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Twitter’s Broad Match Helps Advertisers Spend Cash!

How many times over the years have advertisers wondered just how many dollars they flushed down the Adwords drain as a result of broad match? Let’s just say it’s more than a couple …… thousand…….. times.
Now Twitter is offering to allow advertisers to spend more money than they budget by offering their own broad match. The Twitter blog tells us

Today, we’re excited to share a significant improvement to keyword targeting on Twitter with the launch of broad match for keywords.
Twitter users have conversations about topics in a number of different ways, and the same intent can be expressed by using synonyms, different spellings, or Twitter-specific lingo. Broad match makes it easier for advertisers to reach users having these conversations by automatically expanding their targeted keywords to include related terms.

If you need a picture, we got that.
The end game here is that this platform needed to be put in place ahead of the IPO to show that there is progress being made in g…

Myntra Sets Record, Sells 1 Lakh Fashion Products In 24hrs, Thanks To GOSF!

So for all the brickbats GOSF is receiving, one has to agree that this Google backed event has a huge scale. Even though they have had countless issues since start of their shopping festival, the buzz around GOSF has been unprecedented.
The question in everyone’s mind was whether this buzz actually transpired into sales and transactions, and looks like it did, that too big time.
We just received a press release from Myntra which says that Myntra has broken all records – They have sold 1 Lakh fashion products in 24 hours since GOSF started.

The 1 lakh pieces of fashion merchandize sold were in their core categories – Apparel and Footwear. With shoppers engaging in high value transactions, registered over three-fold increase in revenue during the 24 hour period.
Mukesh Bansal, CEO and Co-Founder of Myntra said in this regards, “Such customer reactions is yet another testament to the promise and future that online shopping holds in our country. Moreover, it is a re-affirmation of …

5 Major News Events Of 2013 Which Every Indian Talked About

There are some events and occasions which binds every Indian; you can hear the conversations in the local train, on the road side dhabas, within family gatherings and during water-cooler gossips in office.

Here, we present 5 of these national news which every Indian talked about when it happened.
Religion: Kumbh Mela
The year 2013 started with the largest gathering of human beings anywhere in the Universe: The Maha Kumbh Mela. Held between 14th January to 10th March, 2013 at Allahabad, this year’s Kumbh Mela attracted more than 100 million people from all spheres of life. People who were religious or simply curious thronged to Ganges ghats in Allahabad and immersed in the divine energy of faith and love. February 10th, 2013 was the day when more than 30 million people gathered in Allahabad to take a dip in the Holy River; which is the single largest gathering of human beings in a single day, anywhere in the world.
Science: Mars Mission / Mangalyaan
November 5th, 2013 would be remembered as…

AdSense Offers 434,216 New Ad Unit Sizes

AdSense has introduced the next step in responsive ads which is customer ad sizes.
A post on he AdSense blog tells us

Today, we’re happy to announce the launch of 434,216 new ad unit sizes! Or in other words, we’ve just made it possible to create custom ad sizes to give you more flexibility and enable you to better design your content for your users.
Custom sized ads behave just like their standard size counterparts, showing a text or display ad depending on which is likely to have the best performance for the impression.
For text ads, we’ll determine the optimal number of text ads to display for a given impression, and show the ads the same way they appear inside standard sizes. Our system predicts the value of each competing ad for every impression, based on historic performance and comparison across a variety of scenarios. For unique ad unit sizes, our system will need some time before it can optimize the number of ads shown.

This is how those text ads might look

The same is happening fo…

YatraChef: Providing Quality Food With On The Train Seat Delivery

If I say that India travels in trains it won’t be an exaggeration by any standard. Our railway system is extensive and always packed. Long lines at the ticket counters are something one can see almost at any station (big stations will have multiple such lines running parallel). Even with the advent of internet and irctc, the drop in the size of the line has been only marginal, this when the site itself is almost always under strain. I won’t even go into the tatkal hours.
The amount of commerce that is attached to the Indian railways is huge as well. Be it the street hawkers (or should I say the platform hawker) selling food or books or various assortments of things or the government authorized shops that are setup in all railway stations doing great business. Outside the railway station you will find a hundred hotels and restaurants waiting for you to get out of the station. The autos and rickshaws all combine to create a sector that has immense possibilities.
One such possibility is go…

#GOSF Vs #OMGSale: Case Of Quantity Versus Quality?

It’s raining sale in the cyber world. Literally. In the space of last week or so we have witnessed two Cyber Sales in India. First out of the garage was the OMG Sale conducted by CitiBank India and soon followed GOSF or Google’s Great Online Shopping Festival.
The OMG Sale was held on December 4th and 5th while GOSF went live from December 11th and will end on December 13th. E-Commerce portals have flourished in the recent past as Internet Shopping has become a bit of a rage. The fact that you can shop from the comfort of your home, have unlimited choices and can easily monitor the competitors pricing schemes without looking miserly are some of the reasons why Internet Shopping has getting quite popular. Since, OMGSale and GOSF target similar audience, the comparisons are bound to happen.

While, GOSF is still going on and OMG Sale has ended, we decided to look at both these cyber shopping festivals more closely. Purely based on the scale, GOSF has is much larger higher number of e-taile…

Remove Toolbars and Adware Search Engines with Junk Removal Tool

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You are annoyed by some unknown application popping up wherever you go, asking you to click, forcing to visit. Funny thing is that you are completely clueless how it got installed. Moreover, it isn’t easy to uninstall or remove or even disable it.
Some names of this kind of potentially unwanted programs could be Bablylon, Incredibar, iLivid, MyWebSearch, Conduit,, Ask Toolbar, Facemoods or Funmoods and so on…

Truth is that these applications are installed by none other than YOU. Yes, they didn’t install automatically. It was because of your ignorance. Your one Click could have prevented installation of unwanted toolbar or program.

I may have written tutorials on how to remove them individually which included removing deeply located files and registry keys. In this post however, I am introducing a tiny tool which can remove most popular unwanted programs automatically.
Junkware Removal Tool (JRT) is a tool which will …

How to Get Facebook Page Notification Via Emails

I have set up my own Fan Page on Facebook and its really easy to make one but the problem is, I couldn’t find any options that will alert me whenever there’s a new comment or post on my wall. So what will happen is that, I have to check my Facebook fan page from time to time to see whether or not I have new comments or post on my wall, isn’t it uneasy? […]
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A Blogger Guide To Share Something On Google Plus

Currently I am reading a book of Famous Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. The name of the book is “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running”. The book is full of inspiration, life tips and philosophical thoughts of the author. It is not a “how to run” book, but there is a large portion in this book about Marathon Running. Murakami thinks that writing novel and marathon are similar. In long distance running runners […]
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Marketing Day: December 11, 2013

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

Beastie Boys Decide To File Lawsuit Against GoldieBlox For Using Song “Girls” In Viral Video Ad

According to a report on, the Beastie Boys have decided to file a counter lawsuit against the toy company GoldieBlox for copyright infringement, claiming the toy company used the song “Girls” in one of its video ads without permission. This all started mid-November, when the toy company released its “GoldieBlox, Rube Goldberg & Beastie Boys […]

Twitter Launches Broad Match Keyword Targeting

Today, Twitter introduced broad match keyword targeting to give advertisers more scale by capturing synonyms, spelling variations and word order as well as words typed in Twitter speak. In the example below, you can see some of the variations that would trigger the broad match version of “love coffee” including the shorthand “luv” and “latte” […]

New Pinterest iPad Update Encourages Speed Pinning and Sharing

You know the old saying, you can never have too many pinned pictures of shoes on Pinterest. . . or something like that. . . .
Pinterest’s latest iPad upgrade is all about quantity over quality. Not saying this is a bad thing, I’m just telling you how it is.
The experience begins with a new interface that is modern and shiny. The bottom navigation buttons make it easy to switch between the home view, search and pinning pages. But the real secret is in the new pinning sidebar.

When you go to repin a photo from the site, the app automatically pops the left sidebar open with a list of your most recently used boards. Tap and you’re done. I repinned several images from my feed in 2 seconds. It’s so fast, you don’t even feel like you’re pinning. The upside for marketers is two-fold. On your end, you can now load your Pinterest boards with new content in a matter of minutes. On the other end, consumers are more likely to share more of your images because it’s so fast and easy.
For those who prefe…

Marketer Buzzword Bingo: Here Are The Most Common LinkedIn Profile Adjectives

Set yourself apart! Be unique!
Those are two of the most commonly suggested tactics for getting a job in a crowded marketplace. But if you’re using words like “responsible,” “strategic” and “creative” on your LinkedIn profile, you actually look like every other marketer out there.
LinkedIn has shared a few lists of the most overused profile buzzwords of 2013, and those three words are the ones that’ll win you a game of marketer profile buzzword bingo. They’re the most common words on the profiles of LinkedIn members that identify themselves as marketers.
Here’s the full Top 10 Overused Marketing Buzzwords as sent to us by LinkedIn:
1. Responsible

2. Strategic

3. Creative

4. Effective

5. Innovative

6. Expert

7. Competitive

8. Driven

9. Organizational

10. Positive
That list is very similar to the overall most common words across all professions. Two words on the overall list — “patient” and “analytical” — didn’t make the marketing list, while “competitive” and “positive” were on the marketing list bu…

Google AdSense Now Enables Publishers To Set Custom Ad Sizes

Google has announced a new feature that makes it possible for publishers using AdSense to create their own custom ad sizes. The custom sizes are applicable to both text and display ads.
Google will determine the number of text ads that appear in an ad unit, and may change the results for a given impression. According to the announcement, the Google “system predicts the value of each competing ad for every impression, based on historic performance and comparison across a variety of scenarios.”
With display ads, the Google system determines the appropriate ad size to fit in the space selected. The screenshot below shows how display ads can render within custom ad units — illustrated by dotted lines here for illustration purposes only.
There are limitations to what you can do with custom ad sizes. The new size restrictions include:

Only one dimension can be greater than 300 pixels
The minimum width is 120 pixels
The minimum height is 50 pixels
Neither height nor width can exceed 1200 pixels.

To …

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I have already reviewed Elegant themes earlier, and they are one of those premium WordPress theme makers who design WordPress themes in budget. What amuse me most about Elegant themes is their low-cost membership. At the cost of $39, you get access Elegant theme membership, and at the time of writing they have 86 premium WordPress themes in their marketplace, along with newly launched Divi WordPress themes. Divi is one of the best work by […]
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