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Facebook Focuses on Quality Which Means Fewer Memes

Facebook users are going to find more quality content surfacing in their news feeds as a result of an algorithm change.
The social media giant is hearing what its users want more and less of which means high quality content may trump memes in the future.
Can I get an AMEN?!
An update in Facebook’s Newsroom tells us

Why are we doing this? Our surveys show that on average people prefer links to high quality articles about current events, their favorite sports team or shared interests, to the latest meme. Starting soon, we’ll be doing a better job of distinguishing between a high quality article on a website versus a meme photo hosted somewhere other than Facebook when people click on those stories on mobile. This means that high quality articles you or others read may show up a bit more prominently in your News Feed, and meme photos may show up a bit less prominently.

Another change is the resurfacing of news stories that have been commented on.

While trying to show more articles people want …

WalletAssist – Protection Against Almost All Kinds Of Credit/Debit Card Frauds

Recently RBI made it mandatory to enter one’s pin numbers in all POS (point-of-sale) terminals at merchant partners. So those who never remembered their pin numbers had to memorize it. Do you know why? To prevent frauds…
Think that it won’t happen to you? You never know as this might happen – losing our wallets. Be it in the crowded Mumbai local or the air-conditioned Delhi metro, we are always finicky about our prized possession as it would contain our credit and debit cards (multiples of them), PAN cards, license, apart from the hard cash of course! Now, there seems to be some respite against such fraud incidents and wallet thefts, thanks to a company called OneAssist.

OneAssist Consumer Solutions, the Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners funded company, has announced launch of the new WalletAssist, a unique protection plan which provides cover against any kind of fraud on your credit and debit cards.
It also includes cover against skimming, phishing, counterfeit cards and e…

A Complete Guide to Install XenForo Forum Software

As I mentioned above about integrating Forum with your WordPress blog, that I will be using a Stand-alone forum software to add a forum to ShoutMeLoud. Recently, I installed vBulletin V4 forum on ShoutMeLoud Sub-domain, but after using it for a while, It failed to impress me. More over, vBulletin is getting bad critics, and Xenforo comes out as a better alternative. So I dropped the idea of having vBulletin forum on Sub-domain, and decided […]
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Betaout Launches Amplify Connect, A Free Tool To Engage With Your Website Visitors

Betaout, Shimla based startup who are focused on creating solutions for web publishers have come out with a new product called Amplify Connect.
Simply put, Amplify Connect is a widget created for online businesses and website owners, to interact and engage with their online visitors.
It differs from the regular chat and feedback widgets that you see on the web. The core of Amplify connect is to present the human face behind the website brand. In traditional chat widgets, you can leave a feedback or even have a online chat, without really knowing who is on the other side. But with Amplify connect, website visitors can actually see the name and avatar of people and choose to have a conversation with whom they want.

How Amplify Connect can help?
Bi-directional User Feedback: Feedback widgets, Contact Us forms etc are seen by web visitors as one-way conversations. Users after filling up a form are not even sure if they will receive a reply. But with Amplify Connect these feedbacks are turned …

Tumblr Adds Mobile Ad Product

Brands will now be able to buy their way into the view of mobile users who are looking for the latest in trending blogs on Yahoo’s Tumblr.
cnet reports

Monday, the Yahoo-owned blogging platform soft launched a new ad unit called “Sponsored Trending Blogs” that pushes advertisers’ Tumblr blogs in front of people checking out the Explore tab in the Tumblr for iOS and Android application. The unit marks Tumblr’s fifth ad product and its second tailored just for mobile.

Tumblr is taking a swing at a form of native advertising with this offering.

The new ads are native to Explore, meaning they take on the exact look and feel of other trending blogs featured in the mobile feed. The only difference is a subtle dollar sign icon denoting that the featured blog is promoted by an advertiser.

While this looks like something that brands would get excited about the only issue I see is that the ‘subtle dollar sign’ is just that: subtle. We are getting dangerously close to where advertising and content ar…

Apple Breaks Tradition; Introduces iPad Air In India From December 7th, 2013

Breaking the tradition, Apple has decided to introduce iPad Air in India sooner than expected. The sleek device which was launched on November 1, 2013 in USA would be available for Indian buyers starting December 7, 2013.
Ingram Micro, which is one of the official distribution partners of Apple products inside India announced this news to via email. 16 GB version of iPad Air would be priced at Rs 35,900, which would come in silver or space grey colour. This model would be supported by WiFi as well.

Compared to 4th generation iPad series, iPad Air is 20% thinner and 28% lighter; its border is remarkably narrower; making the content appear smooth and sleek. iPad Air features stunning 9.7 inch Retina display which has been hailed as the ultimate in display technology. Creators of iPad Air have used precision engineering to make the device weigh just 453 grams!
iPad Air would be supported by the latest iOS 7 operating system and 64 bit Apple A7 processor along with M7 co-processor wi…

4 Visa Options for Indian Startups To Enter USA

USA is the ‘promised land’ when it comes to entrepreneurship; no other country supports and encourages these rare breeds more than USA. Between 1996 and 2004, there were 550,000 small businesses and startups which started in USA every month. There are reportedly more than 17 million sole-proprietorships in USA alone, and around 22 million small businesses (employees less than 500), which is just mind blowing data for any entrepreneur looking forward to open a business.
Under these circumstances, it makes sense to start a new venture, in a place where it is being appreciated and chances of success zooms ahead.

Here are 5 visa options, which any Indian startup can utilize to enter USA and make it really big:
B-1 Visa: This type of visa is granted by US government to encourage entrepreneurs to visit USA and do business. It is a temporary visa, which can be extended upto 10 years. A person who enters USA using this visa cannot work for anyone else and can have a maximum stay limit of upto 6 …

Increase Your Online Influence Through Guest Blogging [Infographic]

If you are looking for a way to increase your own online influence and reputation, guest blogging could be the way to go. Before you get started, there are some things to consider when it comes to guest blogging. If you don’t enjoy writing just for the sake of writing, the pros of guest blogging […]
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How to avoid the duplicate content

Article marketing has become one of the most popular marketing channels for web marketers. It is in fact, one of the most effective ways to get more people to visit your website. Article marketing is nowadays used a long side social medias like Twitter and Facebook to ‘scream’ about certain products, goods or services. Despite […]
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Black Friday Breaks Online Record (Yawn); Media Spend Spikes to Mobile (Yikes) | Kenshoo: Pairing Social Ads with Search Ads Boosts Both

eCommerce: The sun came up, the Earth continued to spin, and Black Friday shopping set another online sales record, as though anyone expected otherwise. More interesting was the breakdown in media spend, with search growing 27 percent and mobile rocketing to 40 percent of spending. Social: Kenshoo studied what happens when you combine social advertising with search advertising, and [...]

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