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Yahoo Acquired What?! (Again) | Google to Fix YouTube's Lousy CPM Rates with 'Brand Division' | Facebook Video Campaigns to Start at $1 million

Video: Google capitulated to the notion that it needs a separate division to handle brand advertising, as the robotic mechanisms it currently offers in its performance-based auction system don't mesh well with the human- (and B.S.-) intensive processes that lead to marketers forking over brand ad dollars. This may have been inspired by the persistent lagging [...]

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TESCO Partner With TATA To Open Ind’s First Foreign Multi-Brand Chain

India is all set to experience foreign multi-brand retail, as TESCO has filed its application to open its chain in India. Partnering with TATA’s Trent retail operations, TESCO has promised that it will invest $110 million into this joint venture. Yesterday, TESCO submitted its application to Foreign Investment Promotion Board which oversees FDI in various sectors.
It plans to buy 50% stake in TATA promoted Trent retail and fulfill the necessary Government requirements of FDI in this sector. Last year, India opened up Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in multi brand retail in India, and if everything goes smooth, TESCO will be the first such multi-brand from foreign location to open its chain inside India.

Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma told reporters,”We welcome the decision of Tesco to invest in India. On our part, we assure them all support for expedited clearances. We hope that this will mark a new beginning in transforming India’s retail industry. I am sure that the other…

Oh Goody! 2013 Search in Review from the Goog!

Every year at this time we get to look back at the year that was as it relates to what the masses were searching for. The list is usually a mix of relief (wow, people really did search about important stuff) and sheer exasperation (why the heck do people find that interesting?)
This year’s list delivers as well and covers the good (Nelson Mandela), the bad (North Korea) and the ugly (Boston Marathon) along with the “Are people really that stupid?!” (The Harlem Shake).
Check out this video so you can be up to date on what keeps us going in search which can be found at the Google blog along with the annual Year-End Zeitgeist.

Any reaction? Does this kind of year end wrap confirm some of your thinking? Better yet does it even mean anything to you personally? I’m curious to know.

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Google Glass Finishes Year Strong – Wink, Wink

I am not a Google Glass guy. May never be but if there is just one thing I have learned all these many years is that you should never say never.
For those of you who are part of the wearable Technorati and are looking for the next great thing maybe the updates to Google Glass that The Verge is reporting are for you.

Google is closing out 2013 in a big way for Google Glass users. December’s monthly software update adds several popular feature requests, including a new wink gesture for taking photos, full Hangouts support, and video uploading to YouTube. Google is also introducing a new way of securing Glass that it says is equivalent to a smartphone’s lock screen. Instead of entering a PIN (or pattern, as Android users are accustomed to), you can now choose to unlock Glass with a “secret Google handshake” that’s basically a sequence of taps and swipes.

I was just listening to Bob Dylan sing “Don’t want to wink at anybody, don’t want to be winked at” (total coincidence, honest, from Slow T…

Airtel Mobitude Finds 400% Surge In Mobile TV Consumption, Sunny Leone 300% More Popular Than SRK

Bharti Airtel, India’s largest telecom player, has released the results of Airtel Mobitude2013 – the 5th edition of the first-of-its-kind Indian annual survey that captures the mobile attitude of customers highlighting their preferences and consumption patterns.

Important points to note are the increase in usage of Mobile TV and despite Android devices ruling India, data traffic is driven by iOS and Windows users on the Airtel network.
As the number of smartphone users have been increasing, so are the number of users who are consuming data – Airtel reported a 124% jump in data users and as a result, the data consumption grew by a record 220%.
And it goes without saying that nearly 90% of the data traffic was driven by 3G enabled devices. Mobile with bigger screens (5.5” plus) jumped 123% in the previous two quarters while those upto 3.5” grew less than 30%. In terms of the websites visited, Google reigned supreme, closely followed by YouTube and Facebook.
Do you remember that while other …

Online Matrimony Threatens Traditional Classifieds; To Reach Rs 1500 Cr by 2017

This is going to be music to ears of Indian online matrimonial sites – Associated Chamber of Commerce & Industry in India (ASSOCHAM) has researched that Online Matrimony services in India are exploding right now, and by 2017, the market will triple to Rs 1500 crore from Rs 520 crore at present.
These revelations came out in its recent report titled “Rising trends and popularity of online jobs and matrimonial alliances” which it released yesterday.
The report states that Online Matrimony threatens to disrupt traditional model of marriage alliances and the system of newspaper classifieds as more than 50 million users have registered themselves in online matrimony portals last year, with 2.5 million new registrations every month.
The registration numbers will witness an increase of 65% year on year for the next two to three years, and this will mean lesser newspapers classifieds and fewer takers of traditional matrimony services.

As per the report between 2011-12 and 2012-13, online matr…

Top 5 Free Online Meme Generator Websites

Internet memes have become an integral part of the “online culture” that we all are a part of. It would be very rare of someone who hasn’t seen or is aware of Internet memes, the are everywhere! Our social feed is filled with these amusing and hard reality images and almost everyday we encounter an interesting meme that just sticks in our minds that makes us smile uncannily. Internet memes can be traced back to […]
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How to Add Custom-Sized AdSense Ads to your Website

Google AdSense, since its inception in 2003, has supported a dozen-odd ad units – from the 300×250 Rectangle to the 160×600 Skyscraper – that abide by the IAB guidelines. Premium AdSense publishers do have the flexibility of customizing the layout of text-only ads but not the image or rich-media ads.
Last week Google introduced custom-sized ad units in AdSense that blurs the line between Premium and regular publishers. Now all AdSense publishers are given an opportunity to create ad units of custom dimensions, tailor made for their own website. Let me explain.
Say your website has a sidebar that is 250 pixels wide. Previously, you could only choose between the regular skyscraper formats – 120×600 or 160×600 – even though none of these units would perfectly fit inside your sidebar. With custom-sized units now available in AdSense, you can create an ad unit that is exactly 250×600 in size thus taking all the available screen estate. Or if the sidebar is long, you can even choose to have a…

Apple’s “Misunderstood” Holiday Video Ad Offers Fresh Look At How Teens Are Using Their iPhones

While Buick’s recent campaign is urging people to stop looking at their phones, Apple’s new ad takes the opposite approach, showing how an iPhone synced with Apple TV can bring an entire family to weep tears of joy.
Posted yesterday, Apple’s holiday TV Ad “Misunderstood” is set to a slightly melancholy version of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” The video follows around a teenage boy glued to his iPhone during a holiday visit at his grandparent’s house. While members of his family make snow angels, build snowmen, and decorate the tree, it appears the teenager can’t be bothered to look up from his phone.
Midway through the commercial, the whole family gathers around the tree to open gifts when the teenager grabs the remote to sync his iPhone with the TV and plays the video he’s been recording all along, a sequence of the family’s most touching holiday moments.
The ad succinctly shows the power of Apple’s products, creating a heartfelt home-for-the-holidays nostalgia in one 90-sec…