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Nielsen Rearranges TV Deck Chairs, Adding Online Viewing to Lido Deck | MailChimp: Predictable Curve in Response Rate Evolution | eMarketer: Robot Buying Will Assimilate Third of Display Adspend

Decline of TV: Nielsen is mitigating the impact of the loss of TV audiences by developing research products that allow networks and agencies to combine digital video viewing with normal television viewing to maintain the perception of sustained audience levels. Robot Invasion: eMarketer thinks that programmatic buying is set to eat close to a third of the display [...]

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Google Quietly Debuts Viewable Impression CPM Bidding In AdWords

In August, Google announced that it had received MRC accreditation for its Active View product to measure impressions by viewability. The company then stated that it would be building in viewable impressions bidding into all of its display ad targeting products.
In a significant move (curiously made without fanfare) Google has now rolled out CPM bidding by viewable impression in AdWords. Kim Clinkunbroomer, partner, executive vice president paid search at Philly Marketing Labs, noticed the new bidding option this week. The option is available to all campaigns running on the Google Display Network, including remarketing campaigns.

Advertisers now have the option to pay only for impressions that are deemed viewable by users according to Google’s Active View reporting. Traditional impression bidding is charged by “served” impression, regardless of whether the ad was actually visible onscreen. Some 31percent of display ads are never seen by users, according to comScore.
As part of the roll-o…

Google Inviting All Developers To Buy Google Glass

Engadget reports Google has begun developers who have signed up to play with the GDK, Glass Developer Kit, to buy Glass.
Google opened the Mirror API, the ways most developers can build Glassware for Google Glass, to all developers over the weekend. Those developers who signed up to develop on the Mirror API received emails from Google inviting them to purchase Glass.
The email invite read:
We’re now inviting you, as a developer, to purchase Glass, become an Explorer, and join us in taking the next step in developing for Glass.
Click on the purchase code below to begin your adventures with Glass.

Here is a picture of the invite email:

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Google Puts Reviews for Businesses in One Spot

Google is trying to help business owners get a grip on their reviews which can be the lifeblood of many SMBs.
On the Google and Your Business blog we get

Today, we’re introducing Reviews in Google Places for Business. Now you can learn what your customers are saying about your business on Google and across the web, in one place. If you have a verified business listing, you will now see your customer ratings and reviews in the easy-to-use review inbox.

It’s cool and it’s easy. But does the around the web review part include Yelp? Don’t hold your breath.

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JetPack Plugin : A Powerful WordPress Plugin by Automattic [Updated]

How many of you here are tired of using tons of plugins on your blog? More over we all know how fast is free blogs. Company behind WordPress “AutoMattic”, has come up with a plugin “JetPack” for self hosted WordPress blog, which will bring many of feature into our blog. Here is some official words from WordPress team on the launch of Jetpack WordPress plugin: With Jetpack, a new plugin from Automattic, people […]
JetPack Plugin : A Powerful WordPress Plugin by Automattic [Updated] Is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspire
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Snapdeal Launches Affiliate Program; Offers 10% Flat Commission With Rs. 400 Limit!

Snapdeal has now joined Flipkart and Amazon to have its own affiliate program. Though Snapdeal had a affiliate program previously, they offered it through third party affiliate network like Tyroo and OMG.
Snapdeal’s own affiliate program had been in works for quite a long time, but it is only now that they have been able to launch it.
Till date, Snapdeal usually offered between 4 to 8 percent commission to affiliate marketers through 3rd party networks, but with launch of its own program they are now offering 10 percent flat commission rate on all products.
However, there is a huge downside which many affiliate marketers will frown upon – They have set the maximum commission payable at Rs. 400. So, any product sale that happens through affiliate channel priced over Rs. 4000, will still generate a maximum of Rs. 400 revenue to the affiliate marketer.
Here, take a look at Snapdeal’s affiliate commission structure.

Snapdeal Affiliate Review
We registered for Snapdeal’s affiliate program in the…

The 4 A's of Killer Conversions

Understanding the 4 A's of visitor awareness can produce the same phenomenal conversion rates enjoyed by the top converting sites. Here's how to transition your visitors through the 4 A's of conversion: Awareness, Attention, Attraction, and Action.

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Funding Digest: TravelKhana, InOpen, Candidly Raise Investments

Google’s Rajan Anandan Invests in Online Food Delivery Service TravelKhana
Online food ordering has seen tremendous growth over past couple of years. This is also visible from the fact that many small as well as larger players have come into the fray. Number of online food delivery service companies have raised significant funds in this year including TastyKhana & Foodpanda.
Now, yet another company TravelKhana has secured funding from Google India head Rajan Anandan. According to VCCircle, Rajan Anandan co-invested along with Delhi- and Bangalore-based Palaash Ventures in a funding round in September-October this year.
TravelKhana differs from other online food delivery services companies in the sense that they cater specifically to train commuters on Indian Railways. Rail passengers can order food over the phone with TravelKhana, which is served to them on their seats depending the route they are traveling.
Online Education Company InOpen Technologies Raises Series A From Benesse Ho…

Can An Awesome Product Overcome Reputation Issues?

Here at Marketing Pilgrim, we are especially sensitive to stories about corporate reputations. Our founder Andy Beal and his Trackur product specialize in helping companies keep track (get it?) of what is being said in the online space.
In most cases, when there is some concern or issue around a product or service, many are quick to jump on the reputation crushing bandwagon to express their concerns, be they real or imagined. People like to be part of a group especially when they can get some sense of making a difference, no matter how artificial it is. But how far will they go to bring a brand down if it is something they really like?
We have a test case of sorts brewing around Amazon. In the UK there are reports surfacing of working conditions that could be perceived as being a bit ‘overdone’. reports

With holiday gift-buying season upon us, retailers are hiring extra temporary workers to help handle the rush, and a BBC reporter who went undercover to work in an Ama…

Android 4.4 KitKat: Best Android OS, And Lots Happening Behind The Scenes

Android started as a very meek OS to be honest. Compared to the first iteration of iOS, Android was to use the right word, half baked. It was akin to what Apple maps were at the launch. However, it was under Google, a company known for iterative improvements at a brisk pace. Android got even more love from Google than any other product (perhaps besides search).
Thus we stand now at Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) which is being considered the best OS a phone can have. That is some serious praise and as I have a Nexus 4, I can tell you most of it is justified. The speed of the phone has increased and the changes have been made in UI at multiple places. If I have to review the OS in few words, it would be this-
It is the best Android OS out there but it is not what Google is showing but what is under the wrap that is even more exciting.

Let me take a few examples:
1. Integration of Hangouts:
Messaging has been integrated with Hangouts in this iteration. I did not like it and most people share my views…

Convert your Emails to PDF through Email Itself

Google Chrome has a built-in PDF writer so you can easily convert any email message into a PDF file within the browser itself but if you are reading your emails on a mobile phone or a tablet, you would need some sort of a PDF conversion app.

Alternatively, you can forward the original email message to and the service will send a PDF version of the message back to you in a second or two. I tried converting a plain text email message as well as one with HTML tags and the conversion was almost perfect in both instances.
If there are any Word, Excel or Powerpoint attachments inside the mail, you can forward the files to and they’ll come back to you in PDF format. Zamzar is another helpful service that let you convert files by email but the advantage with is that it sends you the converted PDF file by email itself, you don’t have to visit their website to download the PDF.
You may also use the service to retrieve web pages as …

Google Patents Idea For Automated Social Media Management; Will It Work?

In several science fiction movies (best example being The Terminator series), we have envisioned a world where human beings develop machines to help them with daily chores, but something goes wrong in between. And soon, these machines are trying to enslave humans and become the King of this World.
Not entirely similar, but yes, Google has made some really awesome ‘robotic’ plans for our future.
It has been found out that Google has patented an idea for new software, which can learn how humans behave inside a social network, and accordingly draft responses for us.
Based on the huge gold mine of data available with Google, such as our email responses, social media interactions, our inclination to click ads and our login and logout habits, this software can predict how we will react to a particular situation in a social network.
The inventor of this patent is Ashish Bhatia, a software engineer working with Google.
As per the patent, this idea is all about “Automated generation of suggestions …

Survey: 91 Percent Of Parents To Use Smartphones Black Friday Weekend

As the first winter snow blankets parts of the East Coast and Midwest, a blizzard of new Black Friday/Cyber Monday PR-driven survey data, predictions and “infographics” are hitting the wires and inboxes. Each of the involved studies offers slightly different figures and estimates of what will happen. But among those addressing mobile usage there’s a consensus: smartphones will be out in force.
Accordingly today the IAB released survey data (n=2,033 US adults) collected in October about expected Black Friday weekend shopping. The slice of data that the IAB publicly released this morning focuses in specifically on parents’ anticipated use of smartphones. (Parents with smartphones was a smaller subset of the overall survey data.)
At least 45 percent of respondent-parents with kids 12 and under were planning to be out in the annually shopping melee this weekend. An additional 30 percent were unsure when the survey was conducted and the remaining 25 percent were staying home.

Black Friday wee…

Marketing Day: November 25, 2013

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the Web.
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Google Places For Business Rolls Out Review Inbox, Listing Customer Ratings & Reviews All In One Place

According to today’s post on the Google and Your Business blog, Google Places for Business is rolling out a new Review feature. Now, businesses with a verified listing can see their customer ratings and reviews all in one place with the new Review Inbox that has been added to the Places for Business dashboard. Google says […]

Infographic: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping Stats

The holiday shopping season is about to kick-off once again with “Black Friday,” the busy shopping day after Thanksgiving in the US. Meanwhile, “Cyber Monday,” which follows Black Friday, continues strong. Will 2013 break records set in 2012? That seems likely. Below are stats about both days, compiled into an infographic by the folks at […]

Confirmed: Kati…

| Robots Welcome in Japan | Mediaspend Up Everywhere | FDA Tells Google Founder's Wife to Quit Marketing Gene Tests

Search: The startup firm of Anne Wojcicki, separated spouse of Google founder Sergey Brin, was told by the FDA to stop marketing its main product, a testing system for personal genetic material to indicate potential health vulnerabilities. The action bodes ill for a large potential medical category of online direct marketing spend. The firm, 23andMe, was [...]

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