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Have questions or …

Google Managers Could Face Life Imprisonment for Defamation…

…for the words of a customer.
No, seriously. The WSJ is reporting on a case now before the Indian Supreme Court that will effectively decide if Google (and others) can be held “liable for criminal activities on its network.”

The case against Google was brought by Visaka, which makes corrugated cement and asbestos fiber sheets, after an anti-asbestos blog hosted by Blogspot contained allegations Visaka was being protected because it was backed by leaders of the ruling Congress party. Visaka said it had no connection to the party and filed a case charging Google India with criminal conspiracy, defamation and publishing content that is defamatory.

The fact that this case has gone this far is very disturbing. In the US, Google would not be liable for any defamatory comments made by a blogger on its Blogspot network, but India might rule differently. Google could be forced to monitor all content published or, more likely, pull out of the burgeoning India market.

Understanding Seasonality in Search

A good analytical organic search tactician should do their homework in year-over-year by month analysis and not simply in month-over month ongoing review. It is only over a long run of time (yearly) that we can assess for true success.

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Mind Tricks For Better Productivity 2 – Four Ways To Relax Your Mind To Boost Productivity

[This is 10th chapter in the #ProductivityHacks series currently running on]
In the last chapter of mind trick series, we had discussed how we can fool our minds into better productivity by using structured procrastination and by taking our work into the coffee shop. Before writing that post, I had myself experimented with these methods, found them to be amazingly effective.
In the movie “3 Idiots”, you may remember the scene where Aamir Khan tells his room-mates to keep assuring your heart, “All is well.. All is well” by thumping your chest with fists.
This method actually works, as it reassures our heart that everything is fine, and keep on doing what you are doing. This mind trick series is almost just like that; reassuring and reaffirming our minds that there is no fear or danger and we can function normally.

It has been observed that loss of productivity happens when we are surrounded by fear, uncertainty and doubts. When such circumstances arise, we are crippled with indecis…

Air India To Offer Wi-Fi Internet On Board; How About Bettering Must-Have Services First?

Air India wants to become first Indian aviation company to offer Internet access on their aircrafts. According to ToI, state owned Air India is talking to vendors for deployment of internet services on their Aircrafts which fly domestic as well as international routes.
Air India has setup a panel to examine the technical aspects and ensure that onboard Wi-Fi connectivity. As per reports, they are currently in talks with French company Thales, world’s leading in-flight entertainment and connectivity company.
While there is no Indian aviation company currently offering in-flight Internet services, leading international airlines like Singapore Airlines and Emirates have been offering it for quite some time.

How About Improving MUST-HAVE Services first?
Prima-Facie the news of in-flight internet being offered by Air India is a great news, there are number of issues that Air India needs to look at some of the “must haves” rather than going behind something that is “good-to-have”.
First and fore…

Why Exactly Was Gmail Down Last Week And Why Yahoo Apologized?

Last Friday, the entire web communities across the globe were a terrified lot: Gmail was down for 25 to 30 minutes, and there was large scale hue and cry about it. Gmail users were seen frantically tweeting and posting updates on Facebook regarding this outage as millions of users were effected.
Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar and Google+ were the main services which were badly damaged. 90% of the users faced a downtime of 25 minutes while 10% experienced the downtime of 30 minutes.
As per a Washington Post estimate, around 42 million Gmail users were impacted by this outage.
What Exactly Happened With Google?

After the outage was resolved, Google’s Ben Treynor, who is VP Engineering, posted a detailed blog explaining the reasons for this outage and apologizing for the fiasco.
Additionally, Google’s Site Reliability Team conducted an AMA or Ask Me Anything session on Reddit immediately after the outage to give instant replies to the questions.
At around 10:55 AM in the US, Gmail’s inte…

Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn – Social Media Stats 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Getting started in social media? Perhaps you’re looking to maximise visibility and brand awareness of your exciting new startup, and (wisely) feel that social media could be the best and most efficient way to do this. But with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and so many platforms to choose from, where do you get started? Which […]
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