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Facebook Most Used Mobile App, Google App 10th

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) has released US-based survey data about most frequently used mobile apps and top app publishers. Consistent with comScore data CIRP found that Facebook was the leading and most frequently used mobile app.
The firm asked mobile users to identify their “three most frequently used [mobile phone] apps.” Facebook had four times the usage of the next app on the list, which was Twitter. That Twitter ranked so highly is something of a surprise, as are the relatively low rankings of Google (search) and Google Maps.

An important caveat: these data speak to frequency, not reach. However comScore and Nielsen have both crowned Facebook the top mobile app overall. Google and Google Maps are likely on more handsets than Twitter. However the latter is used more often, as are Gmail and Chrome.
Below are the “top app producers,” based on this usage-frequency analysis, with the most “significant presence” on US smartphones.

One of the obvious things these surve…

Tumblr Ads Not Yet Gaining Purchase | Android Phoners Disdain eCommerce | French Firm Hopes for Cookie Renaissance

Social: An anecdotal set of accounts shows Tumblr ads might not be mature enough to interest the agencies that keep the big budgets. Targeting options will presumably be stripped in at a later date. As with other social media entities that evolved from a "Why should we need to generate revenue now?" attitude to the inevitable [...]

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Burger King’s 64 YouTube Ads Turn Pre-Roll On Its Head With A Laugh

Brands love YouTube pre-roll ads for reaching target audiences at scale. The young males Burger King wants to reach, however, hate those ads. So, Colenso BBDO and Burger King chose to make 64 highly customized ads written for each type of video favored by the young male demo Burger King wants to reach — comedy, sports, music videos, movie trailers and more — that show off the burger chain’s empathy and sense of humor.
The ads directly acknowledge how annoying they are. Two young guys sit around a Burger King table and lament the fact that the male viewer is stuck watching an ad when all he really wants to do is watch a “graphic animal attack,” “screaming goats”, “Jimmy Fallon clip”, “music video” or one of the other 64 types of videos.
The ads close with one of the guys flicking his hands at an offer graphic saying, “Stupid incredible deal”. It may be one BK’s audience will find hard to resist.
Click here to view the embedded video.
Hat tip: LBBOnline

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Funding Digest: Flatpebble, MeritNation, Eventifier, Portea Medical Raise Funding

Portea Medical Raises Rs. 48 crore funding from Accel Partners and Ventureast
Bangalore based Portea medical has raised Rs. 48 crore in series A funding, which is largest investment till date in a home healthcare company in India. Accel Partners and Ventureast participated in this round.
Portea Medical is brainchild of husband wife duo of K Ganesh and Meena Ganesh, serial entrepreneurs who recently sold their last venture, TutorVista to Pearson for USD 213 million.
Meena Ganesh, Co-founder and CEO at Portea said about the investment, “The funds will help us strengthen our offering even as we accelerate our expansion across India in the coming months, and continue to invest in advanced diagnostic and remote monitoring technology to support our clinicians as they deliver a range of in-home healthcare services,”
Mahendran Balachandran of Accel and Venkatadri Bobba of Ventureast will join the Portea Medical Board of Directors.
Info Edge Invests Rs. 10 Crore in Meritnation, ups the stake to 55.…

Marketing Technologists Are The Secret Weapon Of Conversion Optimization

I’ve been working in the conversion optimization space for over seven years. (My company offers a software platform for creating and testing app-like, conversion-oriented landing pages and microsites.)
While I am continually amazed by the innovative tactical ideas that people working in conversion optimization invent, regular readers of my column may note that I tend not to talk about them here. Instead, I gravitate toward broader concepts, such as agile marketing and developing a culture of testing (or both).
Because over the past seven years, with the benefit of seeing hundreds of companies engage in conversion optimization programs, I’ve come to believe that these broader concepts have greater impact on marketing’s performance than any one tactic, however brilliant it may be.
Marketing is changing around us, and to truly master it, we must change the structure and culture of our marketing teams.

Courtesy of

I know that’s not easy. Change is hard for us humans. And th…

Google Trends Improves Results

Google Trends has always been interesting and fun but it can be easy to question the results and their accuracy.
Google has taken steps to make the product better and more discerning. A post on the Inside Search blog from Google explains

You may have noticed it’s easy to get tripped up measuring the wrong thing using Google Trends. When you look up “rice,” are you measuring search interest in Rice University or the rice you eat? When you look up “Gwyneth Paltrow” how can you be sure you’re counting all the common misspellings? Starting today, you’ll find new topic reports to help you more easily measure search interest in the people, places and things you care about.

The example Google shows is interesting as they compare the terms Harvard and rice. As you might guess most people are not searching for rice the food if they are looking at comparing colleges. Rice University is a great school academically but it doesn’t get the same attention as Harvard. Rice the food however gets plenty o…

VIDEO: Boston Celtics’ Peter Stringer Keynotes SMX Social Media Marketing

Having millions of fans and followers on social media sounds like every marketer’s dream, but when you’re talking about a rabid group of sports fans that can turn against you when the team isn’t winning, it can be both a blessing and a curse.
That was one of the topics that I had the pleasure of discussing with Peter Stringer, the Boston Celtics’ Senior Director of Digital Media, at our SMX Social Media Marketing conference a couple weeks ago in Las Vegas.
The Celtics are one of the most storied franchises in any sport, and they’re also innovators on social media. But converting those millions of fans into customers is difficult when very few of them will ever buy game tickets or become a team advertiser. During our hour-long conversation, we talked about how the Celtics set and try to reach their conversion goals on social media, how they target certain types of content to different social channels and many more topics.
We also spoke about social media in a crisis situation: Stringer wa…

Google Looks for More of Your Company With Cloud Services

While Google’s IaaS (infrastructure as a service) offering going ‘live’ may not look like much of a marketing story it actually is.
First, understanding exactly what Google is doing with this new cloud offering might help with the context of this move.
PCWorld reports

After running the service in preview mode for over a year, Google is making its IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) Google Compute Engine (GCE) available as a full-fledged commercial service.
The company has established a service level agreement (SLA) where it guarantees GCE to be available 99.95 percent of the time. It has also cut prices and increased the number of options the service offers.
GCE “is a long-term strategic bet for the company,” said Brian Goldfarb, Google’s head of cloud platform marketing, adding that “we have an incredibly high bar for what general availability means.”

The marketing angle is that Google is finding yet another way to get their advertisers even more intertwined with the company so that there w…

NJ Added to List of States Where Job Applicants Protected from Password Demands

In the world of social media there is nothing if there is not at least the illusion that one has some level of privacy.
It’s an illusion because we all know that that our data is available to marketers in many shapes and sizes. Heck, most of you reading this post are the ones who are looking to acquire as much information about your potential customers that you possibly can. There is nothing wrong with that and no apologies are necessary. It’s the way of the world.
What is not cool though is the idea of someone or something, in this case a potential employer, demanding that you turn over your social media passwords to do some ‘digging’ into your activities so they deem whether you are worthy of being part of the team. Honestly, I would have to be pretty desperate to hand over that information because I would like to think that I would never work for an employer that would make that demand. I have over these many years learned to never say never though so forget I even mentioned it.
So my…

Report: Top 3 Video Ads Of 2013 Earned Nearly 50 Times More Shares Than Top Ads Of 2006

According to video marketing firm Unruly, the top three video ads of 2006 earned a combined 244,395 shares. This year, the company says Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches”, GEICO’s “Hump Day”, and Evian’s “Baby and Me” video ads have generated a total of 11.6 million shares, representing 47.5 times more shares than the top three ads in 2006.
“We’ve been tracking the most shared videos at Unruly – UGC and branded – since we launched the Unruly Viral Video Chart back in 2006,” said the company’s COO Sarah Wood, “Over that time, we’ve seen an explosion in both the number of videos brands are making and the volume of videos people are sharing.”
Unruly claims eight of the top 20 most shared ads of all time were released this year. The top ten ads of 2013 generated a total of 28.8 million shares, a 52.1 percent increase over the 19 million shares earned by the top ads in 2012.
With more than 5.5 million shares, the most shared video ad of all time is Volkswagen’s 2011 “The Force” Superbowl ad:

Click …

YouTube is down for some users across desktop, mobile, and apps

YouTube appears to be experiencing technical difficulties. The Google owned video service is showing a 500 Internal Server Error for many users, although it’s still not clear exactly how many are affected. We are seeing problems across both the desktop and mobile site, and the many YouTube apps out there are also having trouble loading […]
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Tata Docomo Brings Unlimited Whatsapp Usage At Rs.15

Whatsapp, one of the leading mobile messaging platforms in the world has partnered with India’s 5 largest telecom provider Tata Docomo.
In this new offering, Tata Docomo will be offering unlimited whatsapp usage to its subscribers at Rs. 15, but the validity for the same is for 15 days. So, roughly at the cost of Re 1 per day, Tata Docomo users can enjoy unlimited Whatsapp messaging.
Tata Docomo has also released a Television commercial on Youtube which announces the Whatsapp offering to its customer. The TVC has not yet been aired on national television.

Along with Whatsapp offering, Tata Docomo also has various pay per site plans that are focused on usage of single popular sites by users.
For example, Tata Docomo has “Mail Combo” pack for Rs. 25 per month with a limit of 500 mb, where users can use any webmail site till limit is reached. Similarly it has “Social Networking sites” combo, that will allow users to use any social networking site for Rs. 25 with a limit of 500mb of data. Sin…

Marketing Day: December 3, 2013

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

Record-Setting Cyber Monday: Sales Rise 18 Percent, Mobile Drove A Third Of Orders

The latest data from e-commerce reporting firm Custora Pulse shows this Cyber Monday was the biggest day in e-commerce history. Online sales rose 18 percent compared to Cyber Monday 2012. Mobile again showed its ascendency, with one in three purchases completed via phones and tablets on Monday. Both tablets and phones took order share away […]

Keeping The Holiday Drill In Check: How To Plan Rather Than React

It’s that time of year. Once again, we are awash in holiday projections — and with those projections come seasonally specific recommendations for marketers. This includes everything from capitalizing on mobile’s first true holiday to investing more in programmatic as that trend ramp steepens into 2014. Assuming you are more dexterous than you were this […]

Record-Setting Cyber Monday: Sales Rise 18 Percent, Mobile Drove A Third Of Orders

The latest data from e-commerce reporting firm Custora Pulse shows this Cyber Monday was the biggest day in e-commerce history. Online sales rose 18 percent compared to Cyber Monday 2012.
Mobile again showed its ascendency, with one in three purchases completed via phones and tablets on Monday. Both tablets and phones took order share away from desktops/laptops this year. According to Custora’s data, phones drove 18 percent of orders in 2013, compared to 13 percent in 2013. Tablet share of orders increased to 11 percent, up from 8 percent in 2012.

Cyber Monday’s record results follow strong ecommerce performance on Black Friday. Not only were orders up, conversion rates were also higher on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year compared to last year. Conversion rates for online commerce rose from 3.5 percent last year to 3.8 percent on Cyber Monday 2013. Black Friday saw conversion rates rise from 2.9 percent in 2012 to 3.2 percent this year.
E-commerce Conversion Rate

Apple devices…

IAB: 'Native' Ad Standards Must be Tailored | Visibility an Issue, but Better Online than Offline | Tremor Accused of Duping Investors

'Native' Advertising: The IAB is trying to head off the FTC's efforts to discourage advertorial posing as "native advertising" by publishing its own advice on standards. The IAB is suggesting that there are discrete types of native advertising, each of which would demand slightly different forms of guidelines. Media: Ben Kunz points out that while about three quarters [...]

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