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Google Search “Reunion” Video Goes Viral With More Than 4 Million Views In 5 Days

Google is doing its best to make everyone cry (in a good way) with its latest heartwarming “Reunion” ad for Google Search. The video has gone viral in the last five days with more than four million views on YouTube. It is ranked No. 4 on Unruly Media’s Top 20 Viral Video Chart, and has received more than 665,000 Facebook shares and 11,400 Twitter shares.
The ad highlights the power of Google Search on desktop and mobile, showing how a granddaughter is able to reunite her grandfather with his long-lost best friend, using only a few details from a story he tells about being a young boy in Lahore. Starting with a skyline view of Delhi, India, the video shows the granddaughter searching on phrases like “park with ancient gate in Lahore” and “oldest sweet shop near mochi gate Lahore” to track down her Grandfather’s childhood friend using Google Search on her laptop.
Google Search mobile is highlighted as well, with searches for “Indian Visa Requirement” performed on a smartphone, along with …

Content Marketing Strategy: How To Create Killer Headlines

Content creation isn’t just about the meat of what you’re writing. Consider the first thing the potential reader sees: the headline.
Think of it this way: if you open your Inbox and see an e-mail with a subject line that sounds cheesy and spammy, are you going to open it? Probably not. Similarly, when creating your content, don’t forget that your headline is one of the most important aspects of it. It is your very first opportunity to make a positive impression on your reader.
As an English major during my undergraduate studies, I took a Journalism class as a required course. I’ll never forget how much they emphasized the importance of the headline, as it set the stage for the impending story.
When you read the newspaper, you’re more likely to read the articles that catch your eye via the headline, and the same goes for any type of content — including (but not limited to) blog posts, e-mail blasts, pay-per-click ads, and every single page of your website.
Trial & Error: Track Your Hea…

Traditional Stores Opening Silicon Valley Labs In Attempt to Compete Online

It’s taken many years and lots of proclamations from the Internet industry that it has taken over shopping (which it hasn’t by any stretch of the imagination but it’s great PR hype, isn’t it?) but the world of traditional brick and mortar retailers is giving in just a little.
How? They are setting up labs in the Silicon Valley area to be closer to the innovation so they don’t get left behind. The Associated Press reports

Software engineers wearing jeans and flip flops test the latest smartphone apps. Walls and windows double as whiteboards where ideas are jotted down. And a mini basketball net is in the center of it all.
At first glance, this workplace resembles any Silicon Valley startup. There’s just one exception: Target’s trademark red bulls-eye at the entrance.
Target, Kohl’s and home-shopping network QVC are among a half dozen retailers opening technology test labs in the San Francisco area to do things like improve their websites and create mobile shopping apps. They’re setting up …

Google Wants You ‘Walking In a Winter Wonderlab’ This Holiday

Nexus ring!

Are you listening?

In the store, tablets glistening!

A beautiful sight

We’re buying tech right!

Walking in a Winter Wonderlab!
This holiday season Google has created pop up stores which they are calling Winter Wonderlabs (Now do you get the first few lines of the post? Sing along, it’s fun and oh so clever!). These stores will have shown up in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Sacramento, Washington, DC and Paramus, NJ (yup, Paramus). The idea is to let consumers experience the full suite of Google ‘toys’ for the holiday.
You can even play inside a giant snow globe. Take a look.

Are you going to try one? Have you been to one already> What was it like?

via Marketing Pilgrim - Internet News and Opinion

A Chrome Extension Every Online Shopper Should Have To Avail Best Product Prices

Online shopping is fiercely growing in India – Infact, it is now getting to a level where offline retailers have started to get worried. But as a consumer, it is time to rejoice, as online shopping offers them many benefits, the biggest of them all being the low prices on products.
However, how does an online shopper get the best price while shopping online?
There are so many online stores that it is nearly impossible to know the site you are buying from has the best rates on the product you are purchasing. Yes, there are plenty of online price comparison sites like Junglee, MySmartPrice and many more, where you can see comparative pricing and that is definitely one way of discovering best price.
But there is another much easier way to achieve this…
Buyhatke, an online shopping price comparison site has come up with a nifty chrome extension – Compare Hatke - which does a great job for you. As a shopper you do not need to visit a comparison site to find best prices. It will bring the best …

Guess Which Country Uses Twitter More Than Anyone Else In The World?

No, it is not USA, the super hub of technological innovation and the country where Twitter was born. Neither is it India, where more than 200 million people use Internet.
It is Saudi Arabia, the country which uses Twitter more than anyone else in the world!
In a research which has surprised all and sundry, PeerReach has revealed that Internet users from Saudi Arabia, a country restricted by stringent rules and regulations, Tweets like no one else does.
Saudi Arabia’s total Internet population is 13 million as of now, and as per the study, 30% of the population or roughly 4.3 million people Tweet atleast once in a month.
Interestingly, the study doesn’t consider those active users who login to their Twitter account, but those who actively Tweet and share the content within Twitter. The study has compared total number of Internet users of all countries compared to total number of active Twitter users, and using this metrics, Saudi Arabia is world’s #1 Twitter user.

America, where most of the…