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The 15 Most Useful Email Addresses That You Should Save in your Address Book

Most popular websites offer an email interface allowing you to post content on to that site from basic mobile phones that don't have apps or even a web browser.

This story, The 15 Most Useful Email Addresses That You Should Save in your Address Book, was originally published at Digital Inspiration on 30/10/2013 under Email, Internet

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Young Indians Increasingly Consuming Long Form Mobile Videos: Vuclip

Vuclip, mobile video and media company, has released its Q3 2013 Global Video Insights covering over 50,000 people globally, including around 8,000 from India. The survey reveals a high consumer appetite for watching full-length movies and television shows on their mobile phones even in areas where there is no fast network speed.
The survey throws up some interesting insights for Indians: shorter forms of movies or movie clips are not preferred by Indians. Instead, 62% of them said they prefer to watch movies or TV serials instead of short clips.
Long form content was preferred by as much as 89% of all respondents under the age of 18. If these demographics are gender differentiated, 90% of males and 84% of females said they would be happy watching their favorite film via mobile.
Along with movies, TV serials are also a favorite, with 81% of respondents saying they would prefer to watch their favorite TV serial on mobile, if available. This preference is particularly strong amongst the 1…

Study Reveals Reasons for Executives Delaying Digital

It’s 2013 so nobody still has issues with getting involved in the digital space, right?
Well, according to a study conducted by the MIT Sloan Management Review and Capgemini Consulting and reported by eMarketer it appears that there are still barriers.

We don’t have time for this right now? Really?
We don’t know how to that? Then learn it.
This is the way we’ve always done it. So what?
The rest of the questions / concerns get progressively worse.
What will it take to make folks like this see the light? Maybe it’s just waiting until they age out? That seems to be the most likely since not everyone is going to get onboard. They just aren’t. Time to move on, right?
What do you think? Do you still hear these ‘excuses’?

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The 4 Levels of UX Design

Knowing a few key things about strategy and tactics makes all the difference between designing a struggling website and a successful one. These examples and tips illustrate successful approaches to UX design that you can apply to your site.

via Search Engine Watch - Latest iPhone 5S Diwali Free Giveaway! #HappierDiwali

So, do you want to have a absolutely fantastic Diwali this year? Why not have a chance to win a very coveted Gorgeous iPhone 5S?
Yes, that’s exactly what we are doing here for our readers – We will be giving away an iPhone 5S.

Not many products have the power to create the sort of excitement and gripping interest like iPhones do. Every year, one date that everybody waits for with great anticipation is the day of iPhone release. From then begins a relentless wait to get hands on the device and perhaps save enough to get one.
If you are an Apple fan who goes through all these motions regularly and cannot wait to get your hands on the cold metal of a brand new iPhone 5s then November 1st is the date you have already marked in the Calendar as the date when the new iPhone comes to India.
To help make this festive season special and brighter than ever before, we are giving you a chance to make it not just a Happy but, a #HappierDiwali. All you have to do is simply enter in your thoughts…

Quality Control Of Products In India: Is It Up To The Mark?

Here we often discuss about technology in various ways. Be it the new gadgets that are launching or the services that have been recently launched for our benefits. Internet speeds have been improving consistently and since the dawn of 3G, there is real hope for India becoming a broadband country.
However, our actual ‘broadband’ is still miserable as ever. In fact, its adoption has decreased and thus it no longer holds any priority in ISPs eyes at least where the consumer is concern. Businesses of course are a different story.
Technology is even more permeating than that. Recently, I was watching a show on Discovery. It was showing how they were making potato chips for the 4th of July. The machinery was impressive to say the least. Be it potato cutter or the amazing light sensors that check if any potato chip is deformed or irregularly cooked. Any default piece was immediately removed from the lot by air jet. Besides this, they were checking the density of potatoes and the water content …

Airtel Quarterly Results Affirms Rise Of Mobile Data Consumption In India

Airtel, the largest Telecom Operator in India announced it’s quarterly results for the second quarter ending September 20th, 2013. Their results are a clear indication that mobile internet will bring the next wave of revenue growth for telecom operators in India.
Operators in India have long struggled with wafer thin margins, thanks to extremely low voice call rates. In addition to this, TRAI in recent times have bought slew of policy changes, that have come as a cropper to Operators’ VAS revenues.
On the other hand, rise of mobile internet usage comes as a much needed fillip for operators to push their bottom lines. The graph below gives the complete picture of Airtel customers’ mobile internet usage.

The interesting and probably the most heartening thing to see in the graph above is growth in data usage per customer. It has grown from average of 133 mb per user in 2nd quarter of last year to nearly 231 mb in corresponding quarter of this year, a good 73 percent rise.
Another aspect is t…

Infosys Slapped With Record Fine For US VISA Fraud Case

“You either die a hero, or you live long enough to become a villain.”
This line from The Dark Knight came to my mind when I was reading this news.
According to The Wall Street Journal, the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department have found that Infosys brought a number of its employees in US using B-1 Visa instead of the H1-B Visa. The B-1 Visa is fine for short stays and is perfect for small tours etc. It is easier to obtain and requires a fees of $160 only.
On the other hand H1-B Visa gives its owner the opportunity to work in US for 3 years and might cost an individual up to $5000. It is also not as easy to obtain and US issues a maximum of 65000 H1-B Visas per year. It is one of the most sought after Visa as well and thus a person faces fierce competition as well for it.
It is being said that Infosys brought some of its employees on B-1 Visa but these employees stayed beyond the expiration of the Visa. While Infosys maintains that they are not guilty of the charges, i…

Photos: The New Google Glass Looks Just Like The Current Google Glass

No doubt in response to a barrage of emails from me, and probably countless other media outlets, Google has posted a pair of photos of the new Google Glass. And, as Google promised, it looks just like the existing Google Glass.

What’s new is that mono ear bud that you can see in both photos. It attaches to the existing power port beneath the Glass touch pad. The ear bud is removable, so Glass wearers can choose to continue using the bone conduction audio if they/we prefer.
Better audio has been a longstanding request from Glass Explorers (see my 14 Things Google Glass Needs from this summer for background), and it appears the earbud could help at least in loud environments where the bone conducting audio isn’t loud enough.
Not visible in the photos above are some minor tweaks that will make the new Glass a fit for prescription lenses/frames and allow it work work with new shades. In other words, as a Google spokesperson promised us yesterday, the new Glass doesn’t look much different tha…

LinkedIn Reports Q3 2013 Revenue Of $393M, Membership Up To 259 Million

LinkedIn reported a strong Q3 2013 today, with revenue up 56 percent year-over-year to $393 million and earnings-per-share of 39 cents. Both figures are higher than analysts expected.
The company also reported that it now has more than 259 million members, a 38 percent increase Y-O-Y.
In a prepared statement, CEO Jeff Weiner said, “increased member growth and engagement helped drive strong financial results in the third quarter.”
LinkedIn also announced that its recently launched University Pages already number more than 1,500 and have been created in more than 60 countries.
The company has hit rough waters in the last week with one of its new products, LinkedIn Intro, a service that connects LinkedIn profiles and data to the Apple Mail app on iPhones. Security experts have called it a security risk, forcing LinkedIn to fight back yesterday.
Further bad news came in today’s earnings report, when LinkedIn lowered its revenue forecast for Q4. As I type this, the stock is down more than three…

Marketing Day: October 29, 2013

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

Report: Facebook Dominates The Social Login Landscape Across All Website Verticals & Geographic Locations

After analyzing client social login data for Q3 2013, social technology provider Gigya confirmed Facebook remains the most popular social login service across website verticals, geographic locations and on mobile devices. Analyzing how consumers use social logins, Gigya found that among its clients, 51 percent relied on Facebook as an identity provider. The remaining 49 […]

Twitter Ads Photo, Video Previews To & Mobile Apps

Twitter is bringing more visual content to your timeline. Starting today, Twitter will show previews of Twitter photos and Vine videos along with their tweets. These types of media were previously only appearing as a link inside the tweet. Here’s how it looks in my timeline right now: Also new to t…

Forrester Analyst Lets Facebook Have It

Findings from a Forrester report paint a less than endearing picture of where marketers place Facebook in relation to other channels for marketing success. Let’s let the picture do the talking first.

Of course, this kind of ‘finding’ makes for great headlines and creates a buzz for Forrester. Analyst Nate Elliott wasn’t content with letting the report do the talking. Here he takes a swing at Facebook in the form of a letter to Mark Zuckerberg.

Why are business leaders less satisfied with Facebook than with any other digital tool? We believe there are two reasons.
First, your company focuses too little on the thing marketers want most: driving genuine engagement between companies and their customers. Your sales materials tease marketers with the promise that you’ll help them create such connections. But in reality, you rarely do. Everyone who clicks the like button on a brand’s Facebook page volunteers to receive that brand’s messages — but on average, you only show each brand’s posts to …

Some Brands Are Really Bad At Twitter … This Account Retweets The Worst

If you like watching some of the world’s biggest brands being downright dumb, goofy, bad and silly on Twitter, have we got an account for you to follow.
It’s called “Your Tweets Are Bad,” and you can find it at @urtweetsrbad. It exists for one reason and one reason only: to highlight lame tweets from recognizable brands.
We’re not talking “bad” as in the epically bad tweeting that’s befallen brands like Epicurious or Kenneth Cole, but more of the everyday, “What were they thinking?” headscratchers. Like these:

— Snuggie® Blanket (@OriginalSnuggie) October 29, 2013

OMG. IT'S NATIONAL CAT DAY. #Catober furever.
— Urban Outfitters (@UrbanOutfitters) October 29, 2013

That moment before you drink a TEN and you realize the profound manliness of what’s about to happen.
— Dr Pepper TEN (@DrPepperTEN) October 29, 2013

Besides having a cold, the worst part about having a cold is that you can’t smell your fresh sheets. #flufact
— Downy (…

Halloween Webcast: Vanishing Customers? Usability Analysis Can Help

Trick or Treat! On Thursday, October 31, at 1 PM EDT, Digital Marketing Depot will host a webcast featuring Ginny Marvin of Marketing Land, Elisabeth Osmeloski of Search Engine Land and John Dawes of TeaLeaf Technology, Inc.
The topic? How to figure out why customers are leaving your website – and how to get them back. Creating a positive customer experience isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a revenue-generator. If your customers struggle on your website, they’ll take their business elsewhere.
The webcast will focus on usability issues and analysis – how to identify where customers struggle on your website, how much that is impacting your business, and how to resolve the issues and re-engage your customers.
Registration for this webcast is open at Digital Marketing Depot.

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