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Google Launches WordPress Plugin For AdSense And Webmaster Tools

Google has released a new plugin for publishers using WordPress. The official Google Publisher Plugin offers support for Google AdSense and Google Webmaster Tools, with more services will likely to be added in the future.

This is a beta release, so as an early adopter you’re also a test case. Google said in the release announcement, “we’re still fine-tuning the plugin to make sure it works well on the many WordPress sites out there. We’d love for you to try it now and share your feedback on how it works for your site.”
By allowing publishers to link their WordPress sites to their AdSense accounts, the plugin is designed to make getting ads up and running easier and eliminate the need for manual HTML modifications.
As you can see in the screenshot from Google below, once the plugin is installed, you just need to click on on one of the plus signs to add an ad unit to the page.

After clicking on a placement, you can change the ad settings and preview what an example ad will look like alongsi…

Where's the Search?

Search is everywhere, which means organizations must produce high-quality and authoritative, yet informatively entertaining, content that is device agnostic and encourages a uniquely human social echo for it to be deemed search engine optimal.

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Moz Launches A Delightfully Designed Social Media Guide For Newbies

For most marketers reading this no explanation is necessary for social media. But what about everyone else? Relax, it’s now covered. If you are new to social media Moz, a marketing tools provider & marketing community, has created a new “Beginner’s Guide to Social Media” that is chock full of stellar information and jaw dropping graphics. This is a must save for any marketer who regularly has to train or inform others on the intricacies of social media.

All of the information in the guide is free and broken up into individual chapters that contain bite-sized morsels of information. Each content section feature stats & demographics, how to use, strategies for success, tips and recommended tools.
The guide covers introductory content on the following topics:

The Value of Social Media
Social Media Best Practices
Social Media Metrics and ROI
Finding the Right Social Network for You
YouTube and Pinterest

According to Moz the guide was written by Kristy Bolsin…

Sahara Supremo Files Rs 200 Crore Defamation Suit Against Book Author

A small question first: If you are honest and spot-free of any wrong-doing, will you get threatened by a humble book?
Subrata Roy, Sahara supremo, is certainly feeling threatened by a book written on his company, titled Sahara: The Untold Story.
In a recent development, Subrata Roy has approached Calcutta High Court and has successfully received an ‘ex-parte’ stay on the release of this book. It seems that this actual tale of Sahara and it’s business practices will remain ‘untold’ as of now.
The book has been authored by Tamal Bandyopadhyay, a senior business journalist and deputy managing editor at Mint.
Not only Sahara has been able to get a stay on the release of this book, they have also filed a Rs 200 crore defamation law-suit against Tamal for attempting to highlight certain “libelous materials” against the company.
As per Sahara, the book was targeted at lowering the reputation of Sahara and its founder in the eye of the public, without any justification. After hearing the petition,…

I Sold a Chrome Extension but it was a bad decision

When Google decided the pull the plug on Google Reader, I quickly made the switch to Feedly since it was (and still is) the best alternative to Google’s RSS Reader. The one important piece that Feedly did not offer was a Chrome extension that would let users subscribe to RSS feeds on any web page with a click.
Since the extension was something that I needed for my own workflow, I wrote one (writing a Chrome extension is easy) and also published it to Google Chrome store. The last time I checked my Chrome developer dashboard, the extension had gained 30000+ users on Chrome.
Monetizing Google Chrome extensions is tricky
One morning I got an email from someone ( I tried Googling her name but it returned no results ) asking me if I would be interested in selling the Feedly Chrome extension. It was a 4-figure offer for something that had taken an hour to create and I agreed to the deal. I had no clue about the buyer and was also curious to know why would anyone pay this kind of money for such…

Effective Work Flow Management 1: Mastering The Art of Collecting Information [#ProductivityHacks Series]

[This is 5th article in the #ProductivityHacks series currently running on]
In order to accomplish a goal, an objective, a target, entrepreneurs need a solid work flow chart, which can determine how soon and how well that task is being accomplished. In this series of productivity hacks for an entrepreneur, we shall observe how well can we master this work flow and optimize it for maximum results.
A work flow can be defined as a series of connected steps, where each step follows without any delay or gap and ends just before the subsequent step may begin (source: Wiki). For several managers and entrepreneurs, defining and acknowledging a workflow may seem like an additional task, and hence, they avoid spending time into it. But if observed closely, we can find that defining a workflow is very crucial for improving productivity and generating maximum results without wasting much time.

Whatever projects you are currently engaged into right now, an entrepreneur’s workflow, in most of …

How To Design Product Banner Ads For More Clicks

If you are planning for an effective marketing strategy, one of the prolific forms is the banner ads. Yes, banner ads are not dead. They are going to be around for a while. They are affordable, measurable and enhance the brand awareness. However, if your designer is not skilled enough, your ad may not be the right marketing tool. A lot of design work starts here. There’s more to creating a banner ad than just […]
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Now, eBay Launches 9 Hour Deliveries For Mumbai

The ecommerce war just became hotter. After Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal launched same day product deliveries in select metros, now online shopping marketplace eBay just started a 9 hour delivery service. And that too without any extra charges!
As it is just a start, the initiative covers only the city of Mumbai. Also, it is applicable of a select few categories and products. A small catch is that the customer has to place the order before 12 noon and be rest assured; the product would be delivered by 9 PM the same day.
If the order is placed post 12 noon, then it would be delivered the next business day. Customers have to check the deliverable area pin code beforehand for service availability. If you don’t get it the same day, you can cancel the order and get a refund too.

Which all items? Cameras, laptops, mobile phones and tablets are the chosen products which are covered under the 9 hour delivery service. The discounts range from 4% to a whopping 30% as well. A special microsite has…

Nestle Kicks-Off Its First Super Bowl Appearance With Teaser Ad Full Of Innuendo

The Super Bowl ad frenzy has already started, with many brands like Jaguar posting “teaser” ads in anticipation of their monumental Super Bowl advertising investments. Nestle is another brand to get in on the pre-game action, releasing a campaign for its new Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups candy.
Nestle posted its “Butterfinger Cups 2014 Big Game Ad Teaser” video on YouTube yesterday, as well as using the video on the site to promote its latest product.
Starting with the line, “The relationship between Chocolate and Peanut Butter is about to change,” the video uses a couples therapy theme – with a husband representing peanut butter and a wife representing chocolate – to push Nestle’s Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups.
From the “Try-Curious” magazine article the couple is reading, to the framed cherry and banana prints on the office wall and a cheese and crackers couple carrying an extra large pretzel stick, there is no lack of sexual innuendo in the ad.
The video and we…

Google Publisher Plugin : Official AdSense WordPress Plugin Guide

When ever a new blogger look out to make money from their blog using AdSense, one of the first few thing he needs is an AdSense account and easiest way to insert AdSense ads on their blog. So far, there are unlimited AdSense plugins for WordPress out there, and they all work differently. The hard part is deciding which plugin to use, and her is new official plugin from Google to make your life easier. […]
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Site Yelps About ID-Busting by Courts | WordPress Gets Google Plugin | ANA: End is Night (If Taxes Pass) | Foote Cone Perhaps to Live Again

Privacy: Courts are swinging away from user privacy rights in the face of litigation, forcing Yelp to divulge identifying information on anonymous reviewers. Publishing: Google is releasing a Wordpress plug-in handling Adsense and site verification which should make managing those site elements much easier for a surprisingly large swath of websites. Ad Regulation/Taxes: A study done by IHS Global Insight [...]

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Jaguar Teases First-Ever Super Bowl Ad, Says It Wants To Win The “Real-Time” Game

Watch out, Oreo. Jaguar says gunning to be “the most real-time engaged advertiser” of the Super Bowl this year. MindShare, which managed the communications planning and buying for Jaguar’s first-ever Super Bowl spot, has developed a war room it calls “The Loop,” with multiple screens for monitoring and acting on real-time consumer data.
Jaguar’s Super Bowl ad will star Sir Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong will star as “British Villains” in the 60-second spot directed by Tom Hooper.
Jaguar teased the ad with this spot called “The Setup” starring Kingsley during the NFL Divisional Playoff games on January 11 and 12.
Click here to view the embedded video.
How can you not want to see more? To date, the video has fewer than 28,000 views on YouTube. A tweet about the spot sent earlier today from Jaguar’s Twitter account links to a different copy of the video on YouTube.
Jaguar says the campaign plays on the notion that Brits have a long legacy of playing great villains and that “in t…

Will This “Devil Baby” Video Scare You Into Watching “Devil’s Due” In Theaters?

With a box office release scheduled for this Friday, the people behind the motion picture “Devil’s Due” have released a video ad for the film that is scaring up lots of attention online. Since being posted on YouTube yesterday, the “Devil Baby Attack” video ad has earned more than six million views.
Produced as a prankvert, an ad where individuals fall victim to a prank used to promote a brand or product, the “Devil Baby Attack” video features an unmanned baby stroller roaming the streets of New York City. Inside the stroller is a crying, devil-faced, robotic baby that launches forward, frightening any unsuspecting passersby compelled to check on an infant who seemingly has been left unattended.
The ad begins with footage of the team building the evil-faced robot babe and placing it in the remote-controlled stroller. The ad goes on to show a series of clips with numerous people falling for the “Devil Baby Attack” prank.
Generating 6.3 million views in under 24 hours, the ad can already b…