hand Facebook a bag of cash to start running video ads on the social network in time for the holidays, it sounds like you’re out of luck.
Sources tell AllThingsD that Facebook has been advising some advertiser clients not to expect a rollout…

Bots Beware! Google Updating reCAPTCHA To Make It Tougher For Bots!

Whenever we pass through a site where we have to book a ticket or perhaps we are creating an account, we all go through a small question- “Are you a human?” This question is supposed to be answered by giving a correct answer to probably one of the easiest questions you have ever faced since kindergarten.
Many of you might not consider it important. Why would you, it is so easy. A few might even consider it a time waste.
From the company’s point of view however, it is one of the most important savior in the internet world. It is the wall that saves their servers from crashing every day because of fake entries.
Bots, as you might have guessed are not humans. They are programs generated by people that can work on a specific task repeatedly. For example, Google uses web crawlers to index the internet due to which we can get millions of pages for our queries. These web crawlers are bots.
Similarly, there can be bots that can be used to do other things including creating fake accounts and even …

$10 p.m To Access Youtube? Expect These 4 Features For Paid Premium Users

By the end of the year, Youtube will most probably announce the launch of its paid subscription services, wherein users can pay $10 per month to access advertisement free streaming of music and videos.
Insiders are claiming that this paid service would be more or less targeted towards mobile users.
This new paid service from Youtube will pitch them directly against services such as Spotify, Rdio and Rhapsody which also provides paid online music streaming.

Speculations are ripe that this new Youtube paid service has been modeled on the Google Play Music All Access service, wherein users pay a fixed monthly charge of $9.99 to get unlimited access to thousands of sound tracks which are available on Google Play, without advertisements on Android devices.
Here are top 4 features which you can expect from paid Youtube service:
Caching of music for offline listening
Youtube paid subscription model has been targeted for mobile users. One of the most crucial premium service which can be offered is …

Why WordPress 3.7 Can Be The Greatest Update?

WordPress 3.7 incorporates some new, neat features which will save you time and enhance usability, and both of are quite important. Except for all of that, new search improvements also are remarkable. They take WordPress to the level where you even can make use of its search on a site without embarrassment. Change and innovation […]

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Free Sound Effects That You Can Get Easily From The Web For Your Projects

Sound effects are the important for the digital media as it remind you of the proper situational occurrences. These sound effects are using in the films, TV shows, Game consoles, Animation works, Performances and in the other media for creating the proper effects of any incidents there. But, to produce the new sound effects in […]

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