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Robot Rule Nigh | Almost 3 in 4 Publishers Capitulating on Programmatic | AOL Cheats Death for Another Quarter

Robot Invasion: Rubicon Project exec: "Resistance is Futile!" Also, half of all media is going to do the robot thing imminently. 85 percent of advertisers and 72 percent of publishers are using programmatic ad tech, according to a new IAB/Winterberry Group study. Some publishers kicked and screamed, but nowadays they are capitulating quickly in the face of [...]

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Study: 50 Percent Of Insurance Seekers Start On Mobile Devices

The latest data release from its “Mobile Path to Purchase” research, Nielsen, xAd and Telmetrics have produced an infographic containing findings about the use of mobile devices in insurance shopping.
The 2013 Mobile Path-to-Purchase study was based on online survey data (n=2,000) and behavioral observation from “Nielsen’s Smartphone Analytics Panel of 6,000 Apple and Android users.” The broader study looked at mobile activities and purchase behavior in a range of vertical markets.
The insurance markets covered in this data release were health, auto and homeowners insurance (US only). On average insurance purchase decisions were made after at least a month of consumer research involving multiple devices. The study found that ultimately 40 percent of conversions happened over the phone (“offline”). The rest happened in local insurance agent offices, on tablets or PCs.
Tablets were very heavily used in the insurance research process — largely in the home as PC substitutes or supplements.

5 Facebook Ad Features to Use NOW!

Facebook has made improvements that provide advertisers more control, more organization, and streamlined ad creation. Here are five features you should be using now, how to use them, and how to benefit from these less talked about features.

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Google Helpouts Goes Live

Google can be very ambitious to say the least. Their latest large sized ‘experiment’ is the idea of Helpouts.
TechCrunch’s Alex Wilhelm describes them like this.

Helpouts, Google’s fusion of Google+ Hangouts, Google Wallet, and its identity tools is now live. A ‘Helpout’ is a Hangout-like video chat, but instead of speaking with a friend, you are connected to a purported expert in whatever it is that you need help with. The tagline that Google has come up with for Helpouts is “real help from real people in real time.”
Imagine a video chat session that you are paying for, that lasts for as little as a minute or two. You have an issue, say, what is this lump on my hand, or, how do I pull off a particular makeup trick, and have a quick chat with a person who can see what your problem is.

Could be pretty handy but there are SO many questions about the reliability of the service more so from a technical point of view than from the ‘experts’ themselves. The biggest question is whether you would…

Twitter Quietly Adds ZIP Code Targeting For US Advertisers

Twitter advertisers have a new tool for promoting their tweets or accounts to very specific areas: US ZIP code targeting.
It’s an addition to the existing geo-targeting options, which already include country-, state-, provine- and metro-level targeting options. Postal code targeting is only available for US addresses at the moment.
There was no formal announcement of ZIP code targeting, but a Twitter spokesperson tells us that it was made available to US advertisers a few weeks ago. Social Media Today spotted it late last week.
ZIP code targeting might be attractive to small/local businesses that don’t serve or sell across an entire metro area — a service provider in Seattle, for example, that only wants to reach Twitter users in a couple specific parts of the city.
Twitter has a fairly detailed help page about geo-targeted ads for anyone wanting more details about the various local ad options.

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How To Keep Leads From Getting Stuck In The Middle Of The Sales Funnel

Did you know that a whopping 79 percent of leads never convert? 79 percent! That is 4/5ths of your potential revenue down the drain. All that money and effort spent generating those leads? Also down the drain. That should be a wakeup call: the industry at large needs to reexamine how it approaches lead generation to reduce that waste and boost actual conversions.
As most marketers know, generating leads is relatively easy. Hundreds of quality leads can be drummed up with trade shows, search campaigns or content syndication.
But then what?
That 79 percent of non-converting leads often gets stuck in the ether between generation and the hand off to the sales team. That post-generation period is extremely crucial because, just like a car depreciates in value the second you drive it off the lot, leads depreciate in value every second they go unattended. Even if you use marketing automation tools, leads can fail to progress through the funnel.
While there’s no way to ensure every single lead tu…

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Twitter Is News Source for Nearly 1 in 10 Adults

ABCNews, CBS News, NBC News, oh and let’s not forget the millenials’ favorite serious news source for news, The Daily Show.
Traditional news outlets are still important but an increasingly large number of adults are turning to another source for their news. That source is Twitter.
The Pew Research Center issued a report called “Twitter News Consumers: Young Mobile and Educated.

Nearly one-in-ten U.S. adults (8%) get news through Twitter, according to a new report by the Pew Research Center, in collaboration with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Compared with the 30% of Americans who get news on Facebook, Twitter news consumers stand out as younger, more mobile and more educated.
In addition, a separate Pew Research analysis of conversations on Twitter around major news events reveals three common characteristics: much of what gets posted centers on passing along breaking news; sentiments shift considerably over time; and however passionate, the conversations do not necessarily …

10 Great Features of Android 4.4 KitKat

Google has recently announced the accessibility of Android 4.4, known as Android KitKat, the most recent upgrade to world’s most well-liked Smartphone OS. Google, which is well known for nicknaming Android’s mobile operating system for tablets and smartphones after desserts, for the very first time has chosen the brand-name’s candy for version name. Here is […]

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Proud Moment For Indians As Country’s First Mars Mission To Be Launched Today

India is all set to launch its first Mars mission today on November 5th, 2013 at exactly 14:38 hours from Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR located on Sriharikota Island off the coast of the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.
As it is launched up in the space, India will become Asia’s first and world’s 4th country to do so, after US, Russia and Europe.
The launch would be broadcasted live on DD National channel from 1400 hours.
What Is Mangalyaan?
Designed and developed by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), MOM or Mars Orbiter Mission is a project which will demonstrate India’s capabilities and expertise in space missions. The orbiter will reach Planet Mars’ atmosphere, and collect data and information which is required for design, planning, management and operations of an interplanetary mission.

Mars Orbiter Mission has been unofficially nicknamed as Mangalyaan, which in Sanskrit translates to Mars craft.
Mangalyaan would be launched using a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle or PSLV rock…

Marketing Day: November 4, 2013

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

YouTube Narrowing Traffic Gap With Facebook [Study]

YouTube’s US traffic is closing in on Facebook, and could eventually surpass the top social network in a matter of years. The data come from How Much Media? 2013, a new report from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. The study relies on Nielsen, comScore, analysts and company disclosures for its statistics, […]

85 Percent Of Enterprise Advertisers Now Using Programmatic [IAB Study]

A new IAB report finds widespread adoption of programmatic among enterprise-level marketers: 85 percent of surveyed advertisers said their companies have bought digital media through real-time bidding platforms, and 72 percent of publishers said they support programmatic buying. In the next two years, 91 percent of advertisers and 83 percent of publishers expect their organization…

YouTube Narrowing Traffic Gap With Facebook [Study]

YouTube’s US traffic is closing in on Facebook, and could eventually surpass the top social network in a matter of years.
The data come from How Much Media? 2013, a new report from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business.
The study relies on Nielsen, comScore, analysts and company disclosures for its statistics, and suggests that Facebook’s 31 million unique visitors lead from 2012 will drop to 14 million by 2015. Facebook reported declines in its US userbase as far back as 2011. In its quarterly earnings reports, the company combines the US and Canada in reporting its monthly active userbase — and that number has largely flatlined in the past year or so (international growth has trended better for Facebook).
Looking at the chart below, it’s apparent that YouTube’s US uniques could surpass in the not-too-distant future if current trends continue.

There are two potential flaws, or oddities if you prefer, in the study: First, including YouTube as a “social media …