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New Bing Ads Solution Center at Search Engine Land

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Bing Ads Solutions Center, a resource for digital marketers and search advertisers, in collaboration with Bing Ads.
The Bing Ad Solutions Center provides a range of resources – from news articles to whitepapers, videos and webinars – that are geared toward digital marketers. Special attention is given to both the Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) as well as specific vertical industries, including Technology & Telecommunications, Financial Services, Automotive, Travel, and Healthcare & Wellness.
We invite you to check out the in-depth resources that will offer up actionable insights and practical tips for marketers, the new Bing Ads Solution Center will include live news from the Bing Ads blog. Continuous updates will be fed to the site, offering a vast knowledge base for online advertisers who use Bing Ads. Check it out today!

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Best Rates for SMX West End Saturday – Register Now, Save $300

Optimize your paid search, SEO and internet marketing campaigns. Attend SMX West in San Jose, CA March 11-13. Register before rates increase this Saturday.
Build your own program by selecting from any of the 60 tactic-rich sessions including:

Long-term SEO: How To Win For Years, Not Days
Pro-level Tips For Succeeding At Retargeting
Capturing The Mobile Paid Lead
Small Company; Big Results
Top Social Tactics For The Search Marketer
What Is Hummingbird & The Entity Search Revolution

…plus a keynote conversation with Google search chief Amit Singhal, and the brand new social media boot camp and digital marketing summit tracks. See the agenda.
SMX West is programmed by the editors of Search Engine Land, the blog marketing professionals count on count on for news, in-depth analysis and how-to advice for all disciplines of search and internet marketing. The quality and diversity of our programming ensures you’ll maximize your investment in time and money. We guarantee it.
Register now and save. A…

To Be Effective With B2B Video, Tell a Good Story

Video can be a marketer’s best friend or worst enemy. Everyone is in agreement of the value of video. We are in a content crazy world (at least that’s what marketers believe although what type of content is delivered is often extremely questionable but that’s for another post) and that content machine needs to be fed.
The latest technique getting a lot of attention is the use of video. Video has been around since the beginning of the net but with the mobile experience becoming better and better there is a greater push for video than ever before.
Which brings us to just what is needed for effective video content delivery. Before I go any further I will add my two cents here by saying that having video that starts and blasts the audio before I want it to, is a fast track to me hating a product or brand. Yelling and screaming in the public square looks desperate rather than confident. Now back to our regularly scheduled information.
eMarketer reports about how B2B customers and prospects re…

How to View your Old Notifications in Android

There were a couple of pending notifications sitting in the status bar of your Android phone and you have just tapped the “Dismiss” icon to clear them all. And then it occurred that you may have dismissed certain important notifications. Where did they go? Can you retrieve the old notifications even if they have have removed from the notifications bar?
Well if your phone is running a more recent version of Android, Jelly Bean or later you can get a log of notifications that have pushed by various apps. Here’s how.
Go to your Android home screen and tap the apps icon. Switch to the Widgets tab, tap and hold the 1×1 Settings Shortcut and place it on your your home screen. Now select “Notifications” from the available choices.
Tap the settings icon that you have placed on the home screen and it will display the notification history in reverse chronological order. You will know the name of the app that pushed the notification, the title of the notification and the time when that message was …

Google Sheets Improvements

While most might think that improvements to Google Sheets is not marketing news it might be for those who have to crunch numbers (which are the ones doing the real marketing work, let’s be honest).
Also, anything that makes Google even more of a competitor to Microsoft should be of interest to everyone. Why? The more Google provides better and better services the more people will be even more Google centric than they already are which just perpetuates the continued theme of “It’s a google world and we are allowed to live in it.”
So what changes have been made.Take a look at this video from the Official Google blog.

Google is one company that simply doesn’t rest on its laurels (for the most part). Many of us have to make decisions on a daily basis as to how much we want to be ‘married’ to Google.

Do you think that there should be (self-imposed) limits as to how much information is shared with one company? Google may not look at data but they have it. As a result, people who work there coul…

Using Google Analytics To Measure Content Marketing

When it comes to developing content marketing strategies, the plans created and tactics used are only as good as the results produced. You can design beautiful infographics, create useful guides and publish blog post after blog post — but if your content strategy doesn’t achieve the identified goal, what is that content worth? Not much.
With any marketing strategy, measurement and tracking are extremely important when reporting ROI, and the same is true for content marketing. There are many different tools available to gather content marketing data, though a number of useful metrics can be tracked using a tool utilized by most websites today: Google Analytics.
As valuable as it may be, Google Analytics can be overwhelming at times, especially when you are just starting out. The amount of data available are innumerable. However, there are specific subsets of data that are valuable in assessing content marketing success once you have determined your goals. Here are four different ways to …

Snapdeal’s Own Payment Gateway Coming Soon!

How quickly things change – Just a couple of years back, everyone was talking about India not having good online payment gateways. While handful of gateway’s were present, either their charges were too high, or they did not offer the services needed. Literally, everyone was talking about it.
Fast Forward today and the situation has taken a complete U turn. Many new payment gateways have been launched, and with new competition, the existing providers have lowered their charges and made it easier for literally anyone to implement it quite easily!
Earlier in July of this year, Flipkart made announcement of PayZippy, their own payment gateway. And now, looks like Snapdeal is going the same way.

According to ET report, Snapdeal will soon launch its own payment gateway (name of gateway is not released) that will process credit card and debit card payments on their own site. Although, details are not available, the report does mention that gateway in all likelihood will be opened to other ecomm…

Notion Ink Adam II Tablet With 10″ Screen Launched In India!

Do you remember Notion Ink – Yeah, the same company that launched the Adam tablet was touted world over as the next iPad killer. Forget about being a killer, the tablet went in the opposite direction. People who bought the first version of Adam had so many problems, that they literally gave up on it as soon as it came to their hands.
Now, after more than 2 years of their first Adam debacle, Notion Ink has launched it’s successor, The Adam II tablet. And unlike the first version which was not released in India at all, this version is available for Indians only.

Few months back we had reported about Adam II tablet and interestingly, according to a leaflet that was published, the Adam II project came about with funding from a government body – Technology Development Board, Department of Science and Technology. We tried to find this reference on Notion Ink website, unfortunately nothing has been mentioned.
However, there is a hint – Adam II is sold only in India and in most cases, when a par…

Naver Optimization: 5 Best Practices

If your global audience is on Naver, it's time to start thinking of the Korean search engine as a viable publisher for your brand. While Naver optimization is a complex venture, the following tips can help you claim and build a presence on Naver.

via Search Engine Watch - Latest

Secure Passwords v2.0

You want to have lengthy, complicated and unique passwords for every website that you use but that rarely happens in practice because complex passwords are impossible for anyone to remember.
Some people rely on password managers like LastPass or KeePass – they store all your passwords in an encrypted database which is then protected by a master password. You enter the master password and you instantly have access to all your stored user logins and passwords. LastPass and 1Password also offers apps for mobile devices.

A Unique Password for Every Website
Here’s a simple open-source app that I am internally using for managing the passwords of my various online accounts. The app is called Secure Passwords and it generates unique and strong passwords using the secure bcrypt algorithm.
Secure Passwords is available as a web app that you can use from any browser on any device, as a Chrome extension, as an Android App that you can sideload or you can download the single-page app and save it to yo…

Has Importance Of Mobile Accessories Increased With Emergence Of Smartphones?

Mobiles have taken over the world and soon we would be doing their bidding. The only issue is they do not have the power to last more than a day. On one hand they are almost as powerful as the low class laptops, with almost all the apps from productivity to games present along with features such as location monitoring and spatial understanding, phones have come a long way indeed.

Before smartphones came into the picture, the accessories were limited as well. The most important one was an earplug and second to that came the Bluetooth ear piece.
In fact, I barely remember any other item. 8 GB memory cards were sufficient unless you were a music junkie. That sums up the accessories that were essential. Everything else was frivolous and could be done without.
Indeed, I never even kept a Bluetooth set and thus never bought an accessory for any feature phone. Though the feature phones themselves were no slouch either.
Cut to today, my Android phone has-

Screen Guard.
Ear plugs.
Car charger.

GOSF 2013 Was a Bumper Hit, The Numbers Prove it!

Last year, Google initiated an online shopping bonanza called GOSF: Great Online Shopping Festival which was held on December 12, 2012 and around 90 ecommerce retailers participated in that event. The concept was new, and people loved it.
Encouraged by the response, Google organized the event again this year, between December 11 and December 13, 2013; which got extended to December 14, 2013. The number of ecommerce retailers who participated jumped from 90 to 240 this year, and as per the statistics available, it was a bumper hit.
In the first 24 hours of the shopping festival, the website encountered several technical glitches which made access to the portals a tiresome activity. Servers were down and at one moment, rumors were flying high that the site has been hacked! It was such tremendous response that even Google hadn’t anticipated such huge volume of traffic.
Nitin Bawankule, industry director of e-commerce, Google India said, “At midnight on the 11th itself (the day it started), …