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Business quotes that boost up and help you succeed in Blogging.

Winning is what every blogger needs today. Some may win, some may lose at the end of the day. But that’s not the end, fight continues tomorrow. Competitors change from time to time, but not the competition. It is not the competition that kills your blogging career, it’s you. No matter who you are, an amateur blogger or an experienced blogger, these business quotes help you. By avoiding some basic blogging mistakes in early days, […]
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10 Most Popular Mobile Apps Of 2013

It was the year of mobile in 2013. Globally, more than 100 billion mobile apps were downloaded in this year, with revenues from apps touching approximately $26 billion. It is an increase of 44% compared to 2012, when 64 billion apps were downloaded, generating revenues of $64 billion. Android and iOS apps accounted for nearly 90% of total apps downloads. Android accounted for 52.2% of all downloaded apps, while iOS had 40.6% share.

India is yet to reach that fanatic levels of app download, as only 15% of Indians with smartphones have ever downloaded an app, with 90% among them choosing the free version over paid. Currently, Indians downloaded approximately 1.56 billion mobile apps in 2013, which is expected to touch 9 billion by 2015, if the downloads grow at a speed of 75-80% year on year.
Here we present the top mobile apps which were hugely popular in 2013:

- Facebook:
Facebook with 1 billion+ users of its website was the most popular mobile app in both Android and iOS platforms. Faceb…

> Half of Amazonians on Mobile (Shudder) | iTunes Radio Meets Goals, Criticized for Not Innovating | eMarketer: TV to Wane While Growing

eCommerce: More than half of Amazon's shoppers came through mobile. Elsewhere, MasterCard reported that holidays sales were up a nominal 2.3 percent. In the online realm, it appears to have done better, registering a 10 percent gain, which still fell short of expectations. Online/Mobile Eats Radio: Apple's iTunes Radio grew rapidly upon its launch to successfully serve extremely [...]

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This Was No Boating Accident: Sharks Use Twitter to Keep Swimmers Safe

“Australia: Sharks Use Twitter To Warn Swimmers”
Sounds like a headline from the Weird Weekly News but it’s actually quite true. Scientists in Australia have attached transmitters to 320 sharks so they can monitor their movements. When a shark swims within a kilometre (that’s 0.621371 miles to you and me) of a beach, the transmitter sends a message to a computer which then generates a warning Tweet.

Fisheries advise: tagged Bronze whaler shark detected at Garden Island (north end) receiver at 06:07:00 AM on 27-Dec-2013
— Surf Life Saving WA (@SLSWA) December 26, 2013

The messages show up on the Surf Life Saving Western Australia’s (SLSWA) Twitter feed.
Though everyone in the media is having a lot of fun with the story, the truth is it can be a real lifesaver. Since they’ve been keeping records there have been a total of 510 shark attacks in Australia which resulted in the deaths of 144 people in Australia. The US has seen more than 1022 attacks but only 36 deaths.
Traditionally, we learn th…

Marketing Day: December 27, 2013

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

Q&A With Anna Bager, GM Of The IAB’s Mobile Marketing Center Of Excellence

Look around you almost anywhere — on public transit, in a restaurant, at a sporting event, and even in the car — and it’s impossible to ignore the impact that mobile devices have had on our society in the past year. And that influence is only growing in significance. Needless to say, digital marketers go […]

2013 In Analytics & Marketing: Our 10 Most Popular Columns

From Annie Cushing’s series on how to get the most from Excel to Nan Dawkins’ musings on Google’s Universal Analytics and Social Media measurement, it’s been a busy year in Analytics here at Marketing Land. The Analytics & Marketing column got a big boost this year, as we brought over some of the columnists covering […]

Ten Bold Predictions For Affiliate Marketing in 2014

When it comes to affilia…

Why 2014 Will Be the Year of the Small Business

This is the year for small businesses to prove they are indeed the backbone of the U.S. economy. With agile and affordable technology, SMBs can entice more customers and secure more revenue than their enterprise counterparts. So strap on your party hat, 2014 is the Year of the SMB. Cheers!

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