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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2014

Digital Marketing is evolving at a rapid speed; it is changing every second simply because there is no thumb rule to do marketing. Consumer behavior, which is the foundation of Digital Marketing is so unpredictable, that Marketing is no longer a subject – It has become a Science and an Art.
Few years back, it was the search which dominated the landscape, then social media started calling the rules meanwhile video, blogs and images continued to hold their fort. What will happen in 2014 in Digital Marketing?
Here are top 5 trends which can dominate 2014, as observed by an Online Marketer, working full time in the industry. Watch out:
The Term Social Media Will Be Used Less and Less
There are several so called gurus of Social Media who have managed to create a false hype with regards to this term. Social Media can be compared to another world, and no rule can bind it.
Yes, social media marketing or social media optimization is a nice strategy for Digital Marketers, but it’s usage will be less…

Become a Blogger or A Break Dancer; Choice Is Yours

Why to become a blogger? You may have a lot of answers of this question. To earn money, to create a community, to communicate with like-minded people or to promote your business. How to become a blogger? This question has also thousands and thousands of replies over the internet. There is a step by step guide to become a full-time or part-time blogger. Why should you become a blogger? This is the question not answered […]
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Facebook Sponsored Stories Ride Off into the Sunset Only to Be Replaced By. . .

The process has begun – “Facebook will sunset the creation of sponsored stories” starting right now. You can no longer create this type of ad unit and after April 9th 2014, “existing domain and open graph sponsored stories will cease to have delivery.”
Wow, that sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? Like page out of a western novel only Sponsored Stories aren’t going out with their boots on. They’re being run out of town on a rail. Back in 2011, Facebook ad execs thought it would be great to use check-ins and likes as social endorsements.

The concept was sound. We know people are more likely to act on a recommendation from someone they know. So if Aunt Susie likes Cup a Joe coffee, then by gosh, I want to try some, too. The trouble is, people normally get paid to endorse a product. At the very least, they give their permission to be quoted in advertisement. But Facebook didn’t pay and they didn’t ask permission – sort of. They say that the very act of leaving a public comment means you’ve given…

Marketing Day: January 10, 2014

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

Facebook Faces More Legal Action From Sponsored Stories: This Time For False Endorsements

Yesterday, Facebook announced it is scrapping parts of its Sponsored Stories ad product — the ads that show what other users “Like.” It turns out, the same day a Colorado man filed a class action suit claiming the ads were used for false endorsement. The suit alleges Facebook began showing ads that said “Tony DiTirro […]

New Brand Dependence Index Finds Consumers “Can’t Live Without” Samsung Electronics [Report]

Brand management firm UTA teamed up with technology firm uSamp to launch a new brand index report at this week’s CES Conference in Las Vegas . Ranking the top ten most recognized consumer electronic brands, UTA’s first-ever Brand Dependence Index revealed Samsung scored the highest when measuring Brand Dependence Intensity within the consumer el…

Google Adds Ability to Gmail Your Google+ Connections Without Their Email Address

Sometimes I think we have too many ways to communicate these days. Email, chat, direct messages through social media, @messages, tagging, text, phone. . . so many ways to connect and still we have trouble getting through. That’s a different post.
This post is about a new Gmail feature that lets you send an email to your Google+ connections even if you don’t have their email address. People are upset and they’re tossing that “P” word around like it’s an inalienable right or something. But let’s think this through before we get out the pitchforks.
Here’s how it works. You go to Gmail and start typing a name – but whoops – you realize that you don’t have Dima’s email address. Dima is one of your connections on Google+. He’s left numerous comments on your post about creating the world’s largest chocolate bunny for Easter and now you want to share the full plan with him secretly. No problem. Type Dima in the “To” field and he pops up. Click his face and the email will go to him. You can’t se…

Facebook Cowed, Caves on Implied Endorsement Ads | Senate Frets Over Location Data Disclosures

Social: Facebook caved. It will reportedly stop selling socially-endorsed ad placements, where those who liked an advertiser's page wound up finding their faces below the placements on the screens of their friends. This has been the main selling point of Facebook for advertisers, and begs the question of whether Facebook's targeting capabilities can make the remaining [...]

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Facebook to Kill Sponsored Stories

As of April 9, domain and open graph sponsored stories will no longer be served to users. Although Sponsored Stories can convert very well, many Facebook users found them creepy because they turned information about friend's likes into ads.

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