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Social Media Driving Revenue For One Third Of B2C Companies, One Fifth Of B2B Firms [Report]

In a year in which more marketers are reporting increased pressure to deliver ROI, social media finally seems to have become a part of the revenue equation for many companies. More marketers at both B2C and B2B companies report they are not only generating awareness and leads from social media campaigns, but that those leads are converting into customers, according to the 2013 State of Digital Marketing report Webmarketing123.
Of those surveyed, 54 percent of B2B marketers and 60 percent of B2C marketers said they have generated leads from social media. B2C companies lead in converting customers from social media, with 54 percent of those generating leads reporting revenue generated from social. Just 39 percent of those B2B companies were able to clearly say they have seen revenue generated from social media.

What’s clear from the report is that many companies still aren’t tracking social’s impact on the bottom line is still lacking in many companies. One in five marketers in both camps…

New Screen Sharing Apps Do Not Require Plugins

The next generation of screen sharing apps work directly inside the web browser, thanks to WebRTC, and require no separate plugins or proprietary codecs.

This story, New Screen Sharing Apps Do Not Require Plugins, was originally published at Digital Inspiration on 06/11/2013 under Screen Sharing, Software

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Infographic: A Look at Instagram Influencers

Today is infographic Wednesday at Marketing Pilgrim! Actually it’s not but that might not be a bad idea.
We found this one interesting in that Instagram continues to gain steam and as it does, there will emerge influencers who drive engagement just like all the other social networks.
This infographic comes from Seen who has a platform that enables brands to seamlessly launch, promote, and measure Instagram and Twitter photo campaigns. Do you know these folks?

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Mobile Now 28 Percent Of Total Web Traffic — Report

Public Relations firm Walker Sands produces a quarterly index of mobile traffic to its clients’ websites. Yesterday the firm released new data. The data show that collectively Walker Sands’ clients are seeing 28 percent of their traffic from smartphones and tablets.

The data also reflect the relative shares of Android and iOS devices. Accordingly firm’s clients saw growth of Android tablet traffic as well as increased iPhone traffic vs. Android smartphones.

These data should be treated as “directional,” reflecting the growth of mobile usage generally, rather than indicative of precise market share. The number of companies polled in the survey is too small to be generalized to the full US market.
By comparison StatCounter data argue that mobile devices are generating 15 percent of US internet traffic. However many sites report much higher levels of mobile traffic and usage. Yelp for example says that 59 percent of its searches now come from mobile. And YP indicates that half of the search…

No, Really, You Should Test That

“You should test that.” It’s a phrase that Chris Goward, founder and CEO of marketing optimization agency WiderFunnel, has probably uttered at least a thousand times.

Having participated on a number of conference panels with Chris over the years — a real treat, by the way, if you ever have the opportunity to hear him present — I’ve personally heard him give that answer to a number of great questions from the audience.
Should I use complementary colors for my call-to-action buttons? Should I have site navigation on my landing page? Should I use a product image or a photo of a person for my hero shot?
“You should test that,” is what Chris would say. And it’s the right answer because it’s really the only one that’s universally true.
Of course, there’s more to it than those four words. Chris wrote an excellent, 300-page book, You Should Test That — with a foreword by analytics guru Avinash Kaushik — that dives into the detailed “what” and “how” of running an effective optimization program.

iPhone 5S Gets Blockbuster Opening In India, Gets Sold Out In 24 Hrs

Apple frenzy is now hitting Indians, as the latest device to be launched in India: iPhone 5S has been sold out completely within 24 hours, and there is a great demand of this handset everywhere.
Such is the scarcity that 16 GB of 5S is being sold in black at some locations of Delhi, and the price as go as far as Rs 80,000, which is normally available for Rs 53,500.
The other model: iPhone 5C which was launched alongside 5S is still available but it has the stigma of ‘economical’ attached to it, and people are not that keen to go for it. It is the 5S which is riding the frenzy wave across country, and people are tremendously excited about it.

As per reports, retailers of Apple products have sent repeated SOS to the management, and asking for immediate delivery of the handset. It is speculated that it will take another day or two before the stock is again filled.
When iPhone 5S and 5C were launched on November 1st in India, Apple has reportedly stocked 30,000 units out of which only 6000 un…

Infographic: Facebook Ad Cheat Sheet

There is nothing in the Internet marketing space like a good ol’ cheat sheet. This one comes from TechWyse and gives you the ad sizes for Facebook options. Enjoy (click image to enlarge).

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Zomato Raises USD 37 Mln From Sequoia, Rolls Out Service In 3 New Countries

Zomato, the online restaurant listing, search and review service today announced its fifth round funding of USD 37 million led by Sequoia Capital and participation from its pervious investor Info Edge (India) Limited. With this round Zomato’s total funding has reached 53.5 million. Zomato had earlier raised USD 16.5 million from Info Edge over four rounds of funding.
Zomato has also expanded its international offering in three new countries including Brazil (Sao Paulo), Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara), and Indonesia (Jakarta).
In all, Zomato service is now available in 36 cities across 11 countries that include Brazil, Indonesia, New Zealand, Philippines, Qatar, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, UAE and United Kingdom. Apart from Sao Paulo, Instanbul, Ankara and Jakarta, Zomato has expanded its services within UK from three cities to five, with the inclusion of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The funding raised will be utilized to further enhance their online platform and expansion of their services to …

Offline Retailers Launch ‘We Will Act’ Protest For Price Undercutting By Ecommerce Sites

I have heard this from number of my friends who run physical stores – This year they have experienced much lower footfalls from consumers, especially in the electronic and apparel segment. And many of them believe it is due to rise in ecommerce in India. People now increasingly prefer shopping online rather than going to physical stores.
And this trend will only increase…and why not, consumers buying online are getting much better deals, sometimes nearly half the price at which local offline retailer will offer you.
While this is great for consumers, have you thought how this is affecting lakhs of local offline businesses? Obviously, they now see online retailers as their biggest enemy.
So what do offline retailers do to overcome this?
These physical store owners are now getting together to protest against the undercutting of prices by online retailers. They have launched a website – We Will Act – that condemns the business practices undertaken by ecommerce sites (mind you, in very strong…

4 Free New Words in Blogging Because You Need More Traffic

Free. From Large Billboards to Online Marketing, from toddlers to Men and Women the words has targeted every type of people. So is the power of this word, even great marketers think what would they do if they had to found an alternative to ‘Free’. But what if the same is used in the Blogging counterpart? Will it bore me the success at the blogosphere too? ‘Yes, certainly’. Let me put it clear. Suppose there’s […]
4 Free New Words in Blogging Because You Need More Traffic Is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspire
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Mobile Market: iPhone Gains, Google’s Got Reach, Facebook Top App

Comscore reports that 62 percent of American adults now carry smartphones (Nielsen says it’s 64 percent). The firm’s latest smartphone tracking data show that the iPhone remains the top single smartphone, while Android retains its OS crown though it appears to have peaked in the US.
While Android’s market share is down slightly Samsung’s is up. September data show Android with 51.8 percent of the smartphone market to Apple’s 40.6 percent. Microsoft also gained slightly, perhaps at Android’s expense, as the clear “third platform” now.

The iPhone 5s was announced on September 10 and went on sale September 20. Thus it’s not clear how many of those handset sales are reflected in these figures. My guess is that October will see another iPhone bump.
Among smartphone makers, as mentioned, only Apple and Samsung saw growth. Others were flat or down. HTC in particular is expected to have a terrible Q4 and is really in trouble because it’s losing so badly to Samsung in the Android arena.

Shifting t…

5 Best Online Fax Services Sites

The word FAX is a known word to us. And today fax through internet is becoming quite familiar also. It is amazing to think in business today that one need to be able to send faxes and receive them but we don’t need a fax machine. All one need is an internet connected device and […]

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Free Online PDF to Word Converter for Easy Document Editing

For people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer, either for work, socializing or hobby, bookmarking websites is probably the best way to “remember” useful information we come across. Otherwise, many interesting tips and advice are easily replaced and forgotten, and it’s difficult to find them once we really need them. […]

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