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Google Tests Social Ads, Turns Google+ Posts Into Display Ads To Show Across The Web

Today, Google introduced a type of promoted post in Google+ that allows brands to turn their social content into ads that are distributed on the Google Display Network.
Toyota USA, Cadbury UK and RITZ crackers are among the test partners participating in the closed beta. Brands can take content posted on Google+ and turn photos, videos and even Hangouts into display ads. Rather than have the ads served only within the Google+ context — as with social ads on other networks such as Facebook and Twitter — advertisers can distribute their social content across the web through Google’s Display Network, which includes some 2 million sites.

+Post ads are designed to be interactive, with the call-to-action being “Click to Expand” to a full-screen lightbox. Users can follow, +1, comment, ask questions, re-share content or join a live Hangout from the ad unit.

Google says +Post ads are seeing expansion rates 50% higher than the industry average for rich media ads, but otherwise hasn’t provided an…

Infographic: Gigya Sees Rising Pinterest Interest

The folks over at Gigya have seen a trend that many of us would suspect but may not have the numbers to back it up. We found it interesting enough that we took them up on this kind offer and are passing it along to you too! Oh happy Monday!
From the Gigya blog we get

Take a look at the below infographic for our full set of data from Q3 2013 (July – September) below, which measures shares to different social networks from the hundreds of thousands of sites and apps that leverage our Connected Consumer Management Suite

You can click on the image to make it bigger if you are so inclined.
So what do you think? Agree? Disagree? Kinda agree?
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Airtel Sacks Group CIO For Code Of Conduct Breach

Top management exits are now no news at Airtel. There is clearly some HR problem in the company. It started with the exit of Amrita Gangotra, Director – Information Technology in November last year. This was followed by Shankar Halder, Chief of Network Operations who decided to quit in December. The most recent one to join this growing list was the company’s Chief Executive Officer – India and South Asia, Sanjay Kapoor. And now it is the Chief Information Officer Jai Menon as per ET reports
Bharti Airtel is the leader in the telecom industry in India. India’s largest and the world’s fourth largest mobile phone operator, commonly known as Airtel, can easily rest on its laurels and afford to be complacent. But reigning at the top in the telecom industry, with margins amongst the lowest worldwide, is no cakewalk. So checks and measures have to be put at every step. This explains why it has sacked Jai Menon, group CIO and the company’s director of global innovation & IT, for alleged co…

6 Ways to Improve Owned Digital Assets

We know that Paid efforts take dollars and Earned marketing takes creativity. There are several different areas where you can better your Owned assets from within an SEO lens, as well as from a holistic digital view, with little effort.

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Client, Agency, And Vendor Wishlists For Santa

Surprise! Here is another one of those holiday wishlist-type articles that seem to be a dime a dozen this time of year. In these writers’ defense, wishlist articles really are the most fun to write, as they are little more than a nicely packaged way of telling other people they suck at something.
And, is there really anything more fun than sitting on our high horses — granted to us by the writing gods — and picking on other people? Okay, maybe, but the only way to really find out is to give it a try. So here goes nothing!
I Hope Santa Brings Clients…
Better digital marketing understanding at the executive level: Executives on the client side are amazing at a million different things that I could only dream of being good at. But in many cases, executives still lack knowledge of the basics of digital marketing. I realize there are lots of different pieces to a business, but digital revenues are now often responsible for more than 25% of a client’s total business. So, it is time to understa…

Verizon’s Purchase of CDN Provider EdgeCast Says Content is Still Royalty

Verizon is a big company.
Like many big companies it can appear a little clumsy and out of touch at times but it is important to watch the moves it makes because it gives insight into the thinking around the direction f the online space.
Verizon is primarily known as a network provider and among the leading (if not THE leading) wireless carrier.
As a marketing pro are you asking “So what?” yet? You should and here’s why. Verizon is set to purchase CDN (content delivery network) provider EdgeCast Networks for $350 million and marketers should take note. For years content has been pushed to the edge of networks to facilitate faster and smoother delivery (which in turn simply means better end user experience which is something all marketers should desire) and Verizon has decided that it should be in this game itself rather than depending on third parties.
TechCrunch reports

Verizon is looking to get deeper into the content delivery business with the acquisition of Los Angeles-based CDN provid…

Arvind Kejriwal: The Aam Aadmi Who Destroyed India’s Oldest Political Party

Indian National Congress is India’s oldest political party, which came into existence in the year 1885. In the recently concluded Legislative assembly elections in New Delhi, this party suffered its most humiliating defeat at the hands of a Aam Aadmi: Arvind Kejriwal.
It is a historical win for Aam Aadmi Party, the echoes of which will haunt Congress for a long time to come.
Arvind Kejriwal beat Sheila Dixit, the three-time Chief Minister of New Delhi, right in her constituency by a margin of 25,000+ votes. The unthinkable has happened; a person with passion and zeal has literally overthrown the existing government.
Although BJP also won lot many seats compared to last elections, but the intensity with which AAP and Arvind Kejriwal has entered the political scene of New Delhi has left everyone with awe and shock.
How did it happen?
Didn’t the researchers and analysts of Congress saw it coming? How can one single person, with relatively no ‘political’ experience give such a devastating blow…

FDI Policy Revamped: Unlisted Indian Companies Can List on Foreign Stock Exchanges

[Editor’s Note: We hadwritten about this earlier, when the Finance Ministry had given the approval, but was not implemented. Now, it has been officially implemented as part of FDI policy]
In a major change in India’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) norms, Indian government has now allowed Indian companies which are not listed in Indian stock exchange to list themselves in stock exchanges of other countries.
Earlier, the FDI rules mandated that any Indian company which wants to list themselves abroad should first enter Indian stock exchange, and only after 2 mandatory years of existence can they list in any other stock exchange, outside India.
“Unlisted companies shall be allowed to raise capital abroad without the requirement of prior or subsequent listing in India initially for a period of two years…,” the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) said regarding the new FDI rules for Indian companies.
The new regulations have been updated in the “Consolidated FDI Policy” docum…