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Link Building the Right Way in 2014

Link building, if done correctly, isn't cheap or easy. If your objective is to improve a website's visibility in organic search results, then relevant links are still the best way to do so in 2014. But you'll need to invest and avoid link schemes.

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Vodafone May Buy Tata Teleservices To Create India’s Biggest Telecom Company

If reports are to be believed, then Vodafone is trying to buy controlling stakes in Tata Teleservices; and if this happens, then it will create India’s biggest telecom company!
Vodafone, after it’s sale of 45% in Verizon Wireless for $130 billion, is cash surplus now, and wants to buy stake in some other emerging company. And Tata Teleservices is the right opportunity for them.

Why Tata Teleservices May Say Yes To Vodafone?
Tata owns 59.45% in Tata Teleservices, and the right of first refusal lies with their Japanese partner DoCoMo which owns 25% of the venture. Now, as per certain arrangements between the shareholders, if certain performance parameters are not met and if DoCoMo decides to exit, then Tata has full rights to find a buyer of their shares. The right of first refusal (RoFR) to this deal rests with DoCoMo as well, in case they don’t quit and want to continue.
Vodafone is eyeing this 59.45% controlling stake in the venture. In case there are no buyers, then Tata would be forced…

5 Remarkable Tech Entrepreneurs You Must Know Of

Technology, just like any other industry, is in a rapid motion and will keep on changing its face faster within the next few decades. From the times when Pheidippides had to run from Marathon to Athens to deliver the news of victory to the Persians in 500 BC, to a shiny mobile phone of the present age, travelling of information has went through years of sheer hard work and passion of these great minds. The […]
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Banks May Start Charging Fees For ATM Transactions…Repercussions?

ATMs are popular, very popular and the reason is obviously that it makes it super easy for any individual to withdraw cash any time they want. But the main reason is also because ATM transactions are free!
But looks like very soon you may be levied fees next time you withdraw cash from you nearby ATM center. According to an ET article, RBI deputy governor has commented that RBI will not have any issues if Banks charge a reasonable amount to customers for using ATM machines.

Though none of the banks have officially made such a request, Banks have been unhappy with RBI’s directive that they should provide 24X7 armed security at each ATM centres. This directive from RBI came in the wake of brutal attack that happened on a woman inside an ATM of Corporation Bank in Bangalore in November of last year.
Banks have argued that it is unfeasible to provide 24 hour security at all ATM centers citing the fact that Banks do not levy any charges for ATM transactions, and providing 24X7 security will b…

India’s PARAM Supercomputer Ranked Among World’s Most Power Efficient Systems

India-made super computer PARAM Yuva II has been ranked 44th in the prestigious Green500 List for Super Computers. It was announced at the Super Computing Conference in Denver, Colorado. Created by the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing’s (C-DAC), PARAM is now India’s most power efficient computing system; Asia’s 9th and 44th in the World ranking of such powerful computing systems.
Param, which means supreme in Sanskrit, is a series of gigaflop supercomputers, designed and assembled by C-DAC in Pune, India. Param 8000 was India’s first Super Computer which was unveiled in 1991, 100% designed and developed in India.

Importance of Energy Consumption
Supercomputers in general consume lots of energy, which produces immense heat. To negate this heat, these systems are required to install necessary cooling technologies as well, which makes them more expensive and costly to maintain.
Hence, to encourage institutions and corporations to create more energy efficient supercomputers, which…

Snapdeal Looking To List Itself On US Stock Exchange, May Raise $150M New Funding

Looks like Snapdeal will be one of the first major online companies to take advantage of recent changes made in the policy by Indian Government. In December, they had approved listing of Indian companies which are not listed in Indian stock exchange to list themselves in stock exchanges of other countries.
According to Business Line, Snapdeal’s CEO Kunal Bahl has mentioned that they are seriously looking at listing on a US bourse directly. No specific timeline was mentioned, however, they are looking at going public in next couple of years.
Snapdeal will have sales of around 500 million in this financial year, and it is expected to double to USD 1 billion in FY 2014-15.
Snapdeal Funding

The report also mentioned that Snapdeal is looking to raise USD 150 million in additional funding on top of USD 102 million that they have raised till date. Here are details of funding they have received previously.

Round 1: In January 2011, Snapdeal received a funding of $12 million from Nexus Venture Part…

How to Use the New Google AdWords Keyword Planner

As the Google AdWords Keyword Tool is unfortunately on its way out, learn to use the new Google AdWords Keyword Planner that will be replacing it. Sadly, the Google AdWords Keyword Tool is another favorite Google tool that is on its way out. In the coming months, it will be completely replaced by the new […]
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How to Successfully Use Google Adwords Keyword Search

When you are starting out, the process of search engine optimization can seem intimidating at best, incomprehensible at its worst. This piece addresses how to use the Google AdWords keyword search function, which helps you see which keywords are highly searched, meaning more traffic for your article or blog. Instructions 1. Decide what subject you […]
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How To Change Cursors Using HTML Codes: Custom Mouse Cursor

There are plenty of reasons to add flair to your website: presentation, graphical representation of an idea, or just fun. Changing the cursor (what is traditionally displayed as a white arrow controlled by your mouse) is just one of many changes that can be made, but it is an interesting one. It offers many unique […]
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After Facebook, This Social Media Network Has the Most Engaged Users. Which is it?

Earlier this week, I cracked open a new Pew Internet and American Life Project survey and found that 63% of Facebook users check in at least once a day. But which network comes in a close second for regular daily check-ins? Is it Pinterest, Twitter, Linked-In or Instagram.
You have 10 seconds. (Insert Jeopardy clock music.)
The answer is. . . Instagram!
Check out those bars! Instagram’s numbers are pretty close to Facebook. Twitter’s not too bad in that area either but look at Pinterest – 45% visit the site less than once a week.
The saving grace for Pinterest is the way people use the site. On Facebook it’s all about the top posts on a feed. Some people will poke around and visit pages but many will read what’s in front of them and move on. Instagram and Twitter both begin with the current 10 items in the feed but both make it easy to click through on a hashtag which can lead users down the rabbit hole (that’s a good thing in this case.)
Pinterest has a feed but it’s more less about the t…

Ex-CEO: Google Didn't See Social | Euro Teens Think Facebook Is for Moms | Yahoo Sued for Alleged False Claims with Marketing Product

Social: Current chairman and ex-CEO Eric Schmidt told Bloomberg that Google's biggest mistake was not seeing the use of social media. Imagine, all those engineers and they still didn't understanding the value of social. A European study finds that Facebook is having its MySpace moment, with teens embarrassed to be associated with it, driving away the demographic [...]

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Yelp Hires Republican DC Lobbyist For IP, Free-Speech Issues

According to “inside the beltway” publication The Hill Yelp has hired a former Republican legislative aide as its first formal lobbyist. The lobbyist is Laurent Crenshaw, who was most recently an aide for House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.).
Crenshaw will reportedly be addressing patent and copyright issues, including issues arising under the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Crenshaw will also be involved with anti-SLAPP legislative efforts. SLAPPs are “strategic lawsuits against public participation,” which usually seek to censor speech including online criticism.
This goes to the heart of Yelp’s business, which is about the right to review businesses and corporations. Yelp itself cannot be sued for allegedly defamatory speech but its users (the content producers) still can. The company is seeking to promote anti-SLAPP legislation to prevent the chilling of reviews.
Yelp says it has also been targeted by “patent trolls” who use litigation as a way to extract…

3 Essential New Year’s Resolutions for Online Marketers

It’s 2014! Does it feel any different? I know, you’re still trying it on to see how it fits. In the old days, we’d catch ourselves writing the old year on checks. Now that our web tools and mobile phones update automatically, it may take a little longer to sink in.
Still, it is a new year and that means it’s time to make your New Year’s Resolutions – only with a twist. This year, you’re going to actually follow through on the promises to yourself and we’ll be here all year to help. We believe in keeping it short and simple so there’s less chance of getting off track. So here we have. . .
3 Essential New Year’s Resolutions for Online Marketers
1. I will create and post a new video every month.
Video is already huge and in 2014 its going to be ginormous. According to comScore around 145 million people watch at least one video a month. 64% of viewers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video. If you’re in the business-to-business biz, Forbes says 59% of executives would …

A Better Way to Share Web Pages by Email

When you include an hyperlink in your email message, the recipients will have no idea where that link is pointing to unless they actually click on it.
Clip Better offers a better approach that your email recipients will appreciate as well since it removes the guess work.

Use the Clip button to create a visual preview of the current page.

This is how the link will appear in the recipient’s inbox.

Stop Emailing URLs, Embed Link Previews
Instead of putting raw URLs in your email messages that don’t convey anything, you can use Clip Better to effortlessly create a visual snippet of the page and send it through Gmail or any other mail client that supports HTML Mail.
The tool, possibly using Open Graph tags, will extract the page title, meta description and a thumbnail image and then puts everything into the clipboard as a neatly-formatting block which you can paste into your mail program or even your word processor.
Clip Better is available as a Google Chrome extension, as a bookmarklet and also …

Google’s Share Of Social Logins Hits Highest Level In Q4 Since 2010

Google continues to be an increasingly popular choice when it comes to social logins, and Q4 of 2013 was its best single quarter since 2010, according to the latest report from Janrain.
Google hit 35 percent of all social logins in the quarter, its highest level since being at 38 percent in Q4 of 2010. Facebook remains the most popular option with 45 percent of all social logins last quarter.
Janrain credits Google’s push to merge many of its properties into Google+:
With the continued emergence of Google+, and the company’s push to unify each of its services (Gmail, Google+, YouTube, Android, etc.) under a single Google identity, we’re not surprised to see consumers placing more affinity in their Google identities, with social login preferences following suit.
But while consumers are using Google more to login to websites, Google’s growth isn’t coming at Facebook’s expense. In fact, Janrain says Facebook saw a slight uptick in Q4 and is back above 45 percent of all social logins. Instead…