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Advertorial Native Ads To Receive Closer FTC Scrutiny

At one time the mixing of editorial and advertising content was an unthinkable breach of journalistic ethics. Now it’s the hottest online advertising trend: Native Ads.
Native Ads don’t violate US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules against “deceptive advertising” when they’re identified as sponsored content. However the question is whether publisher websites are sufficiently calling out Native Ads as ads.
According to the Wall Street Journal, the FTC is hosting a “workshop” on advertorial content this week called “Blurred Lines: Advertising or Content?” to discuss whether publishers and advertisers are sufficiently identifying Native Ads a sponsored to prevent consumer confusion.
The current FTC rules for digital advertising disclosures require ads to be identified in a “clear and conspicuous” way.
While the WSJ says this workshop doesn’t coincide with the opening of a formal investigation, it’s the start of a process that will undoubtedly result in more specific rules about acceptable …

Enhance Your Internet Marketing Skills at an SMX West Workshop – Best Rates Available Now

SMX West workshops deliver the insights and tactics you need to overcome challenges and make your marketing efforts shine. Attend one of six comprehensive workshops held on March 10, just before SMX West on March 11-13.
Workshops provide:

- comprehensive instruction on topics essential to internet marketing success;

- in an intimate learning environment with a small group of your peers;

- with access to expert presenters, each a rock star in his/her field.
Choose from:
Bruce Clay SEO Training: Constant changes to algorithms, search features and spam detection keep you on your toes and your rankings in flux. Learn techniques that will help you improve your site and rankings from leading SEO expert Bruce Clay.
Advanced AdWords Training: Boost your PPC campaigns with this full day of AdWords best practices and advanced strategies. We’ll give you step-by-step instructions to increase your Quality Score, learn how to sync your ad copy with both your keywords and buying cycle stages, and plenty mo…

Behavior Flow: Better Insights, Better Marketing

While there are thousands of different pieces of data available in Google Analytics, unfortunately there aren’t thousands of hours in each month for us to slice and dice this data into something useful. Our time limits mean actionable data need to be right at our fingertips — not always easy with a program that grows more robust as time passes.
So how do we solve the problems we face? Is traffic not engaging with your website? Are particular channels not impressed with what you’re offering? Do you even know how to tell if those channels are performing well?
Help is here! Behavior Flow was a previously buried, and fairly difficult to navigate, section of Google Analytics that created a pretty chart, with lots of colors and squiggly lines, but not much readily-available, actionable content. This has changed significantly in the recent past — and it is now quite easy to address the behavior of certain segments of visitors and their behavior on your website.
It’s time to stop blaming the cha…

Bluehost Hosting Cyber Monday $0.99/Mo Offer Is Live [Grab Now]

Of all the Black Friday and Cyber monday offers, I found Bluehost Cyber monday deal to be super sweet. Bluehost is one of the premium hosting company and known for their top-notch hosting quality. Unlike other hosting company they have only one shared hosting package, which is feature rich like unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, cPanel hosting and many more. Over all, to run a WordPress, Drupal site Bluehost hosting is one of the best shared […]
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Amazon Prime Air : Drones Future of E-Comm Home Delivery

Of all the tech companies around the globe, I love Amazon to the most. It’s not because this company reaches out the masses or because it has maximum number of warehouses (96 in total in 2013), which they call as Amazon fulfilment centre. but it’s because this company is one of the most customer centric company. More over, what not to love about a company, when you know the Founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos used […]
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Get To Know: AARP’s Vice President Of Social Strategy

Tammy Gordon is the Vice President of Social Communications for AARP.
Since formally launching the department in 2010, she has expanded the team to nine full-time strategists and trained hundreds of staff and volunteers across the country. During her time with AARP, Gordon has cultivated a social network audience that includes more than two million, with a reach of more than one billion annually.
This September, Gordon launched the AARP YouTube series “Takeis Take” starring Internet sensation and former Star Trek cast member George Takei. The first show featuring Takei offering his take on Google Glass was a huge hit, earning more than 24,000 subscribers on its first day.
Fans can follow Tammy’s team via #AARPsocial or the AARP Social Tumblr blog.

Tammy Gordon
Vice President, Social Strategy @ AARP

Age: 41
HQ: Washington, DC
Apple or Android? Apple

First Job: Outback Steakhouse Hostess
Favorite Band: Bob Schneider
First Car: Nissan Pulsar

What mobile device can you not live without?
iPhone – whate…

Should All Movies Promote Like ‘Anchorman 2′ Has?

If you are not aware of the impending release of Will Ferrel’s ‘Anchorman 2″ then you probably aren’t reading this post becasue it would mean that you are off the grid. In other words, promotions for this movie are all over the freakin’ place.
This will be a case study in how to (or maybe how not to?) promote a movie but it will not likely be anything that other movies could get away with in the future. Why? This fits Will Ferrell perfectly but would it fit Leonardo DiCaprio? Doubt it.
Here is one of the extremes that the marketers of this movie have gone to as Ron Burgandy shows up as the real anchorman of a local newscast in Bismarck, ND this weekend. Just the fact that this was done in Bismarck is funny enough for me.
Stay classy, Pilgrims.

KXNet - Bismarck/Minot/Williston/Dickinson

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“Vast majority of users” Can Now Use

We are now turning another page in one of the most laughable website rollouts of this relatively young Internet era.
There is no need to run through the timeline of this historic face plant of a website introduction that is Enough has been said already by far too many.
But in the spirit of being up-to-date, the line about the site’s new found functionality is one that could only be produced by bureaucrats and those who play politics for a living rather than a calling. (Easy there folks, this includes pols on both sides of the aisle so don’t get your knickers in a twist).
The update and current state of affairs on was announced yesterday in a report from the Department of Health and Human Services (PDF). It reads, as reported by cnet

The Obama administration announced Sunday it had met its deadline for improving after myriad technical issues plagued the launch of the government-run online health insurance marketplace.
After hundreds of software …

Cyber Monday 2013: Best tablet deals

The hysteria of Black Friday is past us now, which means the orgy of Cyber Monday is fast approaching. As you probably know already, tablets will be a particularly hot seller this holiday season, so let’s take a look at how online retailers will be discounting them for one of their biggest days of the […]
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Meet The Indian Who Can Be Next Microsoft CEO

Ever since Steve Ballmer announced that he will retire from Microsoft after serving the company for 33 long years, there has been intense speculation over the next CEO of the company. And now, rumors are ripe that the choice has narrowed down to three persons, one among them is an Indian named Satya Nadella.
Who Is Satya?
Satya Nadella is currently serving Microsoft as Executive Vice President of Cloud and Enterprise Group. He is responsible for building and running Microsoft’s Cloud Platform, its developer’s tools and cloud based services.

Previously, he managed the Server and Tools Business with a turnover of $19 billion, and led the transformation from client-server model to Cloud Technology. He also served as Senior Vice President of Research and Development at Microsoft’s Online Services division, more popularly known as the person responsible for search and advertisement technology.
Before joining Microsoft in 1992, he worked with Sun Microsystems.
His educational qualifications are …

Why Google launches portal to track elections in India

Google announced the launch of an elections portal as a one non-stop destination to provide updates on election campaigns, news and information related to polls across states. This election portal seeks to assist voters in India to understand the electoral process, get access to all the news related to elections and politics, get detailed […]
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Google New Feature Talk to Chrome

Google announced the Google Voice Search Hotword extension for Chrome on desktops and laptops. Google bring its “OK Google” feature to the desktop, Tuesday, on The Voice Search works similar to the one on smartphone, by saying “OK, Google” followed by the search term. You can download the new tool, currently in beta, now […]
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The A to Z Of Bitcoins

All of you following would have surely come across the news that Bitcoin has hit $1,000 for the first time. From $1 in November 2012 to more than $1000 in November 2013, so surely it has some curiosity quotient.
So wondering what a Bitcoin is and whether there are more virtual currencies like these? Let’s get enlightened on this subject. Read on…
What is a Bitcoin?
It is an experimental payment network and a digital currency (not like your debit/credit card) that is created and exchanged independently of any government or bank (means free from financial crisis, depressions and slowdowns). It is a peer-to-peer currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Peer-to-peer means that no central authority issues new money or tracks transactions. These tasks are managed collectively by the network.
The currency is generated through a computer program and can be converted into cash after being deposited into virtual wallets. A cryptocurrency to be precise. In som…

Hostgator Cyber Monday Discount Coupon 2013

Back in 2005 when released a Press release entitled “Cyber Monday” no one ever imagined that this day will become a big day in the history of shopping. Anyways, now it is and before I share Hostgator Cyber Monday discount coupon let me give you a brief idea about this hostgator cyber Monday 2013 deal. Hostgator hosting is one of the most recommended webhost and I have been running many of my blogs under […]
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