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The Awesome Shop: Target’s Pinterest-Powered Online Shopping Site Lists Only Top Pinned Items

Target has launched an online catalog with products completely curated from Pinterest, taking its relationship with the image-focused social media site to a new level in online shopping.
According to a report on, the Target Awesome Shop is a Pinterest-powered site being tested by the retailer, featuring the “best-reviewed” and “most-pinned” items from
As of today, the site included 1,229 products total, but Internet Retailer claims products on the site will be refreshed daily.
To access the Awesome Shop, Target has placed a frame at the very top of its home page that links to the site. The frame’s image includes no mention of Pinterest, simply saying, “Discover the cool stuff everyone’s talking about” along with pin-styled icons:

The Awesome Shop’s link directs users to a separate site at Products on the site are separated into 15 different categories, including men, women, toys and deals, and even a “Christmas” ca…

Hey Blogger! Which City Are You From?

As we are not only meeting like-minded people, it’s always good to learn from other blogging experience. I live in New delhi, India and it’s a big city, and I get to meet with many other bloggers at various blogging events. But in small town or places around the globe, there are many skilled bloggers blogging from some neighbourhood and they don’t even know about each-other. It doesn’t matter you blogging from Durham or Gangtok, […]
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Find Internet Slang Word Meanings at One Place

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Words are often invented. Yes, a general usage of certain word could become so popular in a community especially on internet that it is often accepted by Dictionaries. Latest example could be Selfie and twerk which were approved and included in Oxford database.

There are many slang words on web which aren’t included in dictionaries and not even recognized by Search engines.

When you are new in some community and completely clueless about an acronym or word used often in conversation. In such case, even Google cannot answer correctly. This happens because it is a slang used and invented by community which isn’t actually a word. In case, even if it is a word, the meaning wold be totally different.
Let me Give an Example
I registered on a Jokes application and many of the user submitted jokes had this word- YOLO.
As mentioned in our article about using Google search as Ninja, I tried to find but result referred to as some Yogurt bu…

Gmail Offers a Picture Show

By the end of the early part of 2014 you will be able to view pictures automatically in Gmail across all platforms. So long, ‘always display images from’ type messages.

The Official Gmail blog tells us more

But thanks to new improvements in how Gmail handles images, you’ll soon see all images displayed in your messages automatically across desktop, iOS and Android. Instead of serving images directly from their original external host servers, Gmail will now serve all images through Google’s own secure proxy servers.
So what does this mean for you? Simple: your messages are more safe and secure, your images are checked for known viruses or malware, and you’ll never have to press that pesky “display images below” link again. With this new change, your email will now be safer, faster and more beautiful than ever.

You can opt out if you want as well.
Is this a good thing for you?

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Blogging Via Google Glass? Yep, New Plugin Makes It Possible

Don’t be surprised if Marketing Land’s coverage of next year’s Google I/O conference, or perhaps coverage of our upcoming SMX West conference, involves some live blogging … from Google Glass.
Yep. There’s a new WordPress plugin that makes it possible to shoot photos and video on Google Glass and publish them almost immediately to a self-hosted WordPress blog. (Videos take a little longer to process and publish.)
It’s called wpForGlass and it’s an open-source project from the PR agency Weber Shandwick.
Installing the plugin requires a little work, but once it’s setup, Glass users will have a new sharing card for their blog, and any photo or video taken with Glass can be “shared” to the blog that way.

There are some limitations, but that’s to be expected with such a new technology. There’s currently no way to speak a blog post via Glass and publish a text-based article — the publishing process begins with a photo or video, as you can see above. You can, however, speak a caption to go along …

Google Says If the Ad Can’t Be Seen Then You Don’t Pay

Google is doing something that might have other ad networks in a tizzy by announcing that only ads that are viewable (50% of the ad for at least 1 second) will be paid for by advertisers.
From the Inside AdWords blog

Today, we’re taking an important step towards this goal by making it possible to buy based on viewability — in real time — across the more than two million sites in the Google Display Network. Viewability was already available for reservations buys on the Google Display Network, now this solution is available in the auction on a CPM basis globally as well, across desktop, mobile and tablet. In other words, you can now choose to pay for ONLY those impressions where your ad has a chance to be seen.

Google really has a chance to change how advertising is bought and sold if this works well and it could put real pressure on the rest of the industry to do as well.

As we’ve said before, making viewability a basis for buying, selling and measuring media can help transform the digital…

Truecaller’s Twitter Integration: What It Means To Indian Users

Truecaller is very popular with Indian smartphone users – the popularity of this reverse phone lookup app can be judged from the fact that half of all the new users added on Truecaller network are from India.
According to Techcrunch report, Truecaller adds a whopping 1 million users a week, out of which roughly 500k are from Indian alone. Over 22 million Indian smartphone users use Truecaller, which means that roughly every 4th smartphone user has this app installed.
Leaving aside the privacy aspect, Truecaller is definitely one of the must-have apps. Truecaller’s main feature of knowing who the user is (when a call comes from a number not in your phonebook) is its killer feature.
Now, with twitter integration, Truecaller’s usefulness will get further extended, as it will allow them to instantly identify the caller’s twitter handle as well.
Let us take a look at how this actually works, and what it means to Indian smartphone users:
For example, if you have Truecaller installed on your phon…

Gmail Will Never Ask to ‘Display Images Below’ Again

Gmail will no longer wait for your permission to “display images below.” Google announced rolled out improvements to how Gmail handles images on Thursday, specifically related to its automatic display of pictures within emails. From now on, you’ll never see that pesky prompt again. The message was initially aimed to protect Gmail users from unknown […]
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Google: Gmail Image Change May Improve Open Rate Data, But Will Strip Other User Data

With more information coming in this afternoon, it appears that Google’s image serving change in Gmail is a mixed bag (at best) for marketers.
Google announced today that it’s going to start serving images sent to Gmail users from its own servers, not from the sender’s servers. This is starting today for desktop Gmail users, and will come to the Gmail mobile apps in the new year.
Here’s what we know at the moment:
Open Rates May Go Up
Google has confirmed to Marketing Land via email that the change will not harm open rate data, and it may improve open rate tracking because marketers won’t have to rely on the user both opening the email and loading the images.
A company spokesperson declined to share more specifics on how those tracking images will still send data back to the sender while they’re being served by Google, but when we asked, Does the sender see the email count as an “open” when a user reads it?, the response we got via email was “Yes!”
At least two major email vendors reached t…

Marketing Day: December 12, 2013

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

Gmail Image Serving Change Should Give Email Marketing A Boost

Good news for email marketers today, as Google has announced a change in how it handles image display in Gmail. Starting today, Gmail will begin serving all email images from its own secure proxy servers; images will no longer be served from the sender’s servers. In its blog post, Google positions this with the consumer […]

Pantene Ad Highlighting Double Standards For Men & Women Professionals Makes Way Around The World

A video ad for Pantene in the Philippines is picking up steam, gaining more than five million views on YouTube and over 105,000 shares according to Unruly’s Viral Video Chart. A commentary on the role of women in the workplace and how they are perceived, the Pantene “Labels Against Women” ad even received a call-out […]

‘Instagram Direct’ Launches, Users Can No…

The Google Issue: Offering Visible-Only Ad Buying | Harvesting Remaining Web White Space for Ads | Seeing Youtube Grow to 10 percent of Ad Revs

Search: Google will now let people buy only "visible" ad impressions on their display network. So as to accommodate the limited remaining space on the internet not currently covered by an advertisement, Google is offering Adsense publishers the ability to create their own custom sized ad units. Video: Youtube is growing to about a $2 billion a year advertising [...]

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Gmail Image Serving Change Should Give Email Marketing A Boost

Good news for email marketers today, as Google has announced a change in how it handles image display in Gmail.
Starting today, Gmail will begin serving all email images from its own secure proxy servers; images will no longer be served from the sender’s servers.
In its blog post, Google positions this with the consumer angle that images are now pre-checked for viruses and malware, and users won’t need to manually click the “Display images below” link that so often shows up in messages.
But this is good news for email marketers, too. Since open rates are usually determined by the display of a tracking image, those images are now more likely to trigger. Ergo, Gmail open rates should go up in your reports, at least a bit. (Gmail users can still use Settings to prevent images from displaying automatically.)
Beyond that, it also means that promotional emails will display as they’re intended right away, without the friction of users having to click to see the full email as you and your clients…