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How to design banner ads that people actually click

Banner ads are the most ubiquitous form of marketing on the Internet. Since the days of Geocities and MySpace, banner ads have peppered the World Wide Web, advertising everything from free iPads to flash sales. As if we really need to be reminded of our late night flash sale shopping binges in the harsh light […]
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Facebook Officially Acquires Little Eye Labs

Facebook’s acquisition of Bangalore-based startup Little Eye Labs — which was originally reported in early December, with more details emerging later that month — is now official. The social network’s acquisition of the creator of performance-enhancing tools for Android developers marks its first transaction of that sort in India, and Business Standard reported last month […]
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Are Lenders Finally Ready to Embrace a Reputation Score?

For many years, I’ve shared the idea that banks and other financial institutions will soon use a social media score alongside the traditional credit scoring used by Experian and Equifax. Each time I talk about it, I expect someone to jump on the idea and build a scoring system that takes into account someone’s online reputation and social media activities.
At this point, it’s about as likely as us actually seeing “the year of the mobile.”
According to the WSJ, a lack of any central social score has not stopped fringe lenders from doing their own sleuthing.

“…LendUp, uses a mix of private data including credit bureaus and information gleaned from social media to help gauge borrowers’ risk and verify identities. Applicants voluntarily share Facebook, Twitter and other sites, which LendUp executives say provides a fuller picture of potential borrowers. The more data applicants provide, the better their chances of approval can be, although they aren’t required to give permission to access so…

5 Social Media Trends To Kill In 2014

The beauty of a brand new year is the fresh start it provides — the idea that you can shake off all the past mistakes, assumptions and misunderstandings and start with a clean slate.
It’s also a great time to get rid of a bad habit, like smoking or swearing. We could stand a little of that out-with-the-old feeling in social media marketing.
With an eye to the past year’s news and themes, here are 5 social media trends that (with any luck) will expire in 2014.
1. Making Everything “Viral”
Last year: Perhaps the biggest trend of 2013 was the “viralization” of… well, everything. Publishers like Buzzfeed and Upworthy piled the hyperbole higher and higher until regular old good content looked positively boring in comparison. The Upworthy-style headline was so ubiquitous it even spawned a parody Twitter account and its own headline generator.
The only problem? When every headline promises something so amazing, so mind-blowing, so wondtacular that you can’t possibly believe it, readers will click…

Interesting Websites to Visit When You’re Bored

I have added these non-tech related websites in my “weekly” bookmarks folder. I don’t visit them every single day but on weekends or when I am feeling bored and they never disappoint. Maybe you should check them out too.

The 15 Interesting Websites

Dear Photograph – The website features photographs of people holding up old pictures that were taken at the exact spot several years ago. Some of the best photographs are now compiled in a book (
Textastrophe – This website is a reminder of why you shouldn’t post your cell phone number on public websites. The creator starts a text conversation with random numbers found on Craigslist ads and publishes the transcript on the internet. The chats are funny and I hope its real because screenshots can be faked too (
Stratocam – This is like an online self-running slideshow showcasing some of the best satellite images found on Google Maps. Run the website in full-screen mode (Ctrl+Shift+F) and you may discover prett…

Lotus Green Developers Launch Green App That Calculates Your Carbon Footprint!

Lotus Greens, Delhi based real estate development company has become Asia’s first real estate developer to launch their own green application – A web and mobile application that can track and measure your carbon footprint and suggest ways to reduce it.
The carbon calculator can be accessed online at , and can also be downloaded from Google play store.
The company has also come up with a a short animation film on global warming , which has now been viewed over 85,000 times on YouTube.

Carbon Footprint Calculator
The Carbon Footprint Calculator developed by Lotus Greens will essentially let people know how different aspects of their lifestyle and consumption habits affect their personal carbon emissions.
We all have a carbon footprint and add to it every day of our lives. Almost everything we do increases our footprint. But most of us may not be able to contemplate reducing or neutralizing the carbon footprint that our routine activities generate.
This is where the …

How to Make a Facebook Page Popular – Guide For An Entrepreneur

Social media marketing is getting hotter with every passing day, and every online business is changing their strategy to be more active on social-media platform. Apart from branding benefits, you get targeted users who convert into sales better. Think of your Facebook page or other Social-media platform as first point of contact where you build the trust factor and later on sale happens on your website or via your referral link. I run ShoutMeLoud Facebook […]
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Online Grocery Store LocalBanya Raises Series A Funding

Looks like online grocery store as a segment is attracting lot of VC money. Close to the heels of Ekstop raising funds, another online grocer, LocalBanya has also announced Series A funding. Interestingly both these startups are Mumbai based. has raised undisclosed amount of Series A funding from Karmvir Avant Group. The funds will be utilized for general expansion and increasing customer base.

LocalBanya currently operates in Mumbai and will launching in Navi Mumbai and Thane by mid-January. They also plan to extend to 2 more cities by mid-2014. LocalBanya currently does around 400 deliveries every day with a team of over 100 employees.
Started in May 2012, Localbanya now has over 8000 products on their website including vegetables, exotic vegetables, groceries, personal care, household supplies, detergents, kitchen ware, Over-The-Counter (OTC), breakfast, snacks, etc
LocalBanya also released some interesting trends in the online grocery buying behaviour:

A sizeable 2.1% of…

Google’s Shoppable Hangout – First in Asia with Myntra and Hrithik

Ecommerce in India is growing at a rapid pace and everyone wants to have a bit of the pie. Flipkart is the blue-eyed boy of Indian ecommerce for funding, Snapdeal also got a $50 million funding last year and that leaves us with Myntra where everybody is focusing on. And Google is no different.
Google had partnered with high-end designer Diane von Furstenberg for the September 2013 ‘Shoppable’ Google+Hangout where participants could click to buy DVF products as the designer fielded questions about her life and career. In the DVF hangout, the shopping happens through the Google Shopping. Have a look at this video in case you missed it.

Now, in a similar way for India, the search giant has roped in online retailer Myntra and Krrish superstar Hrithik Roshan to host Asia’s first ‘shoppable’ hangout.
The hangout will happen on Myntra’s YouTube channel and while fans and users would be talking to the star, participants can also shop-as-they-talk HRX products, the private label for casual wear w…

Overview of Anti Corruption Helplines In Different States of India

Corruption is one of the major issues which any entrepreneur, business man or any common man experiences in daily life. If we can remove corruption, then the nation’s economical progress will be exponential.

Let us observe the anti corruption initiatives taken by governments in different metropolitans and major cities across India:
New Delhi: 011-27357169
Yesterday, Arvind Kejriwal fulfilled another promise which he had made in his political manifesto: Creation of a dedicated Anti-Corruption helpline for citizens of New Delhi. He announced this via Facebook post:

In his inaugural speech as well, Kejriwal had mentioned about this anti corruption helpline, which will enable all citizens to directly report any incident of corruption in any government department. This is certainly a very important and useful service, indeed.
Mumbai: 1800-222-021
In Mumbai, the anti-corruption helpline was launched in the year 2006; but it seems that Mumbai citizens are quite happy with the anti-corrupti…

Marketing Day: January 8, 2014

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

Sentenced For Circling: Google+ Invite Puts Man Behind Bars

A Salem man who had a restraining order against him may have circled himself direct to jail, thanks to a Google+ invitation. According to The Salem News, the accused man, Thomas Gagnon, had an active restraining order against him that prohibited him from contacting his ex-girlfriend. The Google+ invite was printed out by the ex, taken to […]

Groupon Running Pilot Program In Chicago To Help Local Stores With Inventory Overload

A report on Re/code claims Groupon is testing a new business initiative, partnering with independently owned retail shops in Chicago to help the stores sell extra inventory. According to the report, Groupon’s pilot program would work as a “liquidation service” for stores, notifying Groupon customers when a local business was offering discounted products. In the…

Groupon Running Pilot Program In Chicago To Help Local Stores With Inventory Overload

A report on Re/code claims Groupon is testing a new business initiative, partnering with independently owned retail shops in Chicago to help the stores sell extra inventory.
According to the report, Groupon’s pilot program would work as a “liquidation service” for stores, notifying Groupon customers when a local business was offering discounted products.
In the article, Re/code reporter Jason Del Rey references “two people” who were given information on how the new Groupon initiative would work:

Under the new business, Groupon customers would order a product from a local store through or through a mobile app and then pick it up at the retail location, the sources said. There’s also the potential for a same-day delivery option in some instances, according to one of these people.

Del Rey goes on to claim, “Groupon CEO Eric Lefkofksy is said to be a big fan of the new business idea.”
No specific details were given on the stores involved or the planned expansion of the program. A G…

Pizza Hut as an eCommerce Company: It’s Happening at CES

The Consumer Electronics Show is rolling right along introducing us all to some crazy new ideas and ones that just might work. But before we dive into all of that, it’s time for lunch. Luckily we can order a pizza from Pizza Hut without breaking our keyboard stride.
Pizza Hut is celebrating 20 years of online ordering at CES and that just sounds wrong. 20 years?! Back in 1994, they launched their first digital ordering hub called “PizzaNet.” The first-ever online order was a large pepperoni, mushroom and extra cheese pizza and they’ve been going strong ever since. So strong that they think of themselves as an ecommerce company – 40% of their orders come through the online system, 50% from mobile.
Caroline Masullo, Pizza Hut’s director of digital experience told the LATimes that people were surprised to see a pizza company at CES but they shouldn’t be.

“If you’re going to be a big e-commerce player, this is the place to be. This is where all the companies are, and we need to be on the cut…

Did Denny’s Win The BCS Title Game On Twitter, Or Did It Go Too Far?

The world praised Oreo last year when it “won” the Super Bowl with that clever tweet that “newsjacked” the Super Bowl, and many brands have tried to replicate Oreo’s success since then during events that capture the nation’s (and world’s) attention.
But as brands continue to adopt real-time marketing, there’s always a risk of going too far and potentially alienating some consumers.
That seems to be the case with Monday night’s college football BCS title game. Florida State beat Auburn with a thrilling, last-minute touchdown that wrapped up what a lot of sports fans say was one of the best football games they’ve seen.
And that’s when Denny’s Restaurants got clever on Twitter.
Shortly after the game ended, Denny’s tweeted a message to Auburn fans telling them they still have “47 chances to win on the way home” from Pasadena (where the game was played), and offering a map of all the Denny’s locations they’d pass on the drive home.

If it's any consolation Auburn fans, there are 47 chances …

Online Talent Gap Revealed | Branded Video in Actual Decline | Yahoo Writes Off $680 Million Brand Name | Twitter Tests Regionality

Agencies: An Online Marketing Institute study of Fortune 500 and large ad agency marketing executives shows . a general pessimism about their existing level of online marketing talent. Ad age reports on the statistics with, of course, an infographic. Video: Branded video, a strong growth story in 2012 and the first half of 2013 is experiencing an apparent [...]

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