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GoldieBlox Offers To Withdraw Lawsuit Over “Girls” Video In A Fan Letter To The Beastie Boys

The GoldieBlox legal battle against the Beastie Boys over the band’s song “Girls” may be nearing an end. Today, the toy company responded to the Beastie Boys open letter published in the New York Times on Monday about the toy company using a parody of the band’s song “Girls” in a GoldieBlox video ad.
In a post titled “Our Letter to the Beastie Boys” posted on the GoldieBlox blog, the toy company says it has removed its parody of the song from the GoldieBlox video, and is willing to stop the lawsuit as long as the Beastie Boys halt any legal threats.
The conflict started after a video ad by GoldieBlox using a reworked version of the Beastie Boys’ song “Girls” went viral with more than 8.6 million views since it was posted on November 17. GoldieBlox had never received approval from the Beasties Boys to use the song, and last week, a Beastie Boys representative reached out to the toy company in a private letter asking why the song had been used without the band’s permission.
According to th…

Infographic: Facebook Advertising Overview

It’s the day before Thanksgiving. We need to eat light to prepare for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving gluttony.
That’s why we are going lite today with this infographic from Wishpond. Enjoy

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MAXCDN Discount : Hot Deals For Black Friday To Cyber Monday

I have already shared a detailed article about content delivery network and how it works. With the more need of speed, CDN comes out to be one of the best solution for every blogger and webmaster to speed up their site. I have shared a detailed article on setting up MAXCDN with Super cache plugin, and today I have a special MaxCDN discount to share with you. Like other deals on this Black Friday, MAXCDN […]
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If You Think Twitter Improved Age Screening for Alcohol Advertisers You Might Be Drunk

OK, I have never known Marketing Pilgrim readers to be bashful so if I am missing something obvious here please tell me.
According to Twitter they have ‘improved’ their system for age verification for alcohol advertisers trying to keep underage folks away from their messaging. The process looks like this.

Ummm…….couldn’t someone simply put in a birthdate that makes them ‘legal’ and the associated alcoholic beverage advertiser would be none the wiser? Is Twitter depending on the honor system? And this was an ‘improvement’ over the old way? What did that ‘old way’ consist of, the question “Are you of legal drinking age?’ (please say no, please!)
Twitter seriously wrote this in their post:

Our hope is that this approach to age-screening will enable alcohol brands to responsibly and safely connect with the right audience on Twitter.

Help me here. Am I missing something?

via Marketing Pilgrim - Internet News and Opinion Becomes One Of The First Indian Ecommerce Companies To Turn Profitable!

Ecommerce sector in India has been buzzing over past couple of years, especially due to sizeable VC money flowing into this sector. Companies like Flipkart are boasting of valuations upwards USD 1 Billion based on their recent funding rounds.
However, nearly all these funded ecommerce companies are burning cash and none of them are profitable. They are burning VC money to gain new customers and market share.
In this scenario, a niche Indian online marketplace –, is showing that e-commerce is not about just burning cash. They are probably the only ecommerce company in India to turn profitable in less than 2 years from launch.
Incorporated in 2011, is a niche marketplace that sells Handmade, Vintage, Ethnic, Organic and Natural products from India. In Oct 2011, they raised undisclosed amount of seed funding from Nexus Venture Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

In 2 years time, this niche marketplace has turned profitable. They reported a PAT profitabil…

TRAI Brings Rs. 1.50 Tariff Ceiling For USSD Based Mobile Banking Service

Mobile phones are increasingly playing an important role in imparting Banking services to Indians. Given the penetration of mobile phones in rural areas, mobile banking is playing an important role in bringing financial inclusion to millions of Indians in rural areas, which was not possible previously.
In April of 2010, Government of India approved a framework for “Delivery of basic financial services using mobile phones”, which put forth opening of a no-frills banking accounts that performed 5 basic transactions – cash deposit, cash withdrawal, balance enquiry, money transfer from one mobile linked account to another and money transfer from mobile linked account to a regular bank account.

One of the mandate of this process was to ensure that these banking services be provided at reasonable charges to customers, for which TRAI has initiated comprehensive consultation process last year.
Based on the comments from stakeholder and analysis of inputs, TRAI came up with the following:
1) The t…

RBI To Banks: Use Aadhaar Biometric Authentication With Cards At Point Of Sale

Reserve Bank of India is making life tough for Indian banks, especially the ones who issue credit cards to customers. According to a new notification, RBI has told banks that the bank credit card swipe machines will need to have biometric scanners that will support Aadhar biometric authentication.
Yes, India does have serious issues in regards to frauds that keep surfacing when it comes to national and international credit card transactions. Few months back, RBI has been coming up with various initiatives to curb these frauds, including putting a limit on international daily transactions and introducing “Chip & Pin” type of card payment authentication.

However, making biometric authentication mandatory for payments is taking it bit too far. For this, Banks will not only have to overhaul their card swipe machines, but also their backend Infrastructure to support biometric authentication.
Issues With Implementing Biometric Authentication
Apart from overhauling the swiping machines at Po…

OfficeChat: The New Private Messenger Mobile App For Your Business!

Mixing work and pleasure can prove to be disastrous sometimes, as I discovered last month. I had asked my boss for a leave in the middle of a week, as my ‘aunt was not well and needed immediate medical attention’. Things were going on fine, until evening, when my boss received a picture of mine partying hard inside a disc. He was added to my ‘Share a Pic’ group in WhatsApp, and while sharing the picture, I completely forgot that.
Problems of the technological world…
The more we use instant messenger apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat and Line, it is becomes extremely tough to avoid such crucial and sometimes grave mistakes. Segregating your friends, family and colleagues inside a messenger app is the most pressing issue right now, and thankfully, we have a solution here: Office Chat.

Imagine an instant messenger, which can only be used by your office colleagues (and your boss). You can share documents, images, videos, save chat history for ever, get delivery notifications and more all withi…

A Compelling Guide To Convert Readers Into Clients On Your Blog

[Image credit Fran Simo - Flickr] Strategy is the most important concept that online business owners overlook. They focus on their website design. They focus on their products and services. They focus on everything in the world like the color of the opt-in button or the font size of their footer. However, they tend to forget about strategy. KNOW WHY YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL. One of the most hilarious movies “The Wedding crashers” is a […]
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Display Channel Thanks

Politics and history aside, Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday, and not just because of the football! True, we shouldn’t need Hallmark, Butterball, and 30 days of Facebook statuses to remind us that it is time to recognize and express our gratitude – but honestly, we don’t do enough of that.
Next week, many of us will eat too much, shop too much, perhaps even watch too much football . . . but we will also give thanks for the gifts in our life – our families and friends, our health and happiness, our businesses and income . . . which brings me to the reasons to be thankful for the display advertising channel.
Thanks for growing

The phenomenal growth of the display channel is reason for celebration. An 18% growth rate is amazing. Imagine if you got those kinds of returns this year on your savings account! Have your display returns grown by 18% or more this year? Is your business ready for another double-digit growth year?
I think this is a good opportunity to thank our friend (and, in some…

Marketing Day: November 26, 2013

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the Web.
From Marketing Land:

Microsoft’s Scroogled Campaign Hits New Low, Uses “Pawn Stars” Guys To Attack Chromebooks

“Wow. How sad.” That was my reaction to watching the latest in Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign against Google, this time using two of the stars from Pawn Stars to attack Chromebooks as not “real laptops” and part of Google’s overall plan to “Scroogle” people. I’m struggling to understand how the geniuses behind the Scroogled campaign thought […]

Google Updates YouTube Comments To Address Spam Issues, But Stays Silent On Google+ Integration Backlash

Yesterday on the YouTube Creator Blog, Google announced updates to “Combat the increase in spammy comments” on YouTube. According to the blog post, Google has updated its system to include, “Better recognition of bad links and impersonation attempts, improved ASCII art detection, and changed how long comments …

YouTube Responds to Comment Backlash By Improving the Bob Filter

When YouTube switched the entire site over to the Google+ based comment system, I’m sure they thought they were doing what was best for everyone. Or, they didn’t care and they just wanted to increase traffic to Google+ for all sorts of financial reasons.
No, that can’t be it. A site that depends on the continued presence of content providers and users would never put financial gain in front of user satisfaction. . . would they?
Either way, they made the change and the Bob Army arrived – guns a blazing.
The new comment system forces people to be themselves in a world where people want to be anything but. And I’m not talking about people who want to fake a name for nefarious reasons. YouTube is a creative society where a lonely teen can be the popular kid with a rockin’ name and cool avatar. I know plenty of TV fans who create videos that they want to share only with their fannish friends not their co-workers and family members. Nothing wrong with that. But strangely, YouTube either doesn’…

Beastie Boys Fight For Their Right – But Maybe The GoldieBlox “Girls” Parody Video Is Legal?

Last week, toy company GoldieBlox released its “Goldieblox, Rube Goldberg & Beastie Boys Princess Machine” YouTube video, an ad set to the music of the Beastie’s Boys song Girls with reworked lyrics. The video’s positive message to empower girls resulted in the ad going viral, generating more than 8.6 million views.
The only problem is GoldieBlox never received approval from Beastie Boys to use the band’s music.
According to a New York Times report yesterday, GoldieBlox filed a suit against the Beastie Boys to deflect a copyright infringement lawsuit, claiming its version of the song is a parody video made specifically, “To comment on the Beastie Boys song, and to further the company’s goal to break down gender stereotypes.”
In response to the GoldieBlox lawsuit, the Beastie Boys released an open letter arguing that the GoldieBlox video is, in fact, an advertisement and the use of song goes against the band’s longstanding position not to let their music be used for commercial purpose…