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How A Twitter Scavenger Hunt Helped Book Of Mormon Stir Up Excitement For Its LA Premier

When the Broadway show Book Of Mormon announced it would do a 4-month tour run at the Pantages theater in Los Angeles, the show’s social agency of record BLT Communications, LLC wanted to do something interesting and engaging to stir up excitement and attract new audiences for the award-winning show.
“We were thinking what can we do that’s different for the brand, fun and celebrates LA,” said Nicholas Walsh, Manager, Social Media for BLT by phone.
The team at BLT had seen great success by bringing Book Of Mormon’s popular ticket lottery in New York to Twitter with #BOMlottery. For the LA premier, they decided to run a Twitter scavenger hunt.
This past Saturday, participants hunted for five Book of Mormon-style doorbells hidden throughout Los Angeles in order to win free tickets to the premier. The social media team tweeted clues with the hashtag #BOMhunt. They used promoted tweets to build up interest the week of the hunt — geo-targeting LA, and interest-targeting people who follow a cer…

Search Marketing Salaries Dropped 9% Last Year

The new SEMPO salary survey doesn’t hold much in the way of good news for those in the search marketing space.
According to the results, overall salaries dropped more than 9% last year. While that might set off alarm bells, you need to consider that there was a 10% increase in those joining the industry for the first time–and therefore dragging down the average salary. That said, the VP level salary is down considerably since 2007.
That’s your bad news, good news, bad news, sandwich for the day.

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Nielsen: Adspend (Or at Least Ratecards) Down in Europe

Media: Nielsen published its annual graph of relative continental adspend, showing again that Europe's ad market declined about 4 percent in 2013 - the same as it had done in 2012. With the Europe's southern tier facing major economic contraction, this sounds reasonable. However, the study's methodology relies on ratecard rates, so the decline could as [...]

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So You Want To Newsjack The Super Bowl? Here Are 6 Rules Brands Can’t Forget

I’m blaming Oreo.
When Super Bowl XVIII kicks off on February 2nd, brands big and small are going to be watching the game like hawks (no pun intended) looking for any opportunity they can find to insert their own name and message into the social media conversation. That’s the essence of newsjacking, and everyone’s going to be trying it this year.
Why? Because of this tweet from Oreo during the power outage that happened during last year’s Super Bowl:

Power out? No problem.
— Oreo Cookie (@Oreo) February 4, 2013

That single tweet earned Oreo a year-long honeymoon as everyone’s favorite social-savvy brand, and the kind of goodwill that can’t really be measured.
It’s extremely unlikely that there will be another major news event like a power outage this year, but an event as big as the Super Bowl will still provide plenty of newsjacking opportunities for brands.
Twitter, in particular, will be a carnival of brands trying to be this year’s Oreo. With that in mind, here are s…

Gettin’ ‘GIFfy’ With It: Pinterest Experiments With Animated Gifs On Boards

Oh CompuServe GIF file. The longer you age, the more prominent you become. Fashion search engine “Wantering” noticed that some of the animated GIFs they uploaded began to feature the ability to view a play the GIFs directly from the pin board.

When Wantering was logged into their account, a play button with “GIF” next to it appeared in the bottom left corner of the image. The caveat? This appears to be only a test and is showing intermittently only to specific accounts. When testing we were not able to replicate but according to Wantering the GIF would only play when clicked. This feature is a nice, non-intrusive way to incorporate GIFs without nauseating users. Additionally those users that are anti-GIF (gasp!) would be able to opt-out of clicking on items that were in fact animated GIFs. Overall, this execution would simply make sense and we hope it rolls out sooner than later.
For more information head over to Wantering.

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Useful Regular Expressions for your Google Forms

Your organization has a few vacant positions and you are planning to use the Google Forms service to prepare a pre-interview questionnaire for job applicants. You have created a form and it has all the standard fields where candidates can enter their name, email address, website URL, phone number, zip code and other essential details.
The form is ready for publishing online but before you make it live, how would you ensure that candidates have entered data in the correct format? And even if the format is proper, is the data itself valid? Can you add a CAPTCHA to Google forms to prevent spam bots? Can you include a profanity filter to block people from submitting entries that include obscene words?
When you are expecting dozens, or even hundreds, of responses in your Google Forms, it is always a good idea to have some rules in place and respondents data should be matched against these rules even before they submit the form. For instance, if your form is asking for a person’s year of birt…

Facebook Changes News Feed Algorithm Again; Here Is What You Need To Do To Get More Eyeballs

In December of 2013, Facebook had announced a major algorithm update that was much talked about in the media. At that time they tweaked their news feed algorithms so that more relevant and high quality articles were given higher coverage and eyeballs.
After the update, many media sites and publishers who shared update on their Facebook pages saw sudden drop in the amount of reach their status updates about news stories (which has web links in them). Here is one of the studies that showed 42% drop in fan penetration.
Our own page saw significant drop in reach of our posts after December 2013 news feed update. The drop we witnessed was over 50 percent.

Now, Facebook has again announced yesterday that they are making yet another change to their News Feed algorithms. As per their announcement, the latest update will do a better job of differentiating between the status updates by friends as compared to status updates by Facebook pages.
Facebook has categorically mentioned that – “Face…

Best Antivirus for Windows 8.1 – From AV-Test Labs

When it comes to Virus protection, we are overwhelmed with the options available which often results in confusion. Let me make it easy for you to choose the best by showing the experiment results carried on Antivirus software.
AV-TEST is an independent IT Security Lab which conducted tests on various Security solutions. Based on their results, I would like to discuss which one should be the best Antivirus for Windows 8.1.
Study results are focused three useful parameters namely:

Protection: Protection against malware infections (such as viruses, worms or Trojan horses)
Performance: Effect of antivirus on Computer’s speed (whether it is slowing down PC)
Usability: Impact of antivirus on Computer’s usability (whether it is annoying, giving false notifications, etc.)

BitDefender Internet Security 2014 tops the chart and can be considered as Best Antivirus for Windows 8.1 closely followed by Kaspersky Internet Security. Both of them are really good at protection computers from Virus and at the …

MySmartPrice Raises $1M Funding From Existing Investors, the leading Indian price comparison site has raised Rs. 6 Crore (about $1 Million) from their existing investors Accel Partners and Helion Ventures. Though the announcement was made today, they had raised this round in December of last year.

According to mail sent to us, MySmartPrice will utilize this funding to expand the product categories offered on their site. MSP currently has 2 main categories Electronics, Books & Fashion. They have decent traction for first 2 categories.
In their words – “MySmartPrice aims to transform from a category player to a true horizontal player with infusion of Series A funds”.
Hyderabad based MySmartPrice was founded in 2010 by Sitakanta Ray and Sulakshan Kumar and currently has a team of 30 people. In terms of traffic, MSP are clocking close to 10 million visitors per month – It has more than doubled over past 12 months.
Apart from their web platform, MSP also has an Android app which they released last year. The app has seen over 30…

Effective Workflow Management 4: The 6 Stage Model of Reviewing Your Productivity

[This is 8th chapter in the #ProductivityHacks series currently running on]
Today is Wednesday, January 22, 2013 and the time is 11.30 AM. What is the task that I should accomplish right now?
In the frenzy of the ‘incoming’ and the ‘urgent’, we often lose track of the open loop tasks, which we have started or about to start. To avoid this, it is very important to have frequent review sessions of all the tasks which you are currently engaged in, so that the expected outcome is not hampered and we get maximum productivity.
In the last three chapters on Workflow Management, we had learnt how to collected the information, how to create a process out of chaos and finally, how to finish that project. While following these three productivity hacks, we should always do a review of the tasks which can provide us with a better roadmap for the completion and execution of our objectives.

Often, we come across a lean phase of our production cycle, when we don’t feel like opening that Master Li…

UC Browser Goes Against Unification- Brings 3 Separate Mobile Browser Versions

For those who are not very browser caring, UC browser has taken the mobile world by storm. And in India, you may be surprised to know that it is the most popular browser, beating likes of Chrome and Opera. In its latest iteration for Android, UC browser has focused on providing best performance for individual devices rather than going with a single app for all devices.

Three versions have been launched by UCWeb, Inc.-

UC Browser 9.5
UC Browser Mini 9.0
UC Browser HD 2.6

The first two browsers are for mobiles whereas the third one is specifically designed for tablets.
UC Browser 9.5
Boasting the fastest download speed among any browser, the latest version claims to be 15% faster on 3G and Wifi than previous version. Even the 2G performance has been improved for a better experience. There is also a Home screen widget that makes some of the UC functions like search, download, settings etc. quicker to reach than opening the browser.
In addition to this, this version has Web Application centre whi…

Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Marketing and Social Media Respect

It’s unlikely that a single, social media posting will double your monthly revenue but a single Tweet or Facebook post could wreck havoc with your bottom line. If a post comes off as disrespectful or disingenuous your company could end up getting a lot of publicity for all the wrong reasons.
Holidays are particularly tricky. Not the Hallmark holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. People expect you to promote your products on those days. But Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. . . oh my, it’s such a fine line.
You could ignore the holiday completely, but that makes your company look clueless. Plus, let’s face facts here, we all want the added juice that comes with mentioning a trending topic. Your best bet is to pass on cute or clever and go with a sincere statement that suits your company or a helpful fact that doesn’t directly benefit your company.
REI made a good choice with their post about free National Park entrance fees. REI sells camping gear so this …

Marketing Day: January 21, 2014

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

Study: 92 Percent Of Top Brands Tweet Avg. 12X Per Day, Audiences Grew 20 Percent In Q4

In a new study of how top brands use Twitter, social media analytics firm Simply Measured found 92 percent of brands tweet an average of 12 times a day. Nearly all (98 perecent) of top brands are active on Twitter. The study shows that consumers are eager to follow brands on Twitter. Audiences for top […]

Google Clarifies: Guest Blogging Is OK, But “Guest Blogging For SEO” Is Not

Relax, publications that use guest bloggers and contributors. Google’s not planning to penalize you under its new “guest blogging equals spam” warning put out yesterday. Rather, the company says, guest blogging is only bad if the the main reason a post is run is to gain links meant to influence rankings in Google. Yesterday, the […]

Google Rolls Out “AdSense Direct” For Publishers…

Pinterest Adds Refinements to Recipe Search Engine. Paleo, Anyone?

Somewhere deep in the Pinterest office complex is a whiteboard with a detailed plan to steal image search away from Google and Bing. It began with the concept of Rich Pins. These are special pins that carry with them extra information particular to that category. Article pins show the author name. Movie pins show ratings, cast lists and links to reviews. Product pins show prices and places to buy the item. Recipe pins show ingredients and cooking times.
Then, earlier this month, we learned that Pinterest acquired VisualGraph, a company that specializes in image recognition and visual search.
Today, Pinterest announced refinement options for recipe search:

When you type a food-related word into the Pinterest search engine (I typed cupcakes), you get an additional search box full of options. Do you want to see All recipes, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten free, Paleo or Indulge Me. I can only assume that Indulge Me will lead me to bacon topped, double chocolate truffle cupcakes with all butter ic…

Google Rolls Out “AdSense Direct” For Publishers To Manage Direct Ad Sales

Google announced the roll out of AdSense Direct today to allow publishers to implement campaigns for ads they sell direct to advertisers through the AdSense system, with no code changes.
Google has also published step-by-step set-up instructions. After securing a direct ad deal with an advertiser, the publisher sets up the campaign in AdSense and sends the advertiser the custom link to upload the ad.
One potential drawback, is that payments go through Google Wallet, and are paid out through regular AdSense installments. Advertisers won’t be able to set up separate payment plans for direct ad sales. Google will also set a minimum campaign price and recommended price which is calculated by taking the average daily earnings for the ad unit / site combination that you’ve selected for your campaign and multiplying it by 2.5.
Google also approves the ad creative.
Once a campaign for a direct ad buy ends, Google AdSense ads will automatically resume showing in those ad slots.
AdSense Direct will …

Facebook Tweaks News Feed: Text Updates Aren’t Working, Won’t Be Shown As Much

Facebook wants Page Owners to stop sharing so many text-based updates and instead try other types of updates that the company says get higher engagement in the News Feed.
In a blog post today, Facebook’s News Feed Ranking Product Manager Chris Turitzin says the company has tweaked the News Feed algorithm to downgrade text updates from Pages because they don’t perform as well as text updates from friends.
… the latest update to News Feed ranking treats text status updates from Pages as a different category to text status updates from friends. We are learning that posts from Pages behave differently to posts from friends and we are working to improve our ranking algorithms so that we do a better job of differentiating between the two types. This will help us show people more content they want to see. Page admins can expect a decrease in the distribution of their text status updates, but they may see some increases in engagement and distribution for other story types.
Turitzin specifically …