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Fireside Musings: The Growth Of Real-Time Bidding

Today I’m sitting down to meditate on some of the reasons why programmatic ad buying — real-time bidding (RTB), in particular — has been showing such strong and steady growth over the past few years, and why industry analysts are predicting continued growth over the next several years.
Much of the growth behind RTB has been from two specific areas: mobile and video. So, that’s where I will focus my attention today.
There seems to be a lot of talk that RTB will ultimately make the biggest difference in mobile.
Question: Is this true? If so, why? What kind of impact will it have? How will it revolutionize mobile advertising?
Mobile has a bit of a supply and demand challenge at the moment. There is an abundance of inventory, without the matching “premium” demand, especially from larger brand advertisers that haven’t fully adapted to the mobile format. It’s hard to blame them, though; with the large amount of device fragmentation, it can be hard to create an experience to accommodate all the …

Make Your Own Keywords

Trends without query volume are content marketing opportunities. They are business-building opportunities. They are stuff of which money is made. Here are some examples of companies that opted to lead rather than follow and profited as a result.

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Entrepreneurship or Freelancing? Identify Yourself With These 8 Personality Traits

Most often, people get confused between being an Entrepreneur or a Freelancer. Although in both the cases the person is fiercely independent and they work for themselves, maybe managing a team and/or hiring people.
But if we observe the thin lines of accomplishing goals and creating plans for expansion, then both freelancer and entrepreneur are as different as strawberry and gooseberry.

8 personality traits of an Entrepreneur and a Freelancer
A freelancer is a person who gets paid for the work. He may charge based on the hours consumed in finishing that task or based on per project. Some of the most common professions where freelancers are pretty much active are: Writing, Designing, Consulting, Coding, Advising, Filling Taxes etc.
An entrepreneur is a person who uses money (either his own or someone else’s) to create a business and make it bigger than himself. Entrepreneurs focus on the growth and expansion of the business more than just revenues and profits. Scalability is the keyword he…

99acres Faux Pas Opens Up The Hidden Wound Of India

For all the talks of unity, it so happens sometimes that the tact of politicians seem right- We are divided at the core.
For those who do not know, recently, an ad was posted on which stated as follows:
“Excellent brand new 2BHK fully furnished flat with cross ventilation, natural light. Cosmopolitan society, no Muslims, with car parking on immediate sale, fifth floor interested please call”.
We decided to do a quick check on the site to see if there were still any listings that said “No Muslims”. Our Google searchyeilded not one or two but over 1000 results. When we clicked any of those links, the actual listing from the pages have been removed. Here is a screenshot of 1000+ search results on 99 acres!

The advt in question was posted on the site sometime back and was removed on Nov 2. Before it was removed however, it was quite propagated to social networks and a lawyer and social activist Shehzad Poonawalla filed a petition with the National commission for Minori…

A Veteran’s Day Thank You from Marketing Pilgrim

Here at Marketing Pilgrim we like to count our blessings. After all, our namesakes considered themselves blessed to come to a new land, so it makes sense.
In the US, on this Veteran’s Day we would like to simply recognize our readers and all other people who have served the United States in the armed forces in any way, manner, shape, or form.
Regardless of one’s political leanings we all need to recognize those who risk it all so we can remain free. It’s humbling to think that today’s armed forces sign up for service and are not drafted. This makes it even more amazing considering the hardships many vets and their families have endured as a result of their service.
Words often feel like they fall short in situations like this but it’s all we have. Thank you to all of our vets. We are indebted to you as a nation.

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Dhingana Offers Free Unlimited Music Streaming To Idea Users On Android

Dhingana, Pune based Indian music streaming service has partnered with Idea cellular to offer unlimited music downloads streaming to Idea subscribers without incurring any data charges.
With mobile tariff’s set to increase, Mobile VAS offerings are the next frontier for Telecom operators in India to gain new subscribers on their network. Idea recently became 3rd largest operator in India after after reliance culled over 10 million users from their network on account of non-usage.
Dhingana already has free Android and iOS apps that offer free music streaming to users. While on iOS they have a premium version called Dhingana Gold, Android app has only the ad supported version. However, in both the cases the user attracts data charges for music streaming and downloads.
Interestingly, the offer of free music downloads is extended to Android users only that are on Idea Network. We tried using it, and normal music streaming did not seem to attract any data charges when we used.
However, when we…

Effectively Using Advisors / Mentors As Catalyst For Your Startup

In the age of Internet, trends change faster than blink of an eye and businesses are evolving faster than ever. By the time you realize that a technology or business trend is emerging, something else is already come up to disrupt the situation that quickly makes the business / technology plans you are thinking of, look obsolete.
This continuous churn creates challenges for entrepreneurs who may quickly get disoriented and confused. In order to demystify this churn, and make sense out of it, the entrepreneur begins to reach out to the ‘Sages’. Which begs the question, who are these Sages?

These Sages can come under various names, such as Mentors, Advisors, Experts and so on….
Now, as an informed entrepreneur, it’s your responsibility to really understand how, when and what to engage these Sages on. You may approach one of these Sages for…

Getting highlight level perspective on a specific problem
Engage them for solving specific business / technology problems
Getting connected with the right …

Nivedita Saboo at ABIL Pune Fashion Week

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11 Home Offices Of Professional Bloggers For Inspiration

All of us agree that home is that one place where we rewind ourselves from a hard day’s work. But what about those whose homes are their offices? Yes, a major chunk of today’s generation likes to keep it cool and homely. Instead of working the conventional nine to five shift, they believe in working at their terms and in their own time. These home based entrepreneurs have set the balls rolling by setting their […]
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