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2014 AdWords Wishlist

Enhanced campaigns, image extensions, third party reviews... Fantastic features that have improved performance for search marketers. But we always want more, don't we? What do we hope that 2014 will bring from Google to make us really happy?

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Federated Media Sells Content Marketing Business To Focus On Programmatic

Media-seller Federated Media Publishing, which began in 2005 with big native advertising ambitions for independent bloggers, has given up that mission to focus on programmatic media. The company is selling its content marketing business to LIN Media, and is re-branding what remains, founded on FM’s acquisition of Lijit in 2011, as sovrn holdings.
Federated Media will become a business within Austin-based LIN Media’s Digital unit, and will be headed by general manager Chris Eberle, who comes to Lin Media with the FM acquisition.
LIN was formed in the 60s in the radio

space as LIN Broadcasting, and now operates or services 43 TV stations and seven digital channels in 23 US markets. LIN appears to have a good track record of shifting its business from one medium to another as consumer behavior has changed — it began with radio, then moved to TV, and now to digital — including mobile and video.
In a blog post, FM founder and, until now, CEO, John Battelle, says all of FM’s content marketing e…

Must Attend: The All New Marketing Land Digital Marketing Summit

As a marketer, you’re constantly striving to gain an edge, to create a unique voice that compels people to listen, to learn, to desire. Every day you reach within to tune and hone this voice: to add richness to its timbre, to add emotion to the stories you weave, to add color and depth to the images you paint.
As hard as you work, sometimes the best way to push your own performance to the next level is to look outside for inspiration – to pathfinders who share your passion, who have thought deeply about the things you care about, and who are eager to share their excitement and knowledge in an electrifying way.
Those are the speakers we’ve invited to our all new Marketing Land Digital Marketing Summit. Seasoned professionals, acknowledged thought leaders, inspiring communicators. People who will wow you with their insights and motivate you to chart new territory in your own marketing campaigns.
On Tuesday, March 11, The Marketing Land Digital Marketing Summit will give you a big picture …

Has Myntra Got A Better Investment Offer Compared To Premji Deal?

Myntra, arguably the online leader in the apparel segment is again in the news for two competing investment offers. While the Premji deal was about to get finalized, Myntra got an offer which seems more attractive. This had put a temporary hold to the previous offer while the board evaluate the opportunities at hand.
Although there is no official word available about the current negotiations from Myntra or the investment groups, ET was tipped by some insider who chose to stay unidentified. The investment in talks amounts to more than Rs 300 Cr.

One group of investors is led by Premji’s (net worth $14 billion) family owned Premji Invest. The group also includes L Capital Asia (private equity arm of LVMH) and Sofina, an investment firm from Belgium. However, the members and the offer terms of the competing group are still unknown.
Myntra had incurred a loss of Rs 134.7 Cr after tax deductions in the fiscal year of 2013. They concluded the year with sales of Rs 212.4 Cr. However, the founde…

Marketing Day: January 27, 2014

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

Look Out @Oreo, @Arbys Left You In The Dust With A Tweet About @Pharrell’s #Grammys Hat

Move over, Oreo. You earned kudos last year for your quick thinking funny tweet when the Super Bowl blackout happened. But there’s a new kid in town, Arby’s, showing that roast beef can newsjack a live event as well as the sweet stuff. Last night, in response to unusual hat worn by singer Pharrell Williams, Arby’s spotted […]

Apple Sees Record $57.6 Billion Revs, 51M iPhone Sales

Apple announced revenues and earnings that beat consensus earnings estimates though some will regard it as a “mixed” quarter. Revenues were $57.6 billion — a new record. The iPad sold better than expected, with 26 million units vs. an analyst estimate of roughly 24 or 25 million. However the iPhone missed aggressive projections of 57 million units, […]

Pinterest Officially Rolling…

Pinterest Steps it Up Again with Pinterest Interests

Pinterest is already one of the fastest growing social media networks on the web but they’ve got their sites set even higher in 2014.
The site is so simple, it doesn’t seem like they could do much to improve it and yet, over the past few months, they’ve added features that make it better and better. Or more accurately, they’ve added features that make it more accurate.
Today’s update is the best one yet, a new explore option that looks at your images and suggests options you might enjoy. But there’s more to it than that. The suggests are grouped by sub-categories so the response is more specific (and specific is good.)
For example, using the main Pinterest navigation menu, I can search DIY and Crafts. This nets me an enormous collection of everything from how to make cupcakes to turning a dirty pallet into a lovely wall divider. The new Interests tab sees that I’ve pinned Halloween cards so I’m given the option of viewing a page of nothing but Halloween cards.
And yes, I could just type H…

Pinterest Officially Rolling Out That “Explore Interests” Page

Pinterest has now confirmed and announced the “Explore Interests” category that we wrote about last week when the test was first seen.
The new category is rolling out today on the desktop, and it’ll be available on mobile soon.
The new page is similar to Pinterest’s existing category structure in that it shows pins organized by topics that Pinterest thinks you’ll be interested in. But here’s how the company explains what’s different:
Before today, all the billions of Pins on Pinterest were organized into just a handful of broad categories. So if you were browsing for ideas for your yard, you had to go somewhere like “Gardening” and sift through all the Pins. If you’ve collected lots of Pins that show climbing plants and wall ferns, your interests page might recommend vertical gardens for you to check out.
Pinterest warns this this feature is still in preview mode and “improvements are already in the works.”
“Explore Interests” will be the first option in Pinterest’s main navigation menu. I…

> Half of Amazonians on Mobile (Shudder) | iTunes Radio Meets Goals, Criticized for Not Innovating | eMarketer: TV to Wane While Growing

eCommerce: More than half of Amazon's shoppers came through mobile. Elsewhere, MasterCard reported that holidays sales were up a nominal 2.3 percent. In the online realm, it appears to have done better, registering a 10 percent gain, which still fell short of expectations. Online/Mobile Eats Radio: Apple's iTunes Radio grew rapidly upon its launch to successfully serve extremely [...]

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Infographic: Do-It-Yourself Tactics For Small Business Marketing

Run a small business? Chances are, you’re not just the boss. You’re also the chief marketing officer. It’s tough being both the CEO and CMO, but you’re not alone. How are you planning to spend your limited time on digital marketing? If you’re like your peers, on email marketing, hoping for word-of-mouth and social media.
The folks at email marketing company AWeber surveyed 1,500 small business owners to understand how they’ll do online marketing this year. The results found email marketing a leading tactic, perhaps skewed by the businesses that already know AWeber.
Still, email marketing is a popular online marketing activity. And some of the other results are interesting, such as plans to increase use of Twitter, blogging, Facebook — and even Vine, Instagram and Pinterest. Oddly, SEO and SEM aren’t even mentioned.
Here’s the infographic:

Want to know more about the study or get the infographic for yourself? You’ll find it here: Small Business In 2014: 4 ½ Things You Should Know.

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