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Unmetric charts the top social media messages of 2014

Social media marketing wasn’t the path to riches we all expected it to be in 2014. Facebook approached zero visibility, there were major (and embarrassing) missteps on Twitter and we’re all still trying to figure out how to make Instagram work.
But in the midst of all the turmoil, there were triumphs – brands who found a way to connect with social media users. In turn, those users then shared, liked and commented (okay, rarely commented, but you get the picture), lifting the branded campaign to even higher heights.
Unmetric would like to take you on a little journey back in time with this infographic look at the best of 2014. They call it the “Awesome Things Brands Did in 2014” infographic. I call it inspiration for 2015.
The infographic looks like a subway map with three lines running from top to bottom. Red is YouTube, light blue is Twitter and dark blue is Facebook.
A few campaigns scored big across multiple channels. For example, Microsoft’s May the 4th be With You campaign received 6…

eCommerce Satisfaction Down | Dueling Studies Argue Over Rate of Online Ad Fraud

eCommerce: Customer satisfaction ratings among etailers are falling, likely due to increased expectations. Ad Fraud: Startled by a study last year that showed a third of ad impressions were seen only by bots, the ANA and anti-fraud firm White Ops put together a study showing only one in nine impressions were viewed only by bots. The new study, [...]

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Online Browsing Remains Strong During Christmas Week, But Conversions Slow

Online holiday shopping activity slowed during the Christmas week but certainly didn’t stop entirely. Traffic was still clocking in at 1.6 times the holiday baseline while conversions dropped precipitously, to only .9 times the baseline number.
Traffic was especially notable on the day after Christmas, when it spiked to 2 times the baseline number. Interestingly, conversions stayed fairly strong through Christmas Eve, according to this week’s Marketing Land Online Retail Sales Report.
The report is based on data from HookLogic, a company which gathers data on online retail transactions through the advertising network it runs, allowing brands to run ads on major retailer websites.
Based on what occurred in 2013, HookLogic expects a rise in both conversions and traffic at the end of the year, as retailers offer close-out deals and shoppers redeem their gift cards.

We’ll be featuring data like this weekly on Marketing Land as a part of our Retail Column coverage through the holiday shopping …

Report: 2.5X More App Installs On Christmas With Apple Device Activations Accounting For 51%

Flurry released their holiday statistics on the number of App installations and new device activations by manufacturer. In short, Apple devices made up 51.3% of all new mobile device activations between December 19 through the 25th, which is the holiday of Hanukkah through Christmas. Samsung devices followed Apple with 17.7%, then Nokia with 5.8%, Sony with 1.6% and LG with 1.4%.
So for every Samsung activation, Apple activated 2.9 devices.
App installations spiked 150% on Christmas day compared to the December 1 through December 21st time period. On average, 2.5 more apps were installed on Christmas day than on the average day the rest of the month according to Flurry.
Also, 13% of new device activations were phablets compared to just 4% in 2013. The iPhone 6+ was one of the top five devices, with the iPhone 6 being the number on device by activation.
App developers should take note of these stats. Here are some charts:

The post Report: 2.…

Time Bigger Online than Off | RIP Yahoo Directory | Tablet TV Seeks Aero Niche, Less the Lawsuits

Media: Time Inc's last quarter showing that it has a bigger online audience than it does in print is consistent with signals indicating that the shift to digital consumption has gutted publisher revenues due to a combination of lower price expectations online and previously inflated print prices. The current debate in the online community regarding visibility [...]

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General Motors Harnesses Facebook To Fuel Impressive Vehicle Recall Rate

There are 2 million General Motors vehicles on the roads that were created with a defective ignition switch that cause drivers to lose control without any warning. The faulty switches have led to at least 42 deaths according to the LA Times. A recall was needed and GM found themselves looking to social media for a solution.
GM tried the traditional methods, direct mail, phone calls and leveraging dealers to help resolve this deadly issue. While 99% of people became aware of the recall, the sheer number of folks getting their cars fixed was underwhelming. They then tried offering $25 gift certificates that helped spur tens of thousands of responders and tickets to auto shows and state fairs that brought in a few more thousand. Then GM hit social media.

Image courtesy of AutoNews

According to the LA Times, GM used the data marketing firm Acxiom to reach a list of unengaged targeted drivers digitally. GM was able to show targeted recall ads to the unengaged users on Facebook as well as othe…

2014 In Email Marketing Columns: Marketing Land’s Top 10

Email is one of the most established forms of digital marketing, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring or stagnant. In fact, this year saw a lot of change in the business, as the major consumer ESPs adopted more stringent authentication technologies and Google introduced new interfaces and features for Gmail, including its mobile-centric Inbox app.
Our expert contributors helped marketers roll with the changes. Following, the most trafficked Email Marketing columns for 2014 on Marketing Land:

Everything You Need To Know About Gmail’s Auto-Unsubscribe by Tom Sather. Published on 3/4/14. 516 social shares across all platforms.
How Gmail Improved Security & Email Analytics by Caching Images by Tom Sather. Published on 1/3/14. 292 social shares across all platforms.
6 Things To Watch For Better Gmail Deliverability by Tom Sather. Published on 2/27/14. 1K social shares across all platforms.
Email Is The New Email by Alex Lustberg. Published on 2/12/14. 687 social shares across all platforms.

Top 10 Most Tweeted Live TV Events In 2014: Ellen’s Selfie Pushes Oscars To The Top Of The List

What do Ellen DeGeneres, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Lupita Nyong’o, Kevin Spacey and Jared Leto have in common?
They were all part of the star-studded cast that became the most retweeted tweet of 2014.
Ellen’s now famous Oscar selfie – tweeted during Hollywood’s biggest awards show – helped push the live television program to the top of the list for the most tweeted live television events – or specials – of the year. (Twitter excluded live sporting events from it’s list of “Most Tweeted Live Specials,” ranking the top ten sports events on Twitter separately.)
Not only was Ellen’s “Golden Tweet” the most retweeted tweet of 2014, it accounted for the most tweeted minute during a live telecast during 2014.

If only Bradley's arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars
— Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) March 3, 2014

All the big award shows made it into Twitter’s top ten list of most tweeted live television spec…

Facebook Challenges YouTube Channels With New Features For Pages

Facebook is a really convenient place to discover new video content; you’re already reading news and stalking your friends on the network, after all. Unfortunately, its interface also kind of sucks, so businesses tend to refer users to their YouTube channels instead. This might start changing. As TechCrunch spotted, Facebook is running a trial with […]
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List of Top 15 High PR social Bookmarking Websites for 2015

Social bookmarking is another popular search engine optimization strategy of promoting a website sharing Content and links openly with other Internet users Social bookmarking is a great tool in building web presence and promoting a business on the Internet. It allows the Social Bookmarking is a important and active method for SEO. Because in social […]
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Facebook To Launch YouTube-Like Playlists

Facebook is launching their own version of YouTube’s playlists, TechCrunch reports.
Facebook now has a video tab available to all businesses that let them choose a selected video to be shown in the extra-large format with a live comment feed on their Facebook page. ABC News has this happening on their Facebook video page right now. Below the featured video is a playlist of other videos available to users to watch online.
Here is a picture of the ABC News Facebook page:

Earlier this month, we reported Facebook and ABC News tested out a new video feature named Facecast, which provided quick newscasts on their Facebook page.
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Italian Authorities Fine TripAdvisor $610,000 For Not Preventing Invalid Negative Reviews

The New York Times reports TripAdvisor, the large travel reviews site, has been fined by Italian authorities for not preventing fake negative reviews on their site.
The Italian Competition Authority fined TripAdvisor 500,000 euros, about $610,000 US, for allowing the “publishing misleading information about the sources of its reviews.” They also gave the company 90-days to remove these “misleading” reviews from their site and prevent it from happening it in the future.
“We think the ruling is unreasonable,” the a TripAdvisor spokesperson said in a statement. “We fight fraud aggressively and are very confident in the systems and processes we have in place.”
The New York Times says this is the first time a reviews site has faced serious fines in the European Union or the Unites States over not preventing false reviews.
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Hidden object gamers love luxury and other gamer facts

Matt is a casino gamer from Tennessee. He likes Walmart, Adam Sandler, Criminal Minds and Dr. Pepper. He’s 34 and when he’s not playing games, he’s researching home improvement ideas for the fixer-upper he recently bought.
As much as this sounds like a dating profile, it’s actually a marketing profile, which, come to think of it, are kind of the same thing.
Matt is just one of the 59.9 million people who play casino games on Facebook every month and he could be your best customer.
The average Facebook gamer isn’t the person you imagine when you hear the word. As a matter of fact, there isn’t just one type of “average Facebook gamer“, there are at least six.
Strategy gamers are the most active. It’s the fourth most popular game type but 74% of strategy gamers log on at least 6 days a week. The overwhelming majority are male and under 35 years old. Most switch between devices but they have the largest concentration of mobile only users. The average strategy gamer loves loud music and exciti…

Nintendo And Score With Top Holiday Ads

Nintendo’s “Dad Loses” ad earned the top spot among holiday ads according to Ace Metrix.

Nintendo won the holidays according to television and video analytics firm Ace Metrix. The gaming company’s humorous, family-friendly “Dad Loses” ad scored 23.2 percent above the norm for other ads in its category..’s savings-conscious “Paid To Shop” ad was the runner up and Mazda’s heart-tugging inspirational ad, “Braeden’s Story”, came in a close third.

The company surveyed more than 500 TV viewers to rate holiday themed ads that aired between September 1 and December 15, asking them to score the ads on creative attributes such as persuasion, likeability, information, attention, change, relevance, desire and watchability.
Retail, not surprisingly, dominated the holiday list with eight of the top 15 ads. Four of the top 15 most effective ads succeeded with humor. Amazon’s “Rom-Coms” ad for Fire TV featuring football commentators Jimmy Johnson and Curt Menefee struck the laugh chord and cam…

In-App Tweet Analytics Spotted In The Wild By iPhone Users

A new Twitter analytics update may give Marketers meaningful data on the go. iPhone users have seen a new look for some Tweets, one that ties the analytics of a specific Tweet directly into the app.

Cool to see twitter analytics embedded into tweets on mobile now. Practical. #digisport
— David Childs (@DavidChilds) December 22, 2014

The button to view the analytics of a Tweet appears directly underneath the Tweet itself and clicking brings up engagement highlights that may include:

Total Impressions
Total Engagements
The percentage of users that view media
The percentage of users that Favorited the Tweet
The percentage of users who clicked to expand the Tweet

Twitter adds Analytics to iPhone app with “View Analytics Details” button — Ross Hammond (@RossGraphitas) December 22, 2014

There hasn’t been a formal announcement, but iPhone users can check their app to see if they have access.
Hattip – Graphitas & Ross Hammond
The post I…

Check Out the MarTech 2015 Speakers: A Who’s Who of Brands

Join Aetna, Netflix, Dell, CA and More – Register Now for Best Rates
At MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference, we’ll connect the dots between technical possibilities and strategic opportunities reshaping of modern marketing. Making those connections will be a roster of innovative thinkers and doers – industry-defining executives and analysts who will help you understand marketing technology and its impact on your organization. See the agenda!
Attend MarTech March 31-April in San Francisco and connect with speakers from:

MarTech is programmed by Conference chair Scott Brinker, who has been chronicling the rise of marketing technology and hybrid “marketing technologist” professionals on his blog,, since 2008.
Register today for MarTech and get access to all the conference sessions and networking events for just $1295.
MarTech is an ideal experience for executive and marketing management, marketing operations and IT staff to share. Take advantage of our team rates and save 15…

Facebook’s highlights of 2014 generates a beautiful post of your memories

Once you’re happy with your highlights, you can share it to your Facebook wall so others can check it out or create their own. Users are able to view it on the web or on mobile, however the mobile experience is far superior with its fluid animations. Web users can’t customize their highlights reel; only […]
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What topped the charts on Google in 2014? Here are the trends

Google India recently announced the top searches on Google in 2014. The lists look at the top trends and searches through the collective eyes of the world on the web, it offers a perspective on the year’s biggest interests, major events, and hot searches that ruled the web in India. Rajan Anandan, Managing Director, Google […]
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Top 8 Business Women Of India In 2014

On a maniac mid Monday morning in the busy Bangalore roads, a bumper sticker caught my eye and has haunted me since. Turning towards a tech park, the bumper sticker faded away but the message didn’t. It said, “Women are great leaders, you are following one!” Though I never caught a glance of the woman […]
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Google Introduces Hindi Adsense Ads

Google Introduces Hindi Adsense Ads Google AdSense, which is one of the largest and best paying contextual ad networks used by thousands of web publishers in India, has finally added Hindi language support to their network. Google ads were not earlier supported on websites and blogs which posted content mainly in Hindi, as a result […]
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Facebook F8 Will Be a Two-Day Affair In 2015

Facebook announced today that it’s adding a second day to its F8 developers conference, which will return to San Francisco March 25-26.
The company, which rebooted the conference last April after a three-year hiatus, said it is adding the extra day because its developer community is rapidly growing. From the email announcing the dates:

Facebook’s developer community is bigger today than it ever has been. The scope of the company’s products has broadened, and there’s more content to share than can fit into a single day. The additional day means double the number of technical sessions, product demos, and onsite experiences for Facebook’s growing developer community.

Facebook said invitation and registration details will be available in early 2015. More details can be found on the F8 website.

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Instagram’s Fake Account Purge Mostly Spares Top Brands

Instagram made good on its promise to delete fake and spammy accounts this week and caused an uproar among Instagrammers stunned at their plunging follower counts.
The purge, dubbed the Instagram Rapture, has hit celebrities the hardest. Justin Bieber lost 5 million followers, 15% of his total, and Kim Kardashian lost 1.3 million. Rapper Mase reportedly dropped to 100,000 followers from 1.6 million in a 20-minute span and then deleted his account.
Follower counts are not just an matter of vanity; they are a form of currency o the network as high-profile Instagram users trade on their influence to sign promotional and endorsement deals. That has sparked a black market for Instagram followers, the New York Times reporting in April that a million followers could be purchased for $3,700.
Instagram warned last week the clean-up was coming, noting that the spammy accounts had already been deactivated for violation community guidelines and weren’t being counted among its 300 million active user…

Top 10 Tweeted TV Shows In 2014: “The Walking Dead” No. 1, But “The Voice” Sets Single-Episode Record

The only thing better than watching your favorite television program is tweeting about it scene by scene. This year, “The Walking Dead” fans, on average, tweeted more than any other show watchers.
According to Twitter’s list of the most tweeted TV shows in 2014, FX’s apocalyptic zombie series generated an average of 576,000 tweets per episode, with an average audience size of 4.9 million viewers.
While ranked No. 9 overall, “The Voice” holds the record for the most Tweeted series minute during its May 13 episode, with 310,000 tweets in the span of 60-seconds. The program pushed its #VoiceSave hashtag during the semi-finals episode, encouraging viewers to tweet which performer they wanted saved from elimination.
On “The Voice,” the #VoiceSave hashtag set the single-episode record for TV series conversation and led to the most-Tweeted series minute of 2014, surpassing even the Super Bowl with 310,000 tweets.
Reality series won four of the top ten spots, with “The Bachelor,” “The Bachlorette…

IAB: Online Q3 Ad Revenues Reach Historic High Of $12.4 Billion

Yesterday the IAB released an interim report saying that US online advertising reached an historic high of $12.4 billion for Q3. Ad revenues in the first half of 2013 totaled roughly $23 billion.
It’s likely that Q4 online advertising will come in around $14 billion. If so that would mean the full year 2014 would be worth roughly $50 billion. Last year online ad spending reached roughly $42.8 billion.

Most of online ad revenue (roughly 70 percent) is concentrated in the top 10 ad networks/platforms, according to the IAB. Those companies ranked 11th to 25th accounted for the next roughly 11 percent and the remaining 19 percent of online ad spend is distributed across the rest of the ecosystem.
We won’t find out what the “official” Q4 and full year revenue numbers are until Q1 of next year. It will be especially interesting to see what the mobile ad figures are. Emarketer has projected that mobile advertising will reach $19 billion in the US in 2014.
The post IAB: Online Q3 Ad Revenues Reac…

10 tips for marketers using social media to increase user engagement

Social media is about people Anna Lawlor, journalist, content creator and co-director, Social i Media It’s not just about using new platforms and tools for the sake of it, I think it’s important to remember how crucial the old fashioned relationship and business communications are. Relationship capital…should be at the heart of any brand’s social […]
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How to Maximize Your Amazon Associates Revenue

While there are a variety of ways that webmasters and bloggers can go about marketing their services and promoting their content to earn revenue, one option that typically gets overlooked is the Amazon Associates program. In short, the Amazon Associates program an affiliate marketing program that gives site owners commission for customers they link into […]
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2014 Year in Review: Search

Search is more than just an online tool to help you find things faster. Search is a time capsule. Gathered one keystroke at a time, with millions of people submitting billions of queries; search results tell us what was important to a large portion of our population at any given moment in time. The trend lists, Google, Yahoo and Bing produce at the end of the year, are mini-history lessons for future generations.
When I see these year-end trend lists, I wonder how many of these topics – topics that were so important to us in 2014 – will resonate with others twenty years from now. . . fifty years from now. How about in 3014? (I wonder what search will look like then?)
This graphic is the top 5 most searched terms in the US in 2014. Pretty serious stuff until you get to number 5. Flappy Bird? That’s embarrassing. At least the World Cup was a reason to celebrate.
Google says we can tell a lot about ourselves and our culture from the trending search terms. It’s true but it’s not always nice.