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Best YouTube App For Windows 8 Metro

People spend hours and hours on YouTube watching random things (me included). How about having some more options at your end to enhance the viewing experience?
So, it is good choice to have a dedicated application to play YouTube videos. From the bunch of apps, I selected the best YouTube App for Windows 8 Metro interface called as Hyper.
Using it since a long time now and here’s why:
1. Live Tile automatically gets updated to trending videos. It helps to know what’s popular without even opening YouTube. Whenever you open Start screen, just give a look to the app tile and you know about all the popular videos from your region.
2. Supports Downloading in all the resolutions/quality available. There after, you can play them from Download tab in app itself or go to the download location and play them in another media player of your choice. It should be noted that simultaneous download of multiple videos is also possible.

3. Browse comments while playing the video. Something which isn’t possib…

Google Launches HWGO Initiative To Bring 50 Million Indian Women Online

Google has launched an initiative called “Helping Women Get Online” in a quest to bring over 50 million Indian women online by end of 2014.
This initiative has been launched by Google India in partnership with Intel, HUL, Future Group & Axis Bank and aims to raise awareness about the benefits of Internet for women and empower them through digital literacy initiative.
Among the active internet population in India, only about 30 percent constitute women. The HWGO initiative aims to bring balance in Indian online space by educating and empowering them. For this purpose, a new website – – has been launched.

The website is essentially collation of relevant content which will serve as an important information source for these women. Google has also partnered with Johnson & Johnson, Indiatimes, Healthkart, Babyoye and others to create women centric content for the website.
Along with creation of website, an internet Toll Free Helpline number, 1800 41 999 77 has been a…

Google AdSense Testing New Home Page Design

Google is testing a new home page design for the AdSense publisher console.
AdSense publishers can see it by logging into The publisher will be presented with an option to check out the new design, which is aimed to help you “focus on key day-to-day information.”
Here is the prompt displayed to AdSense publishers when they login:

Here is a picture of what it looks like with some data:

The new look is cleaner and more fresh but is it more helpful? That depends on what publishers get use to.

via Marketing Land

Nexus 4 Finally Getting Android 4.4 Kit Kat Update

Devices are getting updated left right and center here. All those who have been waiting for Android Kit Kat on their Nexus 4 rejoice. The update has finally started umm… shipping. Besides Nexus 4, another phone in another country is getting the latest Android version.
Let me take each update:
1. Nexus 4:
It is being seen that the Android 4.4 (Kit kat) update has come to Nexus 4 finally. The update is OTA (Over the Air) and takes the device to Android 4.4 KRT16S build. The update is over 230 MB in size and will automatically be checked the phone.

If you want, you can manually check the phone as well by going to Settings>About Phone> System Updates. The upgrade will be in phases and thus it is possible that you might have to wait a few days to get the update. The important thing is that now the update is being sent everyone should sooner or later get it.
2. Moto X:
Moto X (Verizon) is getting Android 4.4 (Kit Kat). While this might seem meaningless to Indians it is actually quite signif…

Four Ways to Segment Email Subscribers for the Holidays

The last two months of the year bring an increase in email frequency as retailers try to drive revenue during the busiest shopping season of the year. To help you make the most of your opportunities, here are four ways to segment your email subscribers, optimize your email content, and avoid subscriber fatigue.
1. Your Best Customers
Your best customers will make your best segment. In most cases, your best customers may make up less than 10 percent of your list. But if you are using a quintile method to segment, this is your top twenty percent.
You should reward your best customers for their loyalty. Over time, they’re your biggest spenders — and probably your brand champions, to boot. Here are some popular and effective ways to engage them commensurate to their “best customer” status:
Friends And Family
A number of brands send their friends and family offer to all of their email subscribers, but I’m not a fan of this tactic. I can understand it because having an email address for a custom…

How To Design Analytics Dashboards From Google Webmaster Tools Data

SEO Chaos! That was my topic last month. Ever since Google blacked out keyword-level data, people have been scrambling to substitute or replace it. Not surprisingly, I received a lot of emails about that article, asking how to use Google Webmaster Tools (WMT) data as a replacement source.
The general answer is that you can’t use WMT data as a true replacement data source. That’s because Google Webmaster Tools does not collect any information about user engagement on your site. Instead, it collects user behavior on the search results page.
However, you can use your WMT data as a proxy. (Hey, some data is better than zero keyword data!) Below, I’ll share some tips — and a lot of visuals — for how you can do just that.
Getting Started: 6 Key Elements To Build Your WMT Dashboard
In order to take full advantage of your WMT data for storytelling and insights, you’ll need to build a dashboard that surfaces meaningful findings. Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all solution; however, there are…

LinkedIn Showcase Pages Added to Company Pages

LinkedIn has created a way to have deeper and more direct messaging to visitors of a company page by adding Showcase Pages.
The LinkedIn blog tells us

Millions of companies use their LinkedIn Company Pages to share content and opportunities. For our members, the best way to stay up to date with those updates is to follow the companies they’re interested in. However, some companies have a variety of brands and products. How can you tell Cisco you are particularly interested in their Enterprise Network Solutions, Security Products, or in their Internet of Things initiative?
Showcase Pages are dedicated pages that allow companies to highlight different aspects of their business and build relationships with the right community. Whether it’s a brand, a business unit, or an initiative, following a Showcase Page will provide you the updates you are most interested in.

So what, right? Well, actually this is something of importance to the ‘social’ aspect of LinkedIn. The more information you can o…

#Infographic: The History of Hashtags

It’s that time of year. Less innovation and more selling. That’s not a bad thing.
With that in mind, here’s a quick infographic to take you through the all important history of the hashtag. How did we survive without these little fellas?
Check out this history of the hashtag infographic from Offerpop.

via Marketing Pilgrim - Internet News and Opinion

How Zoho Trolled Salesforce Big Time At Their Dreamforce Event!

This is unbelievably creative and a genius of an idea, whoever thought about it!
Let me first give you a bit of a background: Dreamforce is an annual Salesforce event, attended by over 100 thousand people from all around the globe. It is one of the biggest cloud computing event where experts and Industry leaders in cloud computing get together to collaborate and connect.
This year’s Dreamforce 2013 event is being currently held in San Francisco and is expected to have footfalls of over 135,000 people including very well know people like Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook, Marissa Mayer from Yahoo among many others.
Salesforce is probably the biggest competitor of Zoho and most of the attendees of the Dreamforce event are potentially Salesforce customers, which are Zoho’s target customers as well. Given that it is a Salesforce event, obviously, Zoho has no chance of advertising or showcasing their products in a big way..
So what does Zoho do?
They come up with a brilliant idea that will register…

Billionaire Investor Aziz Premji To Debut In Ecommerce Space With

Azim Premji, founder and chairman of Wipro Limited, who is sitting on a corpus of $1 billion private equity fund PremjiInvest, is attempting to enter into ecommerce sector. He is India’s fourth richest person with total assets worth $14 billion or Rs 84,000 crore.
Reportedly, Azim Premji is all set to buy a stake in for Rs 300 crore, as the valuation of this ecommerce portal has been calculated to the tune of $250 million or Rs 1500 crore. People close to this investment plan have revealed that along with Azim Premji, British investor CDC is also participant of this latest round of investment. is already funded by existing investors Accel Partners and Tiger Global which are US based investors.
Arguably, is India’s largest stand alone fashion e-tailer, which has managed to stay ahead of in terms of gross merchandise revenues. Right now, witnesses annual revenues of Rs 800 crore or $120 million and by 2015, it is expec…

Marketing Day: November 19, 2013

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

Twitter’s Holiday 1-2 Punch: Free Ads & Retail Impact Survey

With an IPO in its rearview mirror and the holiday season straight ahead, Twitter is making a big push to attract both retail shoppers and advertisers this week. In conjunction with Small Business Saturday, Twitter is giving away up to $1 million in free ads. Advertisers will be able to use the credit for either […]

Google Releases Official GDK (Glass Developer Kit) & Adds More Glassware

Today, Google introduced the official Google Glass Developer Kit, aka GDK. The GDK is how developers can build native Glassware (i.e. Google Glass Apps) for the device, above and beyond the Mirror API, which is how developers built timeline cards to be pushed to Glass in the past. The GDK enables developers to build rich […]

Companies On LinkedIn Can Now Use Showcase Pages To Segment Content…

Facebook Leads Social Shopping Conversions but Polyvore Has Highest AOV

David Selinger, CEO of RichRelevance says that social shopping accounts for less than 1% of the total online shopping sessions but hey, that’s still money in the bank, right? So, his company put together this lovely, holiday-themed infographic that shows how the top social shopping channels stack up.
The first thing you’ll notice when you review the panels is the inclusion of a site we don’t often talk about – Polyvore. This social site asks user to curate sets of products from a variety of online retailers. The example you see on the right is someone’s idea of a cool living room. Click on the objects and you get a detail page including the price and where to buy it. One more click and you’re on the site that sells it.
This set includes over $5,000 in merchandise and you can see how a viewer could be influenced to buy all of the coordinating piece. The most popular sets on Polyvore are filled with fashions. For someone like me, who can’t figure out which top goes with which pants, it’s …