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Google Testing New AdSense Ads With Logos

Another new Google AdSense unit has been spotted. The 90×90 units feature a thumbnail logo in addition to ad text.
Here is a screenshot @netmeg sent to Barry Schwartz yesterday:

These ads also feature the large blue round arrow “button” to encourage the click.

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The Must Read English Classic Books For Entrepreneurs

Though nothing can beat the personal experiences to for a new sense of self discovery everyday for an entrepreneur but it is equally worth it to resort to the motivational videos, inspiring success stories and other management books for some inspiration. To assist the zeal of an entrepreneur a good book always proves to be the best possible mentor. With the kind of schedule an entrepreneur has it is always a bit difficult to get […]
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Google Launches Plastic “Wallet Card” To Revive Payments Initiative

I won’t fully review the unlucky history of Google Wallet, a product which launched with very high expectations in September 2011. Its key personnel left (or were ousted) and it has effectively been blocked or thwarted by mobile operators with a competing payment product (Isis) that has just been released nationally with a murky outlook.
Google Wallet has also met with public indifference. Accordingly, a year or so ago there were rumors of a physical payment card that was supposed to extend Google Wallet’s reach and use cases. However that launch was reportedly killed at the last moment. Roughly a year later that payment card has finally arrived.
Google has never released Wallet’s mobile usage or adoption numbers — Wallet is a multifaceted product with various functions. However it’s safe to say that the real-world/mobile payments features of Wallet have seen very limited adoption.
Simultaneously the world “mobile payments” has evolved both in the US and abroad. Square and, to varying de…

IRCTC Launches E-Wallet Feature To Ease Ticket Booking

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) website has added a new feature that aims at easing the issues faced by ticket buyers on the site.
IRCTC e-wallet is similar to other wallet services available with other websites – the basic premise remains the same where user first deposits an amount with IRCTC through Credit/Debit, netbanking or other means available on the site. Once, the user account has e-wallet deposit, tickets can be purchased online using the balance in the account.
Given the woes faced by ticket buyers on IRCTC site, this may prove to be very useful, as the users will not have failed transactions, which were primarily caused during the payment authorization process. Infact, during peak hours many times users faced the issue where the money was debited from their bank account but the ticket never got book. And then there is a perennial problem of session getting expired, due to which the user had to start the entire process of booking the ticket all over a…

Infographic: Holiday Mobile Shopping

Tis the season to be hyping!
It’s the holidays so it must mean that mobile shopping is going to dominate the holiday buying landscape.
Well, it’s not quite like that but mobile shopping is growing. This infographic from Blue Chip Marketing gives you some insight into the space. Do you see it the same way?
Click Continue Reading to see the whole infographic.

Pilgrim’s – Bloggers earn cash, Advertisers build buzz!

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Top 20 Most Shared Video Ads of 2013

Dove Beauty Sketches, created by agency Ogilvy Mather for the Unilever personal care brand, tops the 2013 Top 20 Global Social Video Ads Chart – an annual ranking of the year's most socially-shared video ads – which was released today by Unruly.

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PayUPaisa Launches ‘Release on Delivery’ Option, an Alternative To COD transactions

PayUPaisa, one of the leading online payment gateway in India has started offering a unique payment model for ecommerce merchants in India and it is called “Release on Delivery”.
The model is quite similar to how escrow payments work – Essentially, shopper who is buying products online with “release on delivery” will first pay online for the merchandize bought, however, the payment will remain with PayUPaisa till confirmation from the buyer that merchandize bought is satisfactory.
When buyer explicitly informs PayUPaisa to release the payments, only then the money is transferred to the merchant. In case if PayUPaisa doesn’t receive any confirmation from the buyer in 3 days after the product delivery, the payments are released to the merchant by default.
Here is how Release on Delivery works:

In India, over 60 percent of transactions that happen are Cash on Delivery. Though it is great for buyers, it is a very expensive model for merchants. The average cost per CoD transaction borne by a m…

Feature Phone Sales Drop For The First Time In India!

Lo and Behold! It has finally happened. Feature phones, which have been on the rise since the start of mobile revolution in India have for the first time seen a drop in their sale.
According to CMR report, in the last quarter, July-Sep’13 that is, the total shipments of mobile increased by 10.9% to 62.9 million. The feature phones however saw a dip of 0.8% in the shipment.
The figure is minuscule but is still there. It is more important because along with this figure is the increase in sale for smartphones. The increase is a whopping 152%.
This is a trend that is likely to continue in the future as well. By the end of next quarter we might see accelerated decrease in feature phone sales.
With the falling prices of Smartphones, the attraction towards them is increasing consistently. Indian companies have played a huge role in it. In the smartphone arena, nearly half the market share belongs to them and they have certainly brought the smartphones to the masses. In the sub-10k range, the Ind…

India Leads Social Networking Growth Globally, To Have Largest Facebook Users By 2016

Do you remember earlier we had told you that there are more Indian teenage users on Facebook than USA? Now a recent report by research agency eMarketer confirms that not only on Facebook, but compared to all the countries in the world, India is all set to have the highest growth in social networking!
Due to the saturation level in the developed countries which had spearheaded the growth of internet penetration, a slowdown was predicted. But this year, as per estimates, 1.61 billion people will log in to social networking sites at least monthly, from any electronic device. That’s a 14.2% gain on social networker numbers from 2012, and double-digit growth is expected to continue for another year.
By 2017, 2.33 billion people will use social networks.

Which countries are on the top now?
Currently, the highest penetration of social network users as a share of total population occurs in the Netherlands, where 63.5% of all residents are social network users; Norway follows just behind at 63.3%.

The Secret of Successful Memeography : An All-Powerful Viral Marketing Tool

You have got the key. The key which can unlock all the roads. The road to the golden stage, where your post gets thousands of PINS, millions of LIKES and TWEETS. So, what you waiting for? Looking for the key? What if I say the key is just in your hands? Just you aren’t aware of it? Business owners and online marketers love them; they already know the ‘Da Vinci code’. No matter what, Legions […]
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Marketing Day: November 20, 2013

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

Report: Beats Google, Bing & Yahoo When Measuring Online Ad CTRs

After analyzing ad click and traffic trends over the course of ten days last month, online ad network Chitika discovered Google had the lowest online ad CTR when compared to, Bing and Yahoo. Chitika used a sample of tens of millions of online ad impressions between October 1 and October 10 to evaluate online […]

“Keep Calm While We Steal Your Data” – Microsoft Now Selling Scroogled Merchandise

Microsoft is taking its Scroogled campaign launched last November in a new direction: merchandising. Now, consumers can purchase “Don’t Get Scroogled” products with a “Keep Calm While We Steal Your Data” message from the Microsoft Store. An entire category of the store offers mugs, hats, t-shirts and even hoodies: Interestingly, none of these products can be found […]


Forget Black Friday, Is Your eCommerce Store Ready for Thanksgiving?

Walmart, Target, K-Mart, Staples – they’re just a few of the stores that will open their doors on Thanksgiving with hopes of getting a jump on the holidays sales season. Many believe this is another step in the decline of the human race but honestly, is it more crazy to go shopping at 8 pm on Thanksgiving (leaving family members behind to clean up the mess) or stand in line at 1 am on Black Friday?
(Can we all take a moment to appreciate the blond woman in this press shot from Target. She’s simply having a wonderful Christmas time.)
The good news for online retailers is that a large portion of holiday bargain hunters aren’t going to venture out until it’s officially Black Friday. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to shop.
According to a study by Placed, 46% of shoppers will spend part of Thanksgiving shopping online. Once Black Friday arrives, though, that number drops considerably to only 37%.

If you’re running an ecommerce store, are you ready to process orders on Thanksgiving? Mo…

Microsoft Web Store Now Selling Scroogled Mugs

Just when you thought Microsoft is going to drop the Scroogled campaign they launched last November – they stocked their Microsoft Store with new mugs.
You can find “Scroogled Keep Calm Mug” mugs on sale at for $7.99. The product description reads:
Put 15-ounces of your favorite beverage into this stoneware mug to let the world know that even though Google is trying to make money on almost every aspect of your digital life, you’re still calm. And fully caffeinated.
Here is a picture of the front and back of the mug:

For more details on this campaign, see our Scroogled category.
Hat tip to for spotting this.

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FTC Wants to Engage Industry on 'Native' Ads | Legislators Eye Media Spending Deduction | Majority of CMOs: Robot Media Buying May Mean No Need for Agency

Government: Here to Help: The Federal Trade Commission is going to hold a workshop on "native ads," which sounds a lot like a high school health teacher holding a seminar on unprotected sex. Native advertising, a deliberate blurring of editorial and advertising content, is now popular among even serious publishers, with different sites finding different levels [...]

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