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Is WhatsApp The Next Big Thing In Publishers’ Sharing Button Options?

What if most people would rather share privately?
That’s the question publishers might be asking themselves after today’s Digiday story reporting of the startling news that the WhatsApp sharing button on USA Today’s FTW sports site gets more action that the Twitter button. From the story:
Since introducing a WhatsApp sharing button to its mobile site a week ago, FTW has already seen WhatsApp shares climb to 18 percent of the site’s overall sharing activity. That’s higher than Twitter (13 percent) but still significantly lower than email (35 percent) and Facebook (34 percent).
“This has opened our eyes,” USAT content director Jamie Mottram told Digiday. “Clearly, there’s an audience and behavior here that we should tap into.”
Few publishers are going down that road so far. But you can be sure that won’t last, considering these eye-opening results and the fact that WhatsApp has 500 million active users who reportedly send 50 billion private messages a day. But tapping WhatsApp’s potential w…

Bad reputation in Europe? Google now has a form for that

From old arrest records to inappropriate college party photos – seems like every day a CEO or celebrity is making apologies for past, bad behavior. Most of the time it’s simply embarrassing for a week and then the world moves on. But we’ve seen cases where past misdeeds have resulted in forced resignations and customer boycotts.
And though it’s usually the big chiefs we hear about, there are plenty of little fish getting caught in the old news net. Is it fair to judge a person by their past behavior? What if they’ve since moved on to bigger and better things? What if those old news stories turned out not to be true?
Europe’s top court recently decided that to forgive is divine but to be forgotten is the law.
The”European Data Protection law” says that certain people can ask search engines to remove results that include their name and is “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant, or excessive in relation to the purposes for which they were processed.”
If you’re serving time for an arme…

Google’s Right To Be Forgotten Form Gets 12,000 Submissions On First Day

Google’s new Right To Be Forgotten from has been up for just about a day now, and the company says that over 12,000 submissions have been received.
Google confirmed the figures to Marketing Land, which had earlier been reported by Reuters. Google also said that at one point, it had been getting up to 20 requests per minute.
Which countries generated the most requests? Google’s not breaking that down, it said. But if the several thousand requests that Google already received before the form went up are any guide, Germany is likely the leader.
Germans generated 40% of removal requests over the past month, before the form went up. Spain generated the next highest amount, 14%. Here’s the top five countries stats from before the form, according to Google:

40%: Germany
14%: Spain
13%: UK
3%: Italy
2%: France

Most of those previous requests will have to be refiled, as they lacked the ID and other information that Google is asking via its form. For more about that, see our comprehensive story on Searc…

Who Shared My Link? Muckrack’s Handy Tool Has Details And A New PDF Report Feature

If you need a quick snapshot of how well a piece of online content is performing on social media, Muckrack’s “Who Shared My Link” tool is one of the best. Just paste any url into the tool and you’ll get an instant reading of how many times it has been shared on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
Of course, such information is also available from any number of analytics dashboards, but Muckrack’s service is free and so simple that it basically demands inclusion in a content marketer’s quiver of tools.
Muckrack, a network that connects journalists with P.R. professionals and marketers, created the tool about a year ago and has been steadily adding new features. In December it introduced a bookmarklet that enables users to access the tool from their browsers’ tool bar. Last week it added the ability to click through to Twitter to see all the tweets in which the url appeared.
And this week, Muckrack added the option to create a PDF report. The report simplifies the display even further…

Google Launches Total Overall Of Ecommerce Analytics In Beta

Google is testing a “complete revamp” of its Google Analytics Ecommerce aimed at providing insights into the entire customer journey, not just the purchase itself.
New metrics include: product detail views, ‘add to cart’ actions, internal campaign clicks, the success of internal merchandising tools, the checkout process, and purchase.
It’s also possible to build audience segments directly from funnel reports to analyze user actions like cart and product page abandons. Funnels are available at the device category level as shown in the screenshot below.

Enhanced Ecommerce is built on Universal Analytics, so you’ll need to have installed Universal Analytics on your site before getting started. More detail on set-up is available here.

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Apple Steps Up iTunes Radio Advertising Efforts: Locally Targeted Ads Reportedly Coming This Year

When news broke last December that Apple is building a real-time bidding exchange for in-app ad buying, word came that that Apple was shifting focus to selling advertising on iTunes Radio. The Information is reporting today Apple will begin offering “locally targeted advertising” on iTunes Radio later this year.
The article points out that the addition of local ads on iTunes Radio “strikes at the heart of Pandora’s advertising business”. Pandora reported advertising revenues of $521 million in 2013, an increase of 45 percent year-over-year.
Apple is also planning to add more content to its platform through deals with local NPR stations, ESPN and now according to The Information broadcast radio stations.
The news comes in a week when Apple announced it is buying Beats Electronics for $3 billion to compete with subscription services such as Pandora. The company has said Beat’s streaming service will be offered in addition to iTunes Radio.

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Watch These Angry Animals Explode Out Of People’s Hungry Stomachs Alien-Style

Carmichael Lynch is out with some hilarious new work for Jack Links Jerky which illustrates how feelings of hunger can manifest themselves in strange and amusingly awkward ways. Three ads focus on “Hangry Moments,” those unfortunate moments when your stomach just isn’t getting what it needs and consequentially unleashes its anger.
In the case of these three ads, the anger takes the form of a puma, an eagle and a dog, each of which burst out of their host’s stomachs Alien-style. Except these aliens are friendly. Mostly. As long as their hosts feed them a bit of jerky.
In one ad, a student disrupts a lecture when a puma bursts forth from his stomach. In a second ad, an eagle emerges from a woman’s stomach as she sits on a plane awaiting take off. And in a third ad, a dog emerges from a man’s stomach in the middle of a dry, boring business meeting.
Each of the three ads carry super dry humor that mirrors the brand’s kooky nature. The purpose of the campaign is to urge consumers to “feed the…

Publishers Becoming Clearer on Native Ads | Few Do Much to Protect their Privacy | PR Sites Hit Hard by Panda, May Affect Bad Journalism Sites Too

Privacy: Most people worry about their privacy, and most don't do a single thing about it, which - in America - is often a prelude for citizens to expect their government to step in and do the job for them. Search: Google's recent Panda 4.0 update appears to have nailed press release-oriented sites, categorizing them among the "thin [...]

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4 Mistakes Agencies Make to Lose Clients

Not understanding the client's business or economics, not doing enough keyword and competitive analysis, using a generic proposal template, and lack of communication and reporting the wrong metrics will cost you future business and current clients.

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New tech for improved driverless cars and video games

Scientists have developed a new 3-D imaging system that can remotely sense objects across distances as long as 30 feet, 10 times farther than what could be done with current low-power laser systems. The system could one day enable a self-driving car to spot a child in the street half a block away, let people
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How to Improve Alexa Rank of Your Blog in 2014

Just because you are here, we recognize the blogger or internet marketer inside you, who likes to show the power of quality of your website/blog by means of higher Alexa rank. This metrics by an Amazon-owned company, Alexa, has managed to become a matter of discussion among bloggers and internet marketers in a relatively small
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Slick Cross-Platform App Distribution Tool ‘Beta’ Is Released By Twitter’s Crashlytics

Earlier this year Apple bought the popular iOS app distribution tool TestFlight along with the parent company Burstly to bolster its suite of tools for developers. To nobody’s suprise TestFlight quickly terminated Android support in March. So what’s a multi-platform app creator to do? Enter Crashlytics’s new tool ‘Beta’.

Last year Twitter acquired Crashlytics, a mobile crash reporting solution, and folded the features into the main Twitter product. Well this year the Crashlytics team has continued it’s innovation by creating a “fun”tester experience that is fully integrated with Crashlytics crash reporting and works for teams on both iOS and Android.

Some really sexy features also exist such as the ability to view where each tester is in the lifecycle, the ability to see the code drawing the most issues and overall tester activity.

It’s also streamlined as the above GIF shows, it makes it easy to upload a build and with bulk email invitations from csv’s, the distribution is also a breeze…

#RedskinsPride Campaign Looks Like A Failure On Twitter, But Draws Facebook Support

The NFL’s Washington Redskins, battling increased pressure to change a team name that many consider a racial slur, launched a social media campaign and depending where you checked it either looked like a disaster or a good way to rally support.
Last week, 50 U.S. senators, most notably majority leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada), signed a letter to the NFL urging that the team be forced to change its name.
Yesterday, the Redskins responded on Twitter and Facebook, asking fans to tell Reid and Congress to back off. The Redskins’ tweet has received the most attention and coverage.
Tweet @SenatorReid to show your #RedskinsPride and tell him what the team means to you.
— Washington Redskins (@Redskins) May 29, 2014

It’s been widely cited as a P.R. disaster, a point that’s hard to argue considering the negative reaction to the tweet and the reappropriation of the hashtag. There are many examples. Here are two:
Hey @Redskins and @HarryReid! To me #redskinspride is about normalizing overt racism in the …

How to Play DVD Movie on Mobile Devices

There is an interesting depiction of Smartphone adoption: More people have cell phones than toilets. Among the total estimated 7 billion people, 6 billion of them have access to cell phones. But only 4.5 billion people — have access to working toilets. And most of them spend nearly 20% of their waking hours watching videos
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How to share files on Dropbox

If you work with teams, you are most likely to have a need to share and collaborate files. Dropbox makes sharing of files, folders, photos, videos or just anything super easy. It’s simple to set up and can save lot of time. If you are away from office and want easy access to your files,
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Fetch as Google Adds Page Rendering

Google has added to the Fetch as Google tool in Webmaster Tools, allowing webmasters to render their webpage as Googlebot sees it and address any issues. You can Fetch and Render for Desktop, Mobile: Smartphone, Mobile: XHTML/WML or Mobile: cHTML.

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How A Blogger Should Moderate Blog Comments

In the past, me along with many other shouters have shared various guide to use commenting as a blog marketing and promotion tool. We also informed you about SEO benefits of blog commenting, and if you have missed it; here are some guides which you should open in a new tab and save it for reading later. A practical guide on blog commenting for marketing A huge list of spam comments which looks Genuine Today [...]
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Denny’s Scores With Perfect Twitter Reaction To Apple’s Beats Buy

If newsjacking can be considered an art form, then Denny’s created a minor masterpiece today:

BREAKING: Denny's Buys Beets for $3 Billion, Makes Huge Salad
— Denny's (@DennysDiner) May 29, 2014

It was a perfect reaction to yesterday’s news that Apple is buying Beats Electronics for $3 billion, topical, funny and punctuated by just the right dose of absurdity. The tweet has performed well, with 756 retweets and 673 favorites and a long thread of positive replies.
We’ve come to expect such hijinks from Denny’s Twitter account, which sometimes reads like a string of standup comic one-liners. The Denny’s social team certainly isn’t afraid of taking real-time risks, as it proved after Florida State beat Auburn in the BCS college football championship in January.
Its tweet that night — “If it’s any consolation Auburn fans, there are 47 chances to win on the way home,” with a Pasadena to Auburn map marking Denny’s locations attached — drew more than 6,000 RTs but also drew mixed reviews w…

AdSense Publisher Says Threatened With Account Closure Over Sexually Suggestive Videos That Google Itself Monetizes

Another week, anotherloony story involving Google AdSense.
The website wrote on Thursday that it received notice from Google’s AdSense team demanding that they take AdSense ads off a news article page posted back in 2012. The article covered an intellectual property lawsuit in which a porn star sued rapper Bow Wow for using video of her pole dancing in one of his music videos without permission.
Techdirt points out there was no actually nudity or porn involved in the story and that it was a news story. What it did include were embeds of the two videos involved in the case which showed the pole dancing.
In an email from the AdSense policy team, forwarded by the sales team, TechDirt was informed that if AdSense ads weren’t removed from the page within three days the whole account would be shut down. The AdSense policy states, Publishers are not permitted to place Google ads or AdSense for search (AFS) search boxes on pages with adult or mature content.
Here’s the kicker. As Tec… And FreeWeel Will Power ABC’s Programmatic Pilot

In a move to automate the buying and selling process of premium digital TV ad inventory, AOL’s and Comcast’s FreeWheel announced a new partnership today.’s demand-side platform (DSP) will power the buying side of the programmatic pilot that ABC announced during its TV Upfront this spring. The DSP will integrate with FreeWheel’s Fourfronts private marketplace on which ABC will sell its digital video inventory.
Agencies MAGNA GLOBAL, Optimedia and Starcom MediaVest Group have signed on to test out the technology partnership during the trial.
The pilot brings together all the parties needed to test out the market for programmatically selling premium digital TV —’s programmatic buying platform, FreeWheel’s Fourfronts selling platform, substantial agencies and a leading content provider.
“In September 2013, AOL, with other leaders in digital advertising, committed to simplifying and streamlining the buying and selling processes of premium digital advertising, including…

Facebook Suffers Outage: Your ‘Account Temporarily Unavailable’

Facebook went down this afternoon, shortly after 3 p.m. Eastern time, when some web and mobile users trying to access the site started seeing an error message that said:
“Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes.” The outage also hit Facebook’s developer’s domain — — where the message was a bit more apologetic:

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8 Reasons Why You Should Register Now for MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference

Summer’s unofficially begun. That means August and MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference are right around the corner.
Here are 8 reasons to register today:
1) Actionable program. MarTech sessions will help you:

Maximize the value of your marketing technology investment
Implement a marketing culture that is responsive, agile and drives business success
Recruit and develop people who will create brilliant online experiences for your customers.

2) Accomplished presenters. Conference Chair Scott Brinker and the MarTech advisory board selected speakers based on their expertise and willingness to share. You get two days of keynote-quality presentations.
3) The BIG Picture. Hear New York Times bestselling author of “The Second Machine Age” Erik Brynjolfsson share his research and insight into how exponentially improving technology will forever change our lives and our businesses.
4) Join the community. Marketing technology innovators will gather in Boston for this inaugural event. Connect with othe…

Android To Hit 80 Percent Market Share This Year — Report

Smartphone growth continues according to the latest “shipments share” numbers from IDC. The firm anticipates Android will reach 80 percent global market share this year but decline to roughly 77 percent in four years largely because of Windows Phone growth.
The iPhone remains strong in developed markets and weak in developing markets where the handset is too expensive for many. The report acknowledges the potential positive impact of a larger-screen iPhone but doesn’t believe that will significantly affect Apple’s global market share.

IDC sees Windows Phone handset share growing from 3.5 percent globally to more than 6 percent in 2018. On a percentage basis Windows Phone growth “will outpace the market.” BlackBerry by contrast is almost gone by 2018, one of the most spectacular corporate collapses in recent history.
It’s unclear how Nokia will fare under the Nadella regime. Former CEO Steve Ballmer was the architect of the acquisition. When asked at the Code Conference whether he favored…

Google Publishes Less Than Stellar Workforce Diversity Stats, Admits “We’re Not Where We Want To Be”

Trying to be part of the solution versus being part of the problem, Google has started a conversation on diversity in the workplace by publishing its own lackluster workforce gender and ethnicity statistics.
According to Google’s findings, female employees make up only 30 percent of the company’s overall staff.
When reviewing employee ethnicity, only two percent of Google employees are black, and three percent are Hispanic. At 61 percent, the majority of Google employees are white, and 30 percent are Asian.
From the announcement:
We’ve always been reluctant to publish numbers about the diversity of our workforce at Google. We now realize we were wrong, and that it’s time to be candid about the issues. Put simply, Google is not where we want to be when it comes to diversity, and it’s hard to address these kinds of challenges if you’re not prepared to discuss them openly, and with the facts.
Google’s senior vice president of people operations Lazlo Bock was featured last night on PBS NewsHou…

Toyota Puts Children’s Art In Motion With Dream Car Of The Day Campaign On Vine

Toyota prides itself for next-generation thinking. So it’s no surprise that the car company that brought the hybrid automobile to the masses has turned to children for a creative marketing campaign.
Kids draw the darndest things?
They do, indeed. And since 2004 when Toyota started its annual Dream Car Art Contest, youngsters from around the world have responded resoundingly, drawing and entering more than 660,000 pictures of their dream car of the future.
This year, Toyota is putting the car art into motion. It has partnered with creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi Fallon Tokyo to re-imagine the drawings of 90 finalists as six-second animated videos.
‘an Eco car that unites the multi-racial citizens’
Today it published the first “Dream Car of the Day” Vine and it will follow with 89 more daily posts leading up to the August 27 award ceremony in Japan. Today’s post, embedded above, is based on the work of Asher Royce Anthony, a 7-year-old from Malaysia. His description — “This is an Eco c…

#AskChevron Is Trending On Twitter, But Chevron Isn’t Answering

#TRIVIA Chevron is guilty of… #AskChevron
— ToxicEffect (@thetoxiceffect) May 27, 2014

Chevron, holding its annual shareholders meeting in Midland, Texas, today, is getting an earful on Twitter at #AskChevron, but it’s probably not what you think.
The hashtag, promoted and parked atop Twitter’s worldwide trend widget for most of the day, wasn’t a Chevron creation. It was created by an environmental group Toxic Effect, protesting Chevron’s oil production in Amazon rainforests in Ecuador and the damage it has allegedly caused over the years.
Not surprisingly the hashtag has been embraced by Twitter’s resident environmentalists, some of whom apparently believe that Chevron is doing the asking. It might strike some as a similar situation to J.P. Morgan’s #AskJPM P.R. disaster of last November. But that was a highjacked hashtag for a Twitter Q&A; this one is a freelance invention.
And a very effective one. By this late this afternoon, the hashtag had been tweeted more t…

Samsung Shows How Devices And Data Will Give Birth To “Personal Health Optimization”

We’re used to hearing about new devices from Samsung. But today the Korean company was in San Francisco to preview something slightly different: a major new digital health push.
Called “The Samsung Digital Health Initiative,” it’s a mix of hardware, software and partnerships. Samsung promises that it will “accelerate the development of advanced sensors, algorithms, and data collection and analysis.”
There were two major components of Samsung’s announcement. The first is “Simband,” an “open hardware” reference design that is essentially a modular collection of biometric sensors that could live in a watch band or conceivably in other wearables. Samsung says that developers (and the company itself) will use Simband to help develop products. However it will not be sold.

The second major component of the digital health initiative is called “SAMI” for Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions. It’s a could-based software platform that will ingest data from wearables and other inputs and…

Shoppers shout ‘I am not a number!’

eBay has been hiding things from me. I suspected it was true and now I know I’m not being paranoid. When I search, I only get back a portion of the items available for that keyword.
They say it’s for my own good. That they’re helping me weed through the clutter so I can get the best item for the best price. But frankly, I’d rather wade through an extra page of listings than have a computer decide what I should buy.
McCann Truth Central’s “Truth About Shopping” says that consumers are getting tired of being treated as part of an algorithm. Which is not to say they don’t like personalized service. The difference falls somewhere between personal and personalization.
Smart search engines are destroying the thrill of the hunt. 57% of consumers said they were afraid that they’d discover fewer new things if all they ever saw was exactly what they were looking for. They don’t mind suggestions, 66% said they’re looking to be inspired, but they believe a human will do a better job of suggesting.

Watch the Beautiful Ad This 14-Year-Old Girl Created For SmartyPants

Content. Brand advocacy. Teenage girls. What do these three things have in common? They were uniquely combined to create a wonderful piece of content for family-centered vitamin brand SmartyPants.
Working with Ramaa Mosley’s Adolescent, a company which champions the work of teenage filmmakers, SmartyPants commissioned 14-year-old Lily Eliana Walsh to create a video about the brand.
Lily was born in New York, raised in Los Angeles and began taking photos when she was 11. When she was 12, she moved on to video and that’s where her passion blossomed.
Of her work on the video for SmartyPants, Lily said:
I loved working with the younger kids, even though they didn’t always do what I asked. When working with young kids it is easier to set up scenarios for them to play within and then capture real moments, instead of telling them exactly what movements to do. Whereas working with the people my age, I felt that I could give them a couple little bits of action or inspiration and they would jump ri…

Agency Spends 3 Fortnights Writing a Tweet | Programmatic Aficionados Curious about this Price Pressure Notion | FTC Hearts Privacy; Can't Regulate without Congress

Robot Invasion: AdExchanger is searching for the origin of the notion that publishers are getting throttled on media pricing when they allow programmatic ad buying on their sites. Among several dynamics surmised, there were a couple key missing ones: The most obvious is that the tech stack and commissions eats a quarter to half of the [...]

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