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India May Soon Have 911 Type Single Emergency Number

If you have watched any Hollywood movie, I am sure you will know about 911 emergency number. If not, read more about it here.
Now, similar to US, a single national emergency calling number may soon become a reality in India. An An inter-ministerial panel headed by top home ministry officials have been mandated to finalize the roadmap of a single emergency services number in six weeks, according to the minutes of a confidential interior ministry meeting seen by ET.

With so many unfortunate incidents like accidents and rapes happening across, an emergency number like this is the need of the hour. Though we may be decades late in implementing this, it has come at the right time as we are busy launching 3G and 4G services across India and smartphone penetration increasing day by day.
Once the proposed system goes live, anyone in an emergency situation will be able to access an ambulance, a fire fighter or a policeman by dialing a single number likely to be short and easy to remember. The sys…

Target To Tap Indian Startup Ideas; Launches India Accelerator Program

Such is the intensity of Indian startup scene right now, that no one wants to be left behind. Western capitalists and huge corporations are now making a beeline inside India, as they strongly believe that India is the Next Destination.
Techcrunch says that Target, the American retail giant worth $48 billion with 1800 stores all over US and Canada has decided to start India Accelerator Program, which will incubate 2 to 3 ideas every year. It is being speculated that this accelerator program will be headquartered in Bangalore and would start from January, 2014.

Code named as Target Accelerator Program, it will be a fully corporate style incubator, which would be flushed with funds. The report says that accepted start-ups can get upto $30,000 as funding with “possible equity shares” as well.
Beth Jacob, Target’s global CIO has confirmed this news via email. This program would be managed and run by Lalit Ahuja, who is a veteran when it comes to Technological startups and ideas. He runs his o…

New Companies Act 2013: Should Indian Corporates Disclose Their Political Donations?

The business of politics and the politics of business: both are dangerous combinations which can potentially destroy the economy of a country, and plunge in to darkness. Law enforcing agencies should ensure that both business and politics remain separated so that both can function without any corruption.
But sadly, this seems like a fiction story in India right now.
It has been confirmed that Indian corporate sector does not want to reveal its political donations. As the rules and regulations of new Companies Act 2013 are being formed right now, CII or Confederation of Indian Industry has written to Ministry of Corporate Affairs to amend a particular clause which will help them to keep this information as secret.
Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is a very powerful lobby of Indian corporate sector, with 7000 direct members and more than 90,000 indirect members from all over India. And when CII makes a request to the government, it is bound to get noticed. Chandrajit Bannerjee, direc…

Happy Thanksgiving from Marketing Pilgrim

This is one of our favorite holidays here at Marketing Pilgrim for obvious reasons.
We want to wish you all a safe and blessed Thanksgiving.

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Digital Agencies 2014: A Buyer’s Guide – Updated Second Edition Just Released

Selecting a digital agency is a critical business decision that can be difficult, regardless of how big or small your company may be. Finding the right ‘fit’ means evaluating the agency’s services, technology, and personnel. It also means identifying what type of agency you want to consider in the first place.
Our sister site, Digital Marketing Depot can help in the evaluation process, with its updated second edition of Digital Advertising Agencies 2014: A Buyer’s Guide.
The report draws on primary and secondary research sources to provide an overview of the agency landscape, including recent trends in pricing, mergers and acquisitions, and types of agencies and services offered.
At $11.6 billion, digital services grew to 32.5% of overall agency revenues in 2012, according to Ad Age.
Digital Agencies Come In All Shapes And Sizes
Digital agencies are as varied as the needs of advertisers that hire them. This report breaks down the types of agencies, including holding companies, full-servic…

Marketing Day: November 27, 2013

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the Web.
From Marketing Land:

Holiday Retail Ecommerce Sales Set To Hit $61.8 Billion In 2013 [Report]

This holiday season, the retail sector is on track to rake in $61.8 billion in ecommerce sales, a 15 percent increase over 2012, according to eMarketer’s latest estimates. Sales in November and December will account for 23.5 percent of all US retail ecommerce sales this year, on par with last year’s share. Overall, retail ecommerce […]

Apple Has Twice The Global “Ad Impression Share” Of Android

Despite Android’s global domination, it falls well short of that mark in terms of delivering mobile ad impressions. That’s according to a third-quarter “Global AdMetrics” report from mobile DSP and ad buying platform Adfonic. Adfonic said that in Q3, on a global basis, Android and Apple devices combined for 95 percent of all ad impressions. In […]

WATCH: The New GoldieBlox “Prince…

Tablets Rule Books and Travel, Smartphones Take the Rest

I’m unnaturally attached to my iPad. It’s a tough thing to put into writing but it’s true. I came to the realization this past weekend. I went to Los Angeles (a 2-hour drive) to attend the Supernatural convention with a friend. I stayed over one night at the hotel – and when I say night, I mean I got to my room at 10 pm and left before 10 am. So, I had about 3 hours of awake time. I knew this going in but I still brought my iPad. I didn’t want to because I wasn’t comfortable leaving it in the room all day while I was enjoying the con, but I actually felt anxious at the thought of leaving it at home.
What if I needed it to get to sleep. (I have all kinds of tranquil apps for that.) What if I needed to check my email? What if I was bored for those three hours! What would I do without my iPad! What I didn’t think about was the lack of WiFi in the hotel ($12 for 24 hours which I wasn’t about to pay.) No Netflix. No YouTube. No email. No web surfing. I ended up playing two rounds of Bejewel…

Holiday Retail Ecommerce Sales Set To Hit $61.8 Billion In 2013 [Report]

This holiday season, the retail sector is on track to rake in $61.8 billion in ecommerce sales, a 15 percent increase over 2012, according to eMarketer’s latest estimates. Sales in November and December will account for 23.5 percent of all US retail ecommerce sales this year, on par with last year’s share.
Overall, retail ecommerce sales are expected to hit $262.2 billion for the year, an increase of 16.4 percent from 2012.

Digital ad spend in the retail vertical is projected to increase 15.7 percent over 2012 to $9.5 billion in 2013. Growth is expected to slow in the coming years as the as the overall market grows faster than retail.

eMarketer’s research shows the adoption of mobile advertising is helping to fuel growth in retail spend this year, particularly mobile search advertising as well as mobile display opportunities that offer strong targeting capabilities such as Facebook and Twitter.

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Andriod Sells Lots of Devices; Users MIA | Google Robofication Ad Absurdum: Taking Humans out of Social Media | Google Accused of Poaching Adwords Clients

Search: Google sometimes incents its account executives to push certain technologies, and occasionally to even suggest to advertising customers that they drop agency relationships to spend more of their marketing budgets directly on media. Recent reports suggest there may be a new rash of such grabby behavior. Google, long know for taking humans out of the [...]

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