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Google Changes Smartphone User-Agent

Google is changing the user-agent they use when crawling content for smartphones. Ensuring mobile searchers find relevant and usable pages is an absolute must do. If you're not already, time to start creating special mobile reports in 2014.

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Mind Tricks For Better Productivity – How To Fool Our Mind To Boost Productivity

[This is 9th chapter in the #ProductivityHacks series currently running on]
Our mind is a very strange customer. We promise ourselves that gym would be regular from now on, but we make excuses and avoid going. We make up our mind not to screw that important job interview but do everything possible to screw it. We believe one thing and do entirely opposite. In some instance, it seems that mind is not under our control!
It has been researched that when chocolate is served in orange colored cups, it tastes better. When we serve food in a smaller plate, then less food is consumed. Stress of unprecedented levels can be minimized by just a simple smile. (sources: and
Is there any justification to these research results? Why does our mind respond this way, when there are no possible logical reasons to do this?

Forcing our minds to be more productive and result-oriented can be really tough. Just determination and firm resolve to become producti…

Pinterest Tests A Personalized Interests Category

A limited number of Pinterest users are being invited to test a personalized “Interests” category.
The invite shows up as a home page pop-up and promises “a whole new way to explore Pins.” If a user accepts the invite, a new “Interests” option shows up at the top of the site’s main navigation menu and the content lives at
A Pinterest spokesperson confirmed the test for us with this statement:
“We’re always working on ways to help people discover the best Pins for them based on their interests. We’re currently testing features to help people get to these Pins quickly, but have no further details to share at this time.”
The new section has a somewhat similar look and feel as the other categories, but rather than Pins it shows a collection of topics. These topics update automatically based on your recent Pins. (Automatically is a bit of a stretch; there’s some behind-the-scenes processing that goes on before the topics update.) The more Pins that are saved in a certain…

Sloppy Study Likens Facebook To Disease, Facebook Offers Sarcastic Retort

Academic research ain’t what it used to be. As you’ve undoubtedly read, researchers from Princeton decided to apply an infectious disease model to an analysis of Facebook usage to see what patterns and predictions could be applied to the social network.
The researchers relied primarily on Google Trends search data to glean traffic patterns and audience interest in Facebook. The conclusion of the study was that “Facebook will undergo a rapid decline in the coming years, losing 80% of its peak user base between 2015 and 2017.”
Facebook’s response was humorous and highly sarcastic. Taking a methodologically similar look at future Princeton enrollment, Facebook concludes “that Princeton will have only half its current enrollment by 2018, and by 2021 it will have no students at all, agreeing with the previous graph of scholarly scholarliness.”
The Princeton researchers’ idea of applying an infectious disease model to social networking patterns is not a terrible one. However it did perhaps bia…

Why Google Is Such A Cool Company! [Fascinating Facts]

With a mission statement that reads ‘to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful’, it is not a matter of surprise that Google has turned into a behemoth of such huge proportions that it affects almost all businesses that are online and is constantly changing the way we live.

Let us look at some mind-boggling facts about this tech giant, headquartered in California.
The Re-Captcha Project
Re-Captcha asks users to enter words that are presented as distorted images. All of us have come across this message which is ubiquitous for the average Internet user.

The distorted words that you see cannot be read by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. Websites which subscribe for this service present these images for users to decipher as CAPTCHA words in their validation process. These results are sent to the reCAPTCHA service which forwards the result to the projects.

The New York Times has digitized its entire works from 1851 till present because of this…

South Korea Is Going 5G, While We Still Struggle With 3G

I do not know whether this is hilarious or sad. While we are still struggling with Pan-India 3G and just taking baby steps for 4G, South Korea has announced that by 2020, they want to upgrade their network for 5G capabilities. South Korea is committing $1.5 billion to this.
This when completed will make South Korea the first country to have comprehensive 5G coverage giving the people the maximum speeds among all countries.

According to a statement made by the Science ministry of the country -
“We helped fuel national growth with 2G services in the 1990s, 3G in the 2000s and 4G around 2010. Now it is time to take preemptive action to develop 5G.”
The 5G services are considered to be 1000 times faster than the current technology. This would create huge data transfers possible – for example; a whole length HD movie could be downloaded in a second.
Also, people traveling in trains of speeds upto 500 kmph will be able to access internet. Such internet speeds will obviously create variety of new…

How To Build Your LinkedIn Profile To Get Hired

Down under the deepest trenches of the ocean lies a sullen social network that waits to see the sunlight some day. Now, it ain’t that bad, but Facebook has somehow managed to easily get into the heads of the people, thanks to its simplicity and notoriety. That has had the other networks with a purpose, under its shade. One such network is a professional network that goes by the name LinkedIn. “Ah, yeah, I’ve heard [...]
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SMBs Say They’ll Spend More Money on Direct Mail and Banner Ads in 2014

Small business owners don’t have a lot of wiggle-room in their budgets so how they spend their marketing dollars every year is a big decision. A misstep here could lead to red ink by Christmas but the right move could result in raises for everyone.
Marketing forecaster Ad-ology surveyed more than 1,000 small business owners and marketing decision makers to see how they planned to allocate their budgets in 2014. The answers might surprise you. They sure surprised me.
The infographic you see here is an overview of predicted spending. It’s a little small, so I’m going to pull out a few sections for a closer look. You’ll find a readable copy of the graphic here.
The title of the infographic says LOCAL advertising but it covers things like mobile apps and online video, so I’m not sure how they’re defining “local.”
What the chart doesn’t show is that 80% plan to spend the same or more on social media. For 41%, that’s 100% of zero, meaning, they currently don’t pay for promoted posts or sponsore…

Microsoft Says Product Demand Remains High, Reports Record $24.52 Billion Revenue For FY14 Q2

Microsoft has released its earnings report for FY14 Q2, claiming a record $24.52 billion in revenue.
“We delivered record revenue as demand for our business offerings remains high,” said Microsoft chief financial officer Amy Hood in a statement released today.
Microsoft’s devices, consumer and commercial revenue all climbed. Devices and consumer revenue was up 13 percent, totaling $11.91 billion. According to the report, Surface revenue doubled from the first quarter to second quarter, growing $400 million to $893 million.
Microsoft says it sold 7.4 million Xbox consoles, split between 3.9 million XBox One units and 3.5 million Xbox 360 units. The company also reported Bing experienced an 18.2 percent growth in search market share, and 34 percent increase in search advertising revenue.
Microsoft’s commercial revenue climbed 10 percent, reaching to $12.67 billion. Both SQL Server and System Center experienced double-digit revenue growth.
Microsoft reported Office 365 commercial seats and Az…

Marketing Day: January 23, 2014

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

Volkswagen Wins Title Of Most Shared Super Bowl Brand Ever With Over 7 Million Shares

After putting together its list of the top 20 most shared Super Bowl ads of all time, video marketing firm Unruly determined the top ten most shared Super Bowl brands ever, with Volkswagen leading the list. To rank the most shared Super Bowl brands, Unruly measured the combined number of online shares earned by each […]

Twitter Deals Out In-Depth Analytics For Twitter Cards

Over the next few days some significant marketing enhancements will be arriving on your Twitter Cards. Today Twitter announced the official release of Twitter Card analytics that will be available to all cards users. The goal of this upgrade is to help users gain more insight into the type of media that performs the best […]

Consumer Watchdog Files FTC Complaint Over “Send To Anyone On Go…

Volkswagen Wins Title Of Most Shared Super Bowl Brand Ever With Over 7 Million Shares

After putting together its list of the top 20 most shared Super Bowl ads of all time, video marketing firm Unruly determined the top ten most shared Super Bowl brands ever, with Volkswagen leading the list.
To rank the most shared Super Bowl brands, Unruly measured the combined number of online shares earned by each brand’s catalog of Super Bowl ads.
Not only did Volkswagen’s 2011 “The Force” win the No. 1 spot for most shared Super Bowl ad of all time, the automotive brand’s full list of Super Bowl ads has earned more than 7,071,522 combined shares, making Volkswagen the most shared Super Bowl brand ever.
“The auto manufacturer’s ads have attracted more online video shares across the social web than any other Super Bowl sponsor,” claims Unruly.
Unruly noted the automobile sector is the most popular vertical for Super Bowl brands earning a collected 11.81 million shares, followed by the CPG sector with 9.56 million shares, and the entertainment sector with 4.01 million shares.
Top Ten Most…

Consumer Watchdog Files FTC Complaint Over “Send To Anyone On Google+” Feature

Consumer Watchdog, the non-profit group that might more accurately be called “Google Watchdog,” has filed a complaint with the FTC over Google’s recent rollout of a feature that lets Gmail users contact Google+ users without knowing the recipient’s email address.
Google launched the “Send to Anyone on Google+” feature earlier this month, which lets anyone with a Gmail and Google+ account send messages to anyone else with Gmail and Google+ accounts. Google made the feature opt-out, meaning users that didn’t want to potentially get messages from strangers via Gmail/Google+ had to turn it off in their Gmail settings.
In its complaint this week (PDF version), Consumer Watchdog calls the feature “an obvious invasion of a person’s privacy and a delight for potential stalkers.” The organization also says that it violates the terms of the 2010 FTC/Google settlement over Google Buzz, Google’s now-defunct social service.
It is a material change from past information and data sharing practices on G…

Google Invests $14 Million Of Combined $61 Million Tech Firms Spent To Sway Legislators In 2013

When it comes to influencing Washington, Google was at the top of the list of tech companies that spent a combined $61.15 million on lobbying efforts last year.
According to a report from Consumer Watchdog, Google invested $14.06 million of the $61.15 million invested by ten tech firms, including Microsoft, IBM, Facebook and Oracle.
Consumer Watchdog reports last year’s total was a 15.9 percent increase over the $52.78 million spent in 2012 on lobbying efforts by tech firms.
“Policy making in Washington is all about how much money you can throw around,” said Consumer Watchdog’s Privacy Project Director John Simpson, “These tech guys are increasingly willing to spend whatever it takes to buy what they want.”
Following Google, Microsoft increased its spend by 29.7 percent to $10.9 million in 2013. IBM was the third biggest spender, investing $7.06 million last year.
Facebook invested $6.43 million, a 61 percent increase over the social media network’s $3.99 million spent in 2012. Facebook’s …