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How to add Adsense inside Blogger Posts?

If you are wondering how to place adsense code inside your post then you have landed at a right page,in this post we will help you place your adsense code inside your post which will help you gain more revenue from your ads , this is one of the most effective methods of increasing your […]
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How to Disable Remove Last Seen Time in Whatsapp

If you are wondering how to disable or remove last seen time in Whatsapp ? Then you have landed on a right page, this post is about how to hide last seen time stamp in Whatsapp. I am going to share a method you need not download any extra app just in order to hide […]
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Listen Up Email Marketers: With 38% More Email Opens, Black Friday “Officially” Your Biggest Day Of The Year

Email marketing firm Movable Ink has released new data around this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday email consumption, revealing 38 percent more email opens occurred on Black Friday compared to Cyber Monday’s email open rates.
According to a post on the company’s blog, “With competition for consumers’ attention – and wallets – fiercer than ever, brands started their holiday email marketing programs early.” Movable Ink said the total volume of emails it sent between Black Friday and Cyber Monday was up “a whopping” 3,085 percent year-over-year.
In addition to email open rates, Movable Ink’s data showed 59.9 percent of marketing emails sent on Thanksgiving Day were opened on smartphones (presumably by consumers avoiding awkward family conversation and recovering from food comas).
At 57.5 percent, Black Friday followed Thanksgiving as the second biggest day for smartphone email open rates. The average marketing email open rate on smartphones for Q3 was 45.5 percent, says Movable Ink.
On …

Cyber Monday On FBX: YoY Conversion Rates Up 34 Percent, CTR Nearly Doubles

Cyber Monday’s performance on Facebook Exchange (FBX) sure looked a lot different from a year ago when Facebook’s retargeting platform ushered in its first holiday season. FBX partner Triggit released year-over-year data showing performance increases across the board for its advertiser set.
In 2012, most advertisers were still testing the FBX retargeting platform with relatively small budgets. This year, Triggit saw advertisers increase spend on FBX by 51 percent on Cyber Monday compared with the same day last year. Conversion rates rose 34 percent year-over-year on Cyber Monday.
Click-through rates (CTR) jumped 95 percent year-over-year. Triggit attributes the sharp rise in CTR to increased adoption of dynamic creative and, most importantly, the March introduction of News Feed inventory for FBX. In 2012, FBX inventory was only available in the right rail. The addition of the News Feed inventory helped propel the adoption of FBX dramatically, and had a major impact on the campaign growt…

10 Things RTB Buyers Can Learn From SEM Veterans

Paid search and RTB are fairly similar online marketing channels — each involves bidding on ad inventory in an auction-based model. But, whereas paid search has long been a staple of the Internet Marketing mix, RTB is a relative newcomer, having only gained significant traction in the last few years.
As a result, most RTB buyers are basically “rookies” in their profession. If you have more than three years of experience in RTB, you’re about as proficient as they come. In paid search, on the other hand, three yeas of experience would make you a knowledgeable yet junior marketer.
They say a smart man learns from his own mistakes, while a wise man learns from the mistakes of others. In my piece on Search Engine Land today, I invite you to learn from my mistakes with a ten lessons that RTB buyers can learn from paid search marketers.

10 Things RTB Rookies Can Learn From SEM Vets

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4 Data-Fueled Insights On How People Are Using Gmail’s Tabbed Inbox This Holiday Season

The Christmas shopping season is officially upon us. Inboxes are stuffed with special email promotions that will hopefully result in stuffed stockings on Christmas day. Maybe not Gmail inboxes, though. Will Gmail’s new tabs be the Grinch that stole Christmas from email marketers this year?
Some businesses have publicly speculated and decried the new interface, saying that Gmail is already destroying their business — with the new tabbed inbox resulting in declining open rates and declining sales. You can’t blame businesses for speculating on how the new inbox may affect email marketing efforts.
Actual data on how emails are being classified and which tab they are placed in hasn’t been available — until now.
New data and research from Return Path shows just how much email Gmail users read in the Promotions tab, how they configure the tabbed inbox, and whether or not tactics like asking subscribers to move promotional campaigns to the Primary tab actually work or not.
How Gmail Users Configu…

Will Measurement Shortfalls Hinder The Growth Of Multi-Screen Marketing?

Mobile is taking over nearly every facet of consumer life as we know it, and there’s no slowing down in sight. The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and Nielsen recently reported that in just three years’ time, nearly half of all media campaigns are expected to take on multi-screen strategies.
In this study and in most cases, multi-screen campaigns are defined as those that run during a similar timeframe across two or more screens including TV, computer, tablet, mobile phone and digital place-based media.
For most brands, the focus is on giving their audience the right experience at the right time. Ad messages and customer brand experiences on smartphones and tablets differ from those on your desktop and TV.
Dominos is a prime example of a brand that has done a great job of creating multi-screen strategies, some of which include TV ads (video autoplay) that encourage users to place food orders via computers and smartphones. In 2013 alone, the pizza brand made everything from domi…

Google Search Across Apps Goes Live

About a month ago we told you about Google rolling out its version of search that runs across apps. We told you about the development as it appeared in the Webmaster Central blog.

Today, we’re happy to announce a new capability of Google Search, called app indexing, that uses the expertise of webmasters to help create a seamless user experience across websites and mobile apps.
Just like it crawls and indexes websites, Googlebot can now index content in your Android app. Webmasters will be able to indicate which app content you’d like Google to index in the same way you do for webpages today — through your existing Sitemap file and through Webmaster Tools. If both the webpage and the app contents are successfully indexed, Google will then try to show deep links to your app straight in our search results when we think they’re relevant for the user’s query and if the user has the app installed. When users tap on these deep links, your app will launch and take them directly to the content t…

FTC Organizes a Workshop On Native Advertising and Confuses Itself

Yeah, the headline is correct. The Federal Trade Commission is trying to put together its case for or against native advertising. Unfortunately, the agency isn’t sure about the true nature of native ads and admitted as much following its own conference. Leave it to a government agency to, in effect, confuse itself.
Adweek reports

A day-long examination of native advertising left regulators with no clear direction about how to police what has become digital media’s hottest ad format.
The Federal Trade Commission, which organized the workshop, has been bringing cases against ads masquerading as editorial content since 1917 (the first case was against a newspaper ad for an electric vacuum cleaner). But digital media has put what the FTC once termed “masquer-ads” on steroids.
Worried that consumers might be confused by native ads, the FTC was looking to the workshop to help figure out if the agency should issue additional guidance to help advertisers and publishers steer clear of enforcement …

2 Million Passwords Stolen By Pony Botnet: Protect Yours Now!

Spider Labs, an elite team of ethical hackers and investigators from Trustwave Holdings have made a stunning discovery recently: More than 2 million (20 Lakhs) passwords and login credentials of social media users have been hacked. It includes passwords Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and more social networks.
This discovery came to light when the servers of Pony Botnet were recently made public. Ever since that, Spider Labs have been digging deep into their servers and finding out the hidden secrets. The comforting part about this discovery is that, these passwords were not stolen from the social networks themselves but from the ignorant users. Malware infected machines of these users were thoroughly exploited by the botnet, and the login credentials were systematically stolen.
The breakdown of the passwords which were stolen by Pony Botnet (For http only) :

The inclusion on ADP was surprising as they have important financial data about employees, and this may mean that the hackers …

After HCL, Wipro Too Discontinues Its PC Manufacturing Business

Close to heels of HCL closing down their personal computer manufacturing business, Wipro also announced yesterday that it will discontinue manufacturing of Wipro branded desktops, laptops and servers.

Wipro PC manufacturing business started in 1982, even before they got into IT services and software business. The 31 year old PC business was still profitable for Wipro, but it was increasingly becoming difficult for them to bring differentiation from other brands. The PC business is become highly commoditized, and with Smartphones and tablets ruling the roost now, home computers were pretty much going out of favour.
In a BSE filing, the company said. “After evaluating the changing market scenario and customer needs, it has been decided to strengthen its position as s system integrator and increase its focus on It solutions and services. As a consequence, the company will discontinue manufacturing of Wipro branded desktops, laptops and servers.”
The company statement also said that Wipro wi…

ATMs Will Soon Serve Extended Bank Branches With Live Interactive Teller On Video

Do you remember the first day when you had a video chat with your loved ones? Or the dreaded video conference with the Head Office from your local office. May be the first call was through Skype, an application popular for video calls. Just imagine if you get the same kind of privilege in a professional manner from someone like your bankers, how good and easy it would be. And that too from your ATM next door. Seems, it is going to be a reality soon.
Now, account holders can look forward to videoconferencing with bank executives through ATMs with NCR Corporation India unveiling its new machine which it describes as an interactive teller. In addition to videoconferencing, the machine allows the bank executive to remotely process transactions giving most of the bank branch functionality to the ATM.

Advantage customer
With videoconferencing, the customer would be face-to-face with a real banker who would assist in all kinds of transactions and queries. So instead of going all the way to the …

Marketing Day: December 4, 2013

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

How Viral Is Ron Burgundy: The Top 20 Most Shared Anchorman Videos

Ron Burgundy is showing up everywhere in anticipation of Anchorman 2′s December 18 release. Last weekend, Will Ferrell’s Anchorman 2 character visited the news desk of a local newscast in Bismarck, North Dakota, and on Monday night he made an appearance in Winnipeg to cover Roar of the Rings, Canada’s biggest curling event of the […]

Facebook Most Used Mobile App, Google App 10th

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) has released US-based survey data about most frequently used mobile apps and top app publishers. Consistent with comScore data, CIRP found that Facebook was the leading and most frequently used mobile app. The firm asked mobile users to identify their “three most frequently used [mobile phone] apps.” Facebook had four […]

Burger King’s 64 YouTube Ads Turn…