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FTC's New Ad Cop: 'Watch Your Back, Native' | Dentsu Attempting to Loop Trading Desk to Creative Process | Yahoo Falls for the Old Ad Server Malware Trick

Government Regulation: Adweek interviewed Jessica Rich, the FTC's new director of its consumer protection bureau, which has purview over advertising claims and consumer privacy issues. In a shot across the bow of online publishers, she said, "Native advertising will be a huge and continuing theme in our work." She goes on to advocate privacy legislation. Robot Invasion: Japanese [...]

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Share the Experience: Send Your Team to SMX West… and Save 15% to 35%

Give your marketing team the learning and tools they need for a successful and profitable 2014. SMX West provides must-have tactics on SEO, paid search, social media marketing, mobile marketing and more. With 60 sessions to choose from, your team members can select presentations based upon their responsibilities, skill-level and the needs of your organization.

Get your new hires up to speed with search marketing or social media marketing boot camps, and other “freshman”-level sessions.
Is your team experienced? The SMX West program shines with intermediate and advanced content. Look for the blue squares and black diamonds on the agenda-at-a glance to identify those sessions.
Search and social media go hand-in-hand. Foster collaboration by sending your social and search marketers.
The summit track on Tuesday, March 11 will give a 360-degree view of the future of digital marketing, presented by industry visionaries representing search, social, content, email, display and more.
Conversions ar…

Yahoo Ad Network Charged With Distributing Malware To Millions Of Users Outside Of US

According to a report this weekend on Washington Post’s technology blog The Switch, two Netherland internet security firms revealed that Yahoo’s advertising servers were inadvertently distributing malware.
According to a statement from a Yahoo spokesperson sent to the Washington Post:
At Yahoo, we take the safety and privacy of our users seriously. We recently identified an ad designed to spread malware to some of our users. We immediately removed it and will continue to monitor and block any ads being used for this activity.
The statement from Yahoo prompted a follow-up report by the Washington Post clarifying that the malware attack had not affected users in North America, Asia Pacific and Latin America, or users on Mac and mobile devices. “Presumably that means that Windows users on other continents — including Europe, where the problem was first spotted — were hit by the attacks,” wrote Washington Post reporter Timothy Lee. Yahoo told the Washington Post that the malicious ads starte…

2010 Called, It Wants Its Marketing Predictions Back

Just like ever other marketing company out there, Position2 has come out with their predictions for marketing in 2014. Seeing as they went to the effort to create an infographic, we thought we’d share them with you.
As you can see, mobile will be hot (again), content marketing is the new black, and we’re all going to sacrifice the “social” in social media in order to automate the heck out of everything.
What do you think will be the hot NEW trend for 2014. I think NFC and iBeacon could take off this year, unless we all get creeped-out by having our “browsing” habits tracked IRL.

Personally, I prefer Dean Shaw’s 2014 predictions.
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YP Buys Local-Mobile Ad Platform Sense Networks

Location-based advertising provider YP has acquired Sense Networks for an undisclosed amount of money. Sense Networks was founded in roughly 2003 and evolved into a data aggregator and mobile ad targeting platform. It offers real-time bidding and inventory via mobile ad exchanges.
Sense Networks offers location, behavioral targeting and audience targeting capabilities. It also offers offline “store visits” measurement to advertisers.
Sense Networks caters primarily to national advertisers, while YP works primarily through not exclusively with small businesses. The acquisition will bolster the sophistication of YP’s platform and capabilities. It also signals a bigger push into the ranks of national mobile advertisers for the company.
According to YP, roughly $350 million of its $1 billion in digital ad revenue in 2013 came from mobile. Roughly 40 percent of YP’s local search traffic now comes from mobile devices.
YP was formerly part of AT&T. A majority interest (53 percent) was sold t…

Maruti Suzuki To Launch A Car Without Clutch… No, It Is Not Automatic Transmission!

A car without a clutch is not a big thing. Traditional Automatic Transmission cars do not have them, but still majority of car drivers prefer manual transmission cars with gears.
The reason why Manual transmission cars are preferred is because they give much higher mileage, and secondly (and this case with seasoned drivers) the drivers can control the drive very well.
Maruti Suzuki is now introducing a revolutionary new technology, which according to reports, will combine the best of both the worlds. Yes, the new “Clutch-less technology” will allow car drivers to use gears in the car as in case of manual transmission, however there will be no clutch involved while changing gears. These cars without clutch pedal, are based on the hydraulic system that will enable the driver to shift gears without using the clutch, either sequentially or fully automatically.

What this also means is that being a manual geared car, the mileage on the car will not suffer at the same time it will offer conveni…

EC Tie-up With Google Threat To National Security Says InfoSec Consortium, Asks It To Put On Hold!

Last week, Election Commission of India made headlines, when they announced that they are entering in partnership with Google for online voter registrations. While many welcomed this decision, Indian cyber security experts were not happy with this tie-up.
Group of leading security experts who have come together to form Indian InfoSec Consortium held a press conference in Delhi to voice their displeasure. They were of the opinion that allowing voter registration data on Google servers means that EC is directly handing them sensitive demographic data of millions of Indian citizens on a platter.

They have urged Election Commission of India to immediately put this tie-up with Google on hold. As a solution, Indian InfoSec Consortium has also offered to provide solution for online voter registration completely free of cost to EC if they desire. Here is the verbatim statement released by InfoSec Consortium at the press conference.

Indian InfoSec Consortium Press Release
Issue of trust on Ameri…