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New Brand Dependence Index Finds Consumers “Can’t Live Without” Samsung Electronics [Report]

Brand management firm UTA teamed up with technology firm uSamp to launch a new brand index report at this week’s CES Conference in Las Vegas .
Ranking the top ten most recognized consumer electronic brands, UTA’s first-ever Brand Dependence Index revealed Samsung scored the highest when measuring Brand Dependence Intensity within the consumer electronics market, while Microsoft earned the top score when measuring Brand Dependence Impact.
“Our index evaluates brand-self connection and the degree to which thoughts and feelings about a brand come to mind automatically – requiring little effort,” said UTA Brand Studio founder and executive director Lawrence Vincent.
According to the announcement, the Brand Dependence Intensity score measures consumer dependence on a brand, representing “how much people are dependent on” it or “cannot live without it.” UTA’s index found Samsung and Microsoft both outranked Google and Apple in its Brand Dependence Intensity index.
A spokesperson for UTA clarifi…

Corning Brings Antibacterial Features To Smartphone Touchscreens

Since the launch of the first iPhone, fingers have become the first and foremost pointing device. The time of stylus is past and though a few phones still have them (and in Note series it has been appreciated as well), it has become more luxury than need. This has been a long change since the resistive screens.
The substitution of the keyboard with a large screen presented its own disadvantages. The first is that the part of the phone that can be scratched or broken has increased from one part of the phone to one side of the phone. A drop can now simply make the phone useless.
Another is that we do not always have clean hands. In fact, a laptop keyboard is considered one of the biggest germ breeding grounds. The same hands now touch your mobile screen and that screen touch your face… umm… you get the idea. Add to this, that someone else touching your phone and it is a hypochondriac’s nightmare.
Corning Gorilla Glasses came with the solution for the first. The screen became a rage with ma…

Gmail Rolls Out “Email Via Google+”… Good Or Bad?

Aha, Finally it has happened. Google is rolling out new service to Gmail and Google+ users, which allows Gmail users to directly send email to Google+ users through their normal email compose window.
Here is how it works: When you are sending an email to a person and do not have email address of that person, but do have a Google+ connection, their Google+ name will appear in the suggestion dropdown menu as shown below:

You will not be able to view their email ID, but only the name. The email address isn’t visible to a Google+ connection unless you send that person an email, and likewise, that person’s email address isn’t visible to you unless they send you an email.
Google is rolling out this feature in a phased manner, so if you don’t see Google+ contacts right now, it must not be enabled for you as yet.
Good Or Bad?
Prima Facie this may appear to encourage spamming and to a certain extent invasion of your email inbox, after all it is your own personal email. But thankfully, Google has in…

How to Watch YouTube in the Background on Android

You are watching or rather listening to a music video on YouTube but are distracted by an email notification. You switch to the Gmail app to check your mail and, as expected, the YouTube video stops playing. You have to switch to the YouTube app again on your Android device to resume playback.
This is a limitation of the YouTube app on Android. It automatically stops video playback as soon as you move it to the background. The same is true for the YouTube mobile website as well. The videos will play as long as the web browser – be it Chrome or some other browser – is in focus. Switch to a different app and the video will pause itself.
The YouTube app for iPhone and iPad too impose a similar restriction but you can easily get around that limitation by playing YouTube videos inside the Safari browser (see: Play YouTube in the background on iOS).

Play Youtube in the Background on Android
The iOS trick however won’t work on Android but there exist even simple workarounds in the form of apps. …

2 Major Technological Breakthroughs Demoed At CES 2014

The world’s most influential and biggest consumer electronics exhibition is currently underway at Las Vegas, USA. Some of the largest electronics companies from all over the world have come together to demonstrate innovations and technologies which will pave the way for the market next year.
We had earlier shared some of the innovations which would be unveiled, as speculated by tech geeks and veterans. Micromax surprised us by revealing their dual-OS supported tablet Canvas LapTab and it has certainly garnered attention from everyone.
Here are two major technological innovations showcased at CES 2014, which no one could predict before:
LiFi Smartphones
LiFi is a new technology which uses light energy to transmit data from source to another. In place of traditional radio waves which are used by most smart phones, LiFi is a wireless networking standard, which makes better use of LED lights to transmit data.

French technology company OledComm has unveiled a unique smartphone, which uses LiFi …

Latest Twitter Experiment, @AchievementBird, Shares Analytics Via Direct Message

Twitter’s latest experimental account uses direct messages to send users updates on milestones such as how many times you’ve been retweeted and favorited. It’s called @AchievementBird, and it appears to work in much the same way as other Twitter experiments like @MagicRecs and @EventParrot.
If you’re following @AchievementBird, Twitter will send direct messages with statistics about how your accounts and tweets are performing. The account is set to private and my request to follow a few hours ago hasn’t been approved yet.
We caught wind of the new experiment via TechCrunch’s article, which included this screenshot from Twitter user Owen Williams:

In reply to Williams’ tweet, Vasely Sapunov tweeted that he’s been using @AchievementBird “for a couple of months” and says that he gets a direct message every day at 5:01. (I’m guessing that’s AM.)
Twitter already offers these same statistics via its platform, and other services also provide basic stats about tweet and account pe…

Marketing Day: January 9, 2014

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

Adios, Sponsored Stories: Facebook To Sunset The Problematic Ad Type In April

In an announcement to developers, Facebook said it will be sunsetting sponsored stories. Domain and open graph sponsored stories are no longer allowed and any existing ones will cease to be delivered after April 9th. Facebook wrote: Facebook will sunset the creation of sponsored stories Page post and page like ads already automatically have the […]

Old Guard Industries Now Driving Growth In B2B Online Advertising

For the first time, established industries such as financial services and manufacturing are fueling the growth in real-time bidding in the B2B sector. While software and technology companies have been on the leading edge of adopting new marketing and advertising technologies, the financial services and manufacturing industries caught up last year. That’s a…

Survey Shows 48 Percent Increase in Use of Retail-Branded Shopping Apps

In the kitchen, I try not to buy tools that only have one purpose but on my iPhone, it’s a different story. I’ve tried those multi-brand shopping apps that offer me deals and points for checkins. But when it comes to deals from the three places I shop the most, it’s a dedicated app for me. And a lot of others.
According to the 4th Annual Holiday Online Shopping Survey from Baynote, retail-branded app usage is up 48% over the 2012 holiday season.
They surveyed 1,000 online holiday shoppers and 34% said they had made a purchase on a retail-branded app.
I’ve never bought anything directly through an app, but I have used them to redeem a mobile coupon in-store. A whopping 61% of the people in this survey are right there with me. Surprisingly 44% said they’ve redeemed in-store coupons using a tablet. This points to a real shift in tablet usage. Now that they’re lighter and smaller, people are taking them out of the house more often.
How Do I Get a Girl (Shopper) to Notice Me?
Ah, the age old qu…

Recharge While You Recharge: Duracell and Starbucks Plan a Wireless Coup

The worst thing about mobile phones is that the more they do for you, the more often they need to be charged. I can’t tell you how often I’ve grabbed my phone from my purse with a specific purpose in mind only to find a Low Battery message on my screen. That’s because I’m one of those people who can’t get into the habit of charging the phone every night.
What I need. . . and you need. . is a cheap, simple solution to the mobile charging problem. Duracell has it and it involves Starbucks.
A year ago, I wrote about how Duracell was testing their new Powermats at Starbucks in Boston. Apparently the test went well because now they’re at CES with plans to expand. (The timeline on when is foggy.)
Here’s how it goes. Starbucks will install charging mats on their tables. The units are round with a spindle like a CD-Stomper machine. The customer plugs a receiver ring into the phone, center of the ring drops around the spindle of the mat and the phone begins charging.
This picture is of an early ve…

Bing Deathwatch | Product Listing Ads Blow Up | Analytics Mobile and Search Info Improved

Search: An analysis of the strategies Microsoft has employed to get Bing to scale against the dominant Google search engine shows that, despite much trying and much spending, it is not working. With the division losing billions over time, it may be in Microsoft's interests to give up, although losses are decreasing quarter-on-quarter despite failure to [...]

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Web Scraping Reddit with Google Scripts

I am working on a little side project that involves mining Reddit data. It fetches a listing of all posts on different subreddits and copies the obtained data to a Google spreadsheet for further analysis (more on the project later).
Reddit, unlike most websites, allows web scraping as long as the crawler scripts make no more than one request every two seconds to the Reddit servers (see rules). You don’t even need a developer account or an API key to perform scraping on Reddit.
There are popular tools like wget, Site Sucker (Mac) or HTTrack Website Copier (Windows) that can download entire websites for offline use but they are mostly useless for scraping Reddit data since the site doesn’t use page numbers and content of pages is constantly changing. A post maybe listed on the first page of a subreddit but it could find itself on the third page the next second as other posts are voted to the top.
While there exists PHP and Python libraries for scraping Reddit, they are too complicated for …

Big SEO Changes in 2013

2013 was the year of big changes in the SEO world. Google pushed out several major updates that sent thousands of site scrambling to recover from past bad actions. A lot of link building methods and tactics that used to work either lost value or were entirely debunked thanks to Penguin and changes to the […]
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