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Linking the Google Way in 2014

You're about to learn a specific mind-blowing linking tactic that's perfectly suited for almost any website. If you're considering a link building campaign, following Google's lead is a good place to start. Here's how to link "Google style."

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Get To Know: The CMO For Backupify

As the Chief Marketing Officer for Backupify, a leading provider of backup and recovery solutions for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, John Bigay has more than 17 years of experience helping technology and digital media companies build their brands and grow their business.
Prior to joining Backupify’s executive team, Bigay served as a marketing and strategy consultant for a variety of organizations, from large consumer brands to tech startups. Previously, he was the CMO for Barefoot Books, where he led the publishing company’s expansion into digital content and social commerce.
Bigay also served as SVP of marketing at BzzAgent, driving marketing and product development efforts for the international word of mouth and social marketing firm. Before BzzAgent, Bigay was the vice president of marketing & programming at Gannett’s Captivate Network, directing the digital media company’s marketing, product, content development & analytics teams. John earned his B.S. from Georgi…

The Curious Case of Norway Where Every Citizen Is Now A Millionaire!

Last week, something very interesting happened which will force Indian economists and planners to think hard where our country is going and where we plan to take our country in future.
There are 5,096,300 citizens in Norway, and based on the current sovereign wealth fund which Norway has created, every citizen has theoretically become a millionaire. The sovereign wealth fund of Norway soared to 5.11 Trillion Crowns or $828.66 Billion, thanks to rising oil prices and gas prices. This has made each and every citizen of Norway a millionaire.

In the year 1969, Norway found out oil in North Sea. Today, they are world’s 7th biggest oil exporter, Europe’s largest oil producer and world’s second largest natural gas exporter. The sovereign wealth fund was formed in the year 1990 to help the future generations of Norway to lead a respectable life. They have not spent the funds on creating statues and foreign trips for their politicians but, they have become entrepreneurs and invested that fund.