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How Link Building Changed in 2013

Google rolled out several algorithmic updates and other significant changes, and there was much discussion around penalties and disavowing links. Through it all, links remain incredibly important, and link building won't be going away any time soon.

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According to Ads, Galaxy Gear Makes Stalking Easy and Effective …. Neat-o!

I like Samsung’s stuff. The messaging in their ads, well, I guess it’s a matter of choice.
Of course, if you find a girl who is impressed with stalking via technology and thinks it’s ‘cool’ then I guess this is the way to go.
What’s your take?

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Marketing Land’s Most-Shared Stories on Facebook of 2013: The Downfall of EdgeRank, Google Reader and QR Codes

Welcome to another installment of our Year In Review series. We have already shared our top news stories and our most tweeted stories; but in 2013, our Facebook sharers like to share news and features about Facebook – such as the changes in the News Feed algorithm, using hashtags, “story bumping,” and ultimately how to get the most out of Facebook marketing.
For all of our most socially-shared stories of 2013, we used Social Crawlytics, a free tool that analyzes each URL of a site to show how it’s been shared, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and more. The tool captures social plugin data that on each URL, and a great way to see how your content resonates socially.
Without further ado, here are the 20 most-shared stories of 2013:
1. The #Hashtag Bowl, Game Over: Twitter Mentioned In 50% Of Super Bowl Commercials, Facebook Only 8%, Google+ Shut Out
2. EdgeRank Is Dead: Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Now Has Close To 100K Weight Factors
3. Facebook Finally Gets Hashtags: How Th…

Study: Over Half of Web Traffic is Fraudulent

Not exactly the good tidings of the season that Internet marketers want to hear but if you are surprised by this number then you may not truly understand the Internet.
A recent study from Solve Media puts Q3 web traffic in the US at a 51% fraudulent rate.

This quote from the CEO of Solve sets a pretty high bar for marketers that only those with deep pockets may be able to hit.

“As fraudulent web traffic in the US rises, marketers must defend their hard-fought budgets by investing with publishers that ensure their branding is being seen by actual people who can truly complete purchases,” said Ari Jacoby, CEO of Solve Media. “With a verified audience, comes the guarantee that brand marketing will be effective online. As the market size of global display spending swells to $48.2B in 2014*, it’s a clear win for both publishers and advertisers to ensure audiences are human. To that end, we will see a rapid increase in investments made to protect audience integrity, as advertisers demand secur…

‘Twas The Week Before Christmas

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the marketing team,
Every person was busy, a few ready to scream.
The landing pages were published to the website with care,
In hopes that buyers soon would be there.
The analysts had their noses to their computer screens,
While visions of high conversion ratios danced in their dreams.
Our VP and me had our Salesforce dashboards in view;
I think he wanted to leave, and, to be honest, I did too.
When out of the server room there arose such a clatter,
I raced to my cube to see what was the matter.
Opening new windows, I typed with a flash,
Pulled up the website and command line to Ping in a dash.
The slow response of the recently published pages
Gave the impression I might be losing my wages.
When, what to my searching eyes should appear,
A 404 message that brought me to tears.
All of a sudden, so breathless and gasping,
Our lead developer showed up; I began gagging.
More rapid than any language I could understand,
He wove a tale of how the hacker got in.

Secure Your Data Center First: McAfee Indian Security Industry Trends for 2014

For the year 2014, McAfee has come up with its annual security industry trends for India, and has shared some amazing insights into the future.
2013 has been quite an eventful year for Indians in terms of cyber fraud, as ICICI bank was infamous for letting hackers go lose on their servers. Information security and cyber safety has been one of the top concerns for India netizens, as this report suggests. Internet safety was discussed and methods to prevent cyber fraud was shared everywhere.
Even Indian government jumped into the fray, and started surveillance for maximum safety and preventing any cyber fraud. Indian Government also launched a National Cyber Security Policy for 2013.
But as we all know, information is the real power today, and hackers and anti-social elements will leave no stone unturned to get access to it. This is the reason that this McAfee report on Indian security industry trends for 2014 is extremely important and relevant for every company.

The top 5 trends as mentio…

Benefit of Credit Cards – General Users Guide

The use of credit cards by millions of customers has been increased considerably. They are being used for different purposes ranging from shopping of different thing to the payment of hospital bills. In short we can say that credit cards have created ease for the customers in different ways. On the other side, it has […]
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Marketing Day: December 23, 2013

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

KPMG Says It’s Leaving .Com For .KPMG Domain, Wrongly Cites SEO As A Reason

KPMG, the multinational professional services agency that was born in 1870, says it will abandon its .com domain and switch to its own .kpmg top-level domain (TLD). And one of the reasons the company gives is an expectation that the new domain will help the company’s search engine optimization. David Green, KPMG’s chief of digital […]

Buffalo Chicken, The Blue Lagoon & Smartwatches: Pinterest Lists Its Top Pins Of 2013

Last week, Pinterest released its Top Pins of 2013, offering 29 different Top Pin categories, including boards for Tasty Recipes, Technology and Places & Travel. With more than 2,000 followers, Pinterest’s Tasty Recipe board listed 20 Pins of the top trending recipes, with everything from Buffalo Chicken to Nutella Brownies and Beer-candied bac…

Are Tablets Taking Over? In a Word: Yes

I love my iPad but would I ever get rid of my PC? Not me. But I’m not really the best test case since I work online for a living. Let’s ask Mr. and Mrs. Average Public.
“Would you consider purchasing a tablet as a replacement for your personal laptop or desktop computer?”
Looks like the table(t)s are turning!
The cute pic and the information comes from Adroit Digital’s latest report which is appropriately titled “2014: Are Tablets Taking Over?”
Not only are people turning to their tablets on a more frequent basis, 43% say they have two or more tablets at home. 17% have more than 3. A year ago, I would have been surprised by that number but now that my son realized he could watch Game of Thrones on my iPad I’ve begun to think about becoming a two tablet home.
Let’s talk about leaving home – 94% of respondents said they’ve taken their tablet out of the house but only a small percentage do it on a regular basis. This is likely due to the size and weight of most tablets. Now that we have iPad …

KPMG Says It’s Leaving .Com For .KPMG Domain, Wrongly Cites SEO As A Reason

KPMG, the multinational professional services agency that was born in 1870, says it will abandon its .com domain and switch to its own .kpmg top-level domain (TLD). And one of the reasons the company gives is an expectation that the new domain will help the company’s search engine optimization.
David Green, KPMG’s chief of digital marketing, revealed the company’s plans in a recent interview with World Intellectual Property Review (WIPR).
“We won’t immediately drop .com; there will be a phased migration,” Green said.
In making the switch, KPMG is set to become one of the first — perhaps the first — major brand to adopt one of the new generic TLDs (made possible by ICANN’s significant domain space expansion) as its primary domain.
KPMG says there are a number of benefits to switching, some of which are highly technical and based on being able to operate a registry system at the root of the internet. But Green also says that using .kpmg will “increase consumer and client trust,” and he cite…

IAB: Lots of Money Coming; More Expected | Under-Table Blogger/Reporter Link Corruption Now a Thing

Media: The IAB reports that online adspend has reached about $10.7 billion, implying 15 percent growth from last year and 4 percent growth from last quarter. If placed end-to-end, those 10.7 billion dollars could encircle 100 million times the career graves of those who argued internet ads would eventually be subsumed by interconnected television ad spending [...]

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