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Study: Only 8% Of Brands Believe Its Marketing Team Is Strong Across All Digital Marketing Channels

A new survey from Online Marketing Institute in conjunction with Kelly Staffing and ClickZ has discovered a majority of brands and enterprise organizations rank digital marketing very important, but only eight percent claimed to have marketing teams that were strong across all digital marketing channels.
Surveying a total of 750 brands and agencies ranging from small businesses to global enterprises, the study found a “substantial gap” between the number of organizations searching for employees with strong digital marketing skills, and the availability of qualified applicants.
While 71 percent of large brand/enterprise organizations believe their digital marketing team is strong in some areas, their employees exhibit mediocrity/weakness in others when importance and strength are analyzed together, with sizable gaps in every area studied.

When asked about the type of digital marketing candidates being sought, 34 percent of respondents said they were looking to hire both “generalists” and …

TV's Shrinking Maw Still Eats More | GRP Data 'A Waste of Time' | comScore Reaps Storm from Software Seeding

Media: Most executives not working for a TV network (or their media measurement handmaidens) recognize that the share of attention focused on network TV is shrinking, most recently evidenced with TV set sales declines. But that doesn't stop marketers from throwing larger and larger budgets their way. There are two arguments as to why television continues to [...]

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Much 'Content Marketing' Lacks Distribution | Google Sniffing TV Market Again with Use of GRPs | Dunkin Interview Shows Firm No Longer Using 'Dunkin Model'

Content Marketing: With many business to business marketing budgets shunted over to content marketing, the pendulum may prove to be pretty far over to one side, with lots of content not getting seen due to narrow topical relevance or inadequate distribution. Media: Google already displays a GRP report - showing a gross ratings points figure similar to that [...]

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Google Brings Local Search To Digital Displays Across London

Google has undertaken a novel marketing experiment in London. Called “Google Outside,” and first reported by the website Campaign, Google and agency R/GA have deployed 160 digital displays at bus stops and underground stations across London.
The electronic displays offer “local search” information on tourist attractions, businesses and entertainment. As far as we can tell from the available information users cannot directly interact with the displays but they will change based on weather conditions and other variables.
Apparently Google Now technology is involved. The pictured image (credit: TheDrum) shows a huge Google Now-like “card” occupying the display. A Google spokesperson was quoted saying that the “screens that will anticipate people’s needs and make their lives easier.”
The campaign will certainly get attention and generate buzz. The duration of the campaign is not clear, nor is Google’s precise ambition. Is it to raise awareness of Google Now? Is it pure branding? Is it a play…

How to Simplify Your Complex Event Programs Using Marketing Automation

This post comes from our Marketing Automation channel sponsor Marketo.

The night our team put the final touches on our 2013 Marketing Nation JumpStart Tour program, I had a dream that I gardened with tokens. I put tokens all over in my barren backyard, and updated them once with a beautiful pink flower – and suddenly my backyard was covered in flowers. Imagine planting a flower only once and seeing it everywhere – if only it were as easy for gardens as it is in our marketing programs!
So, What is a Token Anyways?
A token is a variable in your marketing automation platform–a shortcut to a specific value you want to use. They can be set at the program level, the campaign level, the lead level. They save time and help you populate your content with personalized info.
Program tokens are set at the program level, and can be used throughout your emails, landing pages etc. They are very convenient because you set the value once at the program level and it populates everywhere you use the token.

Top 9 Sites for Internet Speed Test

Internet speed test easily can give you a down-low on the upload and download speeds, detailing whether your internet services provider is living to its own end of broadband contract or not. Certainly, there are lots of options there to test the internet bandwidth; however, some apps and sites offer more details than others. If […]

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Facebook Redesigns Like and Share Buttons

You know you are big when a redesign of a button gets press attention. Heck, we don’t even talk about our own design changes here at Marketing Pilgrim and most wouldn’t notice.
Although we think we are somewhat important we know we are a mere pittance compared to the behemoth that is Facebook. That’s why we will tell you about the button redesign that won’t change the world but could up engagement with the social network.
The redesign looks like this.

From the Facebook developers blog we are told

Today, we’re introducing a new design for both Like and Share to help people share more great content across the web. We’re already seeing a favorable increase in Likes and Shares with the new design and will be rolling these buttons out to everyone in the coming weeks. If you are currently using the old Like button, you’ll be automatically upgraded to the new design as part of our roll out.

Nice huh? How about this assessment from The Huffington Post

Button placement also matters. According to The…

Thumbs Down? Facebook Testing Star Ratings For Pages

Turns out that the Facebook ‘Like’ that we’ve grown to love just might not be descriptive enough. The like is binary data that indicates whether or not a user is a fan, or not, but not much else. TechCrunch spotted the usage of star ratings (5 possible) on desktop versions for some pages.

This isn’t the first time that Facebook as used stars as a data point. Wsers have been rating places with 5 stars when providing a recommendation:
This implementation makes complete sense for places pages as Facebook could make a run at Yelp, Foursquare and Google+ Local the local review market.
We’ve reached out to Facebook for comment.
For more, head over to TechCrunch. Image courtesy of Techcrunch.

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Live @ SMX Social Media Marketing: Keynote Conversation With Boston Celtics’ Peter Stringer

There are both benefits and challenges to being a brand with an enormous fan base. The obvious benefits involve having a large audience that wants to hear what you’re saying and engage with you on social channels. The flip side is that passion runs high and can lead to difficult situations if those fans aren’t happy with the brand.
There may be no professional basketball team with a more passionate fan base than the NBA’s Boston Celtics, and it’s Peter Stringer’s job to develop the strategies to serve that audience on social networks and other digital content channels.
During our Keynote Conversation with Peter Stringer at SMX Social Media Marketing in Las Vegas on November 20-21, I’ll speak with the Celtics’ Senior Director of Interactive Media about topics like these:

how the team personalizes its relationship with a worldwide fan base
developing content for different social networks
converting online fans into ticket- or merchandise-buying customers
measuring social marketing efforts acr…

Mumbai Has 3 Times More Active Internet Users Compared to Bangalore!

If you look at Internet penetration through-out India, it is abysmally low. Infact, most of the Indian villages will not even know what Internet is. However, scenario is very different when it comes to large metros and A cities in India, where internet usage is catching up fast.
According to recently release report by Internet and Mobile Association of Indian (IAMAI), overall, the the top 4 metros have a 37% penetration of Active Internet Users.
City-Wise Internet Users
Though Bangalore is called the Silicon Valley of India, it only has the 6th highest number of active internet users in India at 3.8 million. On the other hand India’s financial capital Mumbai has nearly 3 times mores with 12 million active internet users.
In last one year alone, Mumbai has added 3.7 million new internet users. There is no doubt that mobile internet is playing a crucial role in the growth of internet usage across various cities.
In terms of growth, Kolkata has registered the highest growth of internet users …

Delhi Based Webhosting Company UCVHost Shuts Shop Leaving Clients In A Limbo

Internet is the place to be right now and having a website / domain name is no more a fashion statement but a necessity. Many businesses now have their own websites on the web and even a minor downtime can lead to loss of revenue for some of these businesses.
In such a scenario, shutting of a webhosting company can lead to catastrophic impacts. Customers of Webhosting company UCVHost are feeling these impacts right now. The Delhi based company recently ceased its operations completely and shut down. This has led to loss of Business data and continuity for the companies that were using its services.
Started by Rajat Khanna in the year 2000-01, the company UCVHost provided services like website hosting, domain registration and web based application development. Now, the company has stopped working completely and its website says that its servers have been taken over by Softlayer, an IBM company. According to the website of UCVHost, clients should contact the company Softlayer for any quer…

Report: App Session Times Run Longer On Tablets, But App Usage Is More Frequent On Smartphones

In conjunction with the launch of the Adobe Mobile Services for its Marketing Cloud platform, Adobe has released an app engagement report based on data from more than 600 brands.
According to the Adobe Digital Index report, app session times on tablets run nearly twice as long as app sessions on smartphones, even though apps are more frequently used on smartphones.
Adobe claims the average app session time for tablet users lasts 24 minutes, while average smartphone app session runs 13 minutes. The company found both tablet and smartphone users spend more time on apps than browsing mobile websites. In terms of usage frequency, smartphone apps beat both tablet app and mobile website usage.

When evaluating app usage by market, Adobe discovered Financial apps were the most popular, leading over media, retail, B2B and travel apps.
While they ranked the least popular of apps by market, Travel apps led when it came to app session times, with consumers spending, on average, more than 20 minutes u…

Twitter Prices IPO At $26 Per Share, Goes Public Tomorrow As TWTR

Ready to get some stock in Twitter? The company, which will list publicly on the New York Stock Exchange tomorrow under the symbol TWTR, will sell for $26 initially. Twitter announced the news via a tweet today.
Here’s the tweet:
We just priced our IPO.
— Twitter (@twitter) November 6, 2013

The tweet contains an image of text that says that 70 million shares will be offered at $26 per share. Twitter’s underwriters have an option to purchase up to 10.5 million additional shares within 30 days.

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