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5 YouTube Video Optimization Tips

With 100 hours of content uploaded every minute to YouTube, gaining a high number of video views isn't easy. But it's not impossible with the right plan. Here are a few optimization steps you can take to help your video get found, viewed and shared.

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Viber Instant Messenger Comes To Desktop!

Seamlessness is the need of the hour. Whether it is completing one level of Candy Crush on your mobile and continuing from the next level on your desktop, our expectations are raised by such innovative methods which make us seek the same service across other platforms too. Now Viber is on this very path.
We all have heard of Viber, if not used at any time. Developed by Viber Media, it is a mobile application that allows you to make phone calls and send text messages to all other Viber users for free. Users can also make free HD-quality calls to other Viber users on iPhone, Android amongst others. All that you need is WiFi or 3G. Viber currently has more than 200 million users in over 193 countries.
While Whatsapp is at the top of the heap when it comes to IM mobile apps, Line messenger & Viber ar currently fighting neck to neck to gain the second spot!
To increase its reach, Viber has now announced the launch of Viber Desktop 4.0, bringing the latest updates from its major mobile upd…

Govt Approves 20 FDI proposals, Singapore Airlines Gets Nod!

Government of India has approved 20 Foreign Direct Investment proposals amounting to Rs. 915.83 crore have been approved based on the recommendations given by Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) in their meeting held on Oct 24th.
Among all the proposals tabled, 20 were approved, 2 were deferred, 2 proposals were rejected and 1 proposal was advised to access the automatic route.
Some of the major proposals that got approved were:
Singapore Airlines, who will bring FDI of USD 49 million or 303.18 crore rupees to set up a join venture company in India with a ratio of 49: 51 percent share holding. The newly formed joint venture will be engaged in domestic and international full service scheduled passenger airlines services in the civil aviation sector in India.
M/s Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd., who will bring FDI of Rs. 225 crore to issue fresh equity shares to eligible non-resident investors in a IPO and by an offer for sale by an existing foreign investor M/s Mozart Limited to carry out…

Study: Marketers Woefully Out of Touch With What Consumers Respond To

If you are a marketer of any kind you may not want to read on. Why? Well, some research that was done by x+1 and Research Now reveals that what goes on in the marketing echo chamber may be further from reality than you imagined.
The research as reported by eMarketer shows that what marketers feel is important to consumers often isn’t even close to what the consumers themselves want. If you are ready, look for yourself.

Is it possible that that marketers are really that disconnected from the consumer? Based on the amount of hype and sheer junk that often passes for analysis and advice in the Internet marketing space alone the answer is yes. For years the Internet marketing industry has run miles ahead of reality and it continues to do so today.
Has it worked? If the goal has been to get people frustrated and to give the industry the reputation that falls just north of lawyers and used car salesmen then yes, it has been a resounding success. Too bad that’s the result of all these years of …

Yahoo Announces Move to SSL for Sites and Encryption Between Data Centers

Yahoo appears to no longer be willing to be the NSA’s favorite provider of information. Ars Technica reports

In the wake of revelations about the National Security Agency’s monitoring of traffic on the private international fiber links connecting the data centers of Google and Yahoo, Google stepped up its efforts to encrypt internal server traffic and block such monitoring. Now, Yahoo has announced its own plans to encrypt all information that travels between data centers by early next year.
In addition to encrypting traffic between its data centers by March of 2014, Yahoo is also moving to apply SSL encryption across all its websites within the same time frame.

Yahoo is coming off the recognition as being the NSA’s favorite source of data on anyone and anything and that revelation didn’t settle very well with Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. She outlined her take in a post on the Yahoo blog. Here it is in its entirety.

We’ve worked hard over the years to earn our users’ trust and we fight hard t…

India’s First Octa-Core Smartphone All Set To Be Launched By Intex

When Samsung launched its Galaxy S4 series smart phone with octa-core processor early this year, Indian mobile manufacturers were stunned by this technological advanced unit. We were still playing around with single core and dual core processors, and octa-core had literally disrupted the market.
But not anymore; computer peripherals electronics company Intex has announced the launch of India’s first octacore smartphone which is at-par with any global brand in terms of processing power and speed.
The smart phone is expected to be launched early next year with a price tag of approximately Rs 20,000. With an amazing speed of 1.7 GHz (Samsung Galaxy S4 is 1.6 GHz), this new smart phone from Intex will have 2 GB of RAM and would come in two versions: 16 GB and 32 GB.
Having a thickness of only 7 mm, it will feature 6 inch HD IPS display and would be powered by Android 4.2 Jelly bean OS. And another interesting part: It will have 13 mega pixel rear camera along with 5 mega pixel front camera a…

Iconic Indian PC Brand HCL To Shut Down: 3 Possible Explanations

HCL Infosystems Ltd., India’s first home grown PC manufacturing company, with an impressive 37 year history is shutting down.
It was formed in the year 1976, when a bunch of passionate entrepreneurs : Shiv Nadar, Ajai Choudhary, Arjun Malhotra and three others joined hands to launch India’s first PC manufacturing company. In the 80s and early 90s, when there were no multinational brands in India, it was HCL’s personal computers which ruled the market.
It’s reach and penetration inside India can gauged from the fact that it has presence in 170 cities, 505 point of contacts covering over 4000 towns throughout India. It has presence in Africa, Middle East and South East Asia as well.
Over the years, its distribution network has grown to 93,000 outlets in 9000 towns all over India. At the time of writing this post, HCL Infosystems has manufacturing units in Chennai, Puducherry and Noida.

HCL Infosystems Managing Director Harsh Chitale said, “”We will be stopping manufacturing. My distribution…

Why Smart Watches Will Never Succeed In India!

The rise of smartphones is phenomenal. I don’t think there has been any product that has created such a rampage in the over such short period of time. Mind you, I am not talking about mobile phones here. Just smartphones!
While mobile phones are pretty useful and probably one of the most important invention of our time, the smartphones just killed every competing product in the market to make space for itself. The concept of apps completely changed the way the phones are used and now how often we can hear this conversation going on-

K- “I want my phone to do this.”
P- “There is an app for that.”

The truth of the matter is that at the same price range, everyone wants a smartphone over a feature phone. Another interesting point of note is at the same price range, everyone wants a smartphone over anything else. It is the product to have.
Now enter the smartwatches.
They are more of a need for the companies for a new product than anything else. The market for smartphones is getting stable with …

Indians LOVE Their Jobs, So Much That 18% Will Do It For Free!

Surveys throw up interesting results. Sometimes, so amazing, that you might actually doubt the authenticity of the one who has undertaken it. But when one of the world’s largest research company GfK joins hands with Monster Worldwide, Inc., a global leader in job opportunities and throws up some exciting facts and figures, you are bound to believe them.
Unbelievable as it may seem, reading this research report actually throws up light and bursts some of the myths we have been harboring since ages – regarding job satisfaction.
Globally, the survey had 8,000 respondents and showed that over half of Indian workers (55%) love or like their jobs a lot – placing India third in international happiness rankings, behind Canada (64%) and the Netherlands (57%). At the other end of the happiness spectrum, US respondents are the most likely to feel negatively about their jobs, with 15% giving their jobs a big thumbs down. This is followed by UK (12%), Germany (10%), France (9%), Canada and the Nethe…

Facebook: We Have 25 Million Active Small Business Pages

Facebook is announcing today at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco that it now has 25 million “active” small business (SMB) Pages. This number comes on the heels of a third-quarter earnings call announcement of 20 million SMBs on the site.
Facebook’s Director of Small Business Dan Levy told me earlier this week that the change in the number of small business Pages was not a function of adding five million more SMBs in the last couple of weeks. Rather he said that it was a function of changing the definition of SMB Pages to include a broader array of business types.
The 20 million figure was associated with SMBs that had a physical address or local storefront. By including e-commerce businesses and mobile developers who qualify as SMBs but aren’t “local” the number increases to 25 million. Some of the 20 million offline SMBs also engage in e-commerce, so there’s a kind of Venn diagram with an overlapping population. The degree of overlap is probably small, however.
All 25 million…

Marketing Day: November 18, 2013

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

Nearly $40 Million Later, Google Ends “Cookiegate” Scandal

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier today Google will pay $17 million “to settle allegations brought by 37 states and the District of Columbia that it placed unauthorized tracking ‘cookies’ on Web browsers in 2011 and 2012.” That $17 million, combined with the $22.5 million Google paid as part of a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) settlement […]

Walking In A Winter WonderLab: Google Opens Retail Shops In Time For Holiday Season

Google is trying out a new retail experience this holiday season, launching six Google Winter WonderLab locations across the country. Opening in New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Jersey and Sacramento, Google says the Winter Wonderlab shops will offer customers a chance to try out Google products like the Nexus tablet, Chromebook and […

Print Publishers Digital Revs Growth Dwarfed by Print Revs Losses | Google on Broken Promises: Crickets | Facebook Churns Privacy Debate

Media: Print players are finding that their increasing digital revenues are not and will not make up for their lost revenues in print. It may have a lot to do with the fact that buyers have moved online, making it much closer to the transaction, as well as a general move to mobile media usage. Online [...]

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