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The Whys of Cart Abandonment | Google Spiffs Up 'Engagement Ads' | Children's Publishers Harried by 'Advocates' Wielding New Sticks

eCommerce: Tis the season for rapid decision shopping, so here is a hodgepodge of ecommerce abandonment statistics for your benchmarking pleasure. Creative: Google is expanding its options for "Engagement Ads, and pushing them into mobile formats as well. Mobile/Privacy: As predicted here months ago when the regulations came into force, "privacy advocates" are having fun accusing child-oriented content producers of [...]

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All I Want For Christmas…Is Bing Ads?

As of November, Google garners just under 67% of the market for search. One would expect the distribution of budgets within a PPC portfolio would be in line with market share. The reality is quite the contrary: more often than not, AdWords represents closer to 85-90% of the budget and gets 95% of the internal resources, leaving Bing Ads as an afterthought.
I can certainly understand why AdWords deserves the lion’s share of resources; however, 30% is quite the spicy meatball to push under the rug.
Think about where your resources are going — one of the biggest opportunities in your PPC program might just be getting your Bing Ads account up to speed.
Not surprisingly, Bing Ads agrees:

If you’ve been paying attention to Bing Ads, it’s clear as day that they are aggressively adopting AdWords account structures (match types, negatives, enhanced campaigns, sitelinks, PLAs, etc.) and features making it increasingly easier to import your AdWords account and start spending.
I’m not implying that yo…

Twitter Alerts Gains New Features Rolls Out To Additional Countries

Twitter’s Alert feature is becoming much more robust. Launched back in September, the goal of Twitter Alerts is to provide pertinent information in times of crisis. Users can subscribe to alerts from a specific handle, and alerts will be sent directly to their phone. Today both iOS and Android apps now give users the option to subscribe to the alerts directly on the app as 30 additional entities across the globe are rolling out.

To subscribe to alerts from a profile users simply need to navigate to the account profile and click on the bell icon. You’ll now begin receiving alerts from that entity. An additional new feature also allows in-app notifications for iOS users (seen above). When an alert is issued, an orange notification will show directly in the stream.

Organizations in Brazil, Australia joined Twitter Alerts this week. Here are all of the accounts on Twitter that are currently participating in the program.
For more information see the official Twitter post.

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CII Launches Job Portal For Specially-abled People In Partnership With Monster

Stephen Hawking, the name evokes the image of a scientist in a wheelchair – specially-abled but extraordinarily brilliant. Back home, do you remember seeing some specially-abled people around you and wondering how they survive? And if they have the necessary skills for a job, who will give them a job?
Now, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), a non-government, not-for-profit, industry-led and industry-managed organization, playing a proactive role in India’s development process has gone the extra mile to ensure these specially-abled people are placed well – they have launched a job portal – -for them.

According to the 2001 census, there are over 21 million people in India suffering from one or the other kind of disability. Rarely would you find some private corporate going the extra mile to accommodate them. Government does for the select few through reservations. Select NGOs also do their bit like this.
So for the vast majority, this job porta…

Facebook a Distant Second to Google in Digital Ad Revenue Share

The eMarketer title to their article talking about the major players in the digital space reads “Mobile Growth Pushes Facebook to Become No. 2 US Digital Ad Seller”.
Now to read that headline one might think that there might be some competition to Google, much like those pesky claims that Bingahoo is making strides agains the Goog in search.
Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words that would be about 994 too many describe the reality of the ‘competition’. All one needs to say “It’s Google by a country mile”.

While there is a prediction of the gap being closed a little but by 2015 it’s still not even a contest. The same can be said for the precious mobile market. Google still has the lead by a wide margin.

The bottom line is that Google is going to be very tough to beat. In fact, if one wants to be pessimistic it might be best to just call it a no contest. Because really it isn’t.
Do you think these predictions are in line with what you see as the reality of the digital ad space in the…

Target Update: It’s Bad ……. Real Bad

We reported the other day about the potential damage to Target’s reputation if the data breach that, at the time, was relatively unquantified got big.
Well, guess what? It’s real big. So big that post is serving more as a public service announcement by pointing you to an article on Mashable which examines the depth of the issue and the concern shoppers should have.

“We’re asking everyone who shopped at a Target location since Black Friday to monitor their credit card accounts and contact their banking establishments to see if there is any suspicious activity,” Molly Snyder, a Target spokesperson, told Mashable. “Anyone with a Target Red Card or a card from another bank should remain vigilant and keep checking their accounts for fraudulent activity.”
Target is working with authorities to learn more about the incident and is currently alerting shoppers with email addresses to take caution.

Long story short, if you have shopped at Target between Black Friday and December 15th you should be o…

12 Incredible Tips To Have More Energy For Work

Everything is planned, you have worked all the way along to schedule your day. The plan is nailed down and you’re ready to go! Oh, but wait! You’re engines won’t start! They are freezed with fatigue and tiredness. Every task that you perform in a day, no matter how mundane, including deciding what you’re going to have for breakfast, has a power sapping potential. You’re so busy with planning up your entire day that your […]
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WhatsApp’s Meteoric Growth: 400M Monthly Active Users, 100M Added In 4 Months!

WhatsApp rise has been meteoric to say the least, especially in last 12 to 18 months. The latest numbers announced by WhatsApp on their blog may astonish you – They now have crossed 400 million monthly active users out of which around 100 million have been added in last 4 months alone since August when they had 300 mln users.

More importantly, this number is not based on people who have registered with WhatsApp, but people who are actively using it every single month. What is even more interesting is the fact that WhatsApp has scaled to such phenomenal numbers with just a 50 people team.
What makes WhatsApp Tick?
Have you ever thought why WhatsApp is so popular?
There are multiple factors, but in my opinion, the 2 biggest factor for WhatsApp success are privacy and simplicity.
We are in an era where we have dim-o-dozen mobile messaging apps. while few of them are doing well, WhatsApp has gained standout popular – The reason is, even your grandma can send and receive messages with ease. Eve…

Android Desktop Manager to Backup and Organize Phone over WiFi

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If you have hundreds of apps and gigabytes of multimedia content on phone, it’s not easy to manage and organize everything swiping thumbs on small touch screen. Desktop program with full control over phone’s content could come as handy solution.
Why Should I Use?
These applications let you carry out operations more than just a copy-paste of files. You can:

Backup and Restore your Phone in one click
Import / Export Contacts easily
Receive and Send SMS from Computer
*Convert Music while importing to maintain compatibility with device.
*All of the above over-the-air without connecting phone to USB. (using WiFi)

How they Work?
You have to install the software on Computer and similarly their app from Play store on Android device. They get configured and connected automatically on startup and you get to access mobile device content on PC.
I tested some popular Android Desktop Managers and sharing the best ones with you.
MobileGo by Wondersh…

How to Setup Google Authorship [Infographic]

Here’s a really good infographic detailing how easy it is to set up Google Authorship. Authorship is now a vital part of Search Engine Optimisation, not just in regard to Google’s ranking algorithm, but also as a visual reference by human searchers. Compared to other entries in search this helps it stand out. However, that’s […]
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Marketing Day: December 19, 2013

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

How Ad Retargeting Ruined Christmas

Forget the Grinch that stole Christmas. This year, maybe it’s ad retargeting that stealing Christmas, at least the surprise of what people are going to receive. Certainly in my household, a new war on the Christmas surprise has been declared. Advertisers taking advantage of “retargeting” — a way to follow visitors around with ads — […]

Now Official: Google Glass Supports iOS With MyGlass App

The growing number of Google Glass wearers now have a more legitimate choice to make in terms of which mobile operating system to use with Glass. It’s been eight months since the Android version came out, and now Google has released the iOS version of My Glass, the companion app that serves as a sort […]

Allstate’s “Holiday Home Decorator” Site Lets You Decorate Your House, Then Mayhem Guy Destroys It

Allstate Insurance …

App Marketers: You Can Now Add Video to Your Facebook App Center Page

To download or not to download? That is the question consumers ask when they see a new app or game. Even if the download is free, no one wants to waste their time with a poorly made or boring game. Written text is fine but screen shots are usually the ingredient that pushes them one way or the other. But what’s better than a screenshot? How about a video that shows the app in action?

Facebook just gave app developers the ability to place a video trailer above the fold on their app’s page. Just like video ads in the newsfeed, app center videos will begin to play as soon as someone hits the page. The sound will be muted until the person clicks the video which is actually a little confusing. I can see consumers everywhere switching their headphones on and off wondering why they can’t hear anything.
Videos can be added through the developer app dashboard but must be approved by Facebook before going live. There are a few rules but they’re reasonable:

Clearly represent the purpose of the appl…

Facebook Shares, Likes Don't Impact Search Results | Senator Targets Targeting Firms | DVR Users Evade Commercials, VOD Users Stuck with Them

Search/Social: Despite widespread belief otherwise, new data appears to show that shares and likes don't have much if any influence on Google search rankings, or even page discovery. Video: When users are given more options to evade commercials, they do so. The shocking research shows that Video on Demand users see about 20 percent more ads [...]

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Now Official: Google Glass Supports iOS With MyGlass App

The growing number of Google Glass wearers now have a more legitimate choice to make in terms of which mobile operating system to use with Glass.
It’s been eight months since the Android version came out, and now Google has released the iOS version of My Glass, the companion app that serves as a sort of control panel for Google Glass. The app appeared briefly in the App Store earlier this week, but that was a premature release and Google removed it quickly.
MyGlass for iOS offers mostly similar functionality to the Android version: Glass setup, turn-by-turn directions, contact and app management, and the ability to screencast the Glass display on the iOS device.
But one notable Glass feature is still missing for iOS users: SMS messaging. That’s due to technical limitations under iOS. Google’s Stephen Lau previously explained that “iOS7 as of yet does not allow for third party apps to retrieve SMS details,” which means that Glass can’t connect the name of the person you’re texting to a co…