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15 #Search Codes To Remember, When Internet Doesn’t Work!

True is when they say, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. In the Indian startup space, Innoz is a perfect example. While countries like South Korea is going 5G we are still fighting pending legal battles over 2G.
With the number of mobile subscriptions steadily approaching the billionth mark, India is still a disconnected country in terms of mobile internet penetration. While studies suggest steady growth in this sector, the penetration of the network still averages around the lower teens in population percentage.
Although, for most, this sounds a little discomforting, founders of Innoz found an opportunity in scarcity. The number of mobile users without access to internet. The figure is a substantial, thanks to the billion strong Indian population. While searching still associates an idea of being online, Innoz came out with a way to provide Google like experience for million strong mobile subscribers who are yet to enjoy the gift of internet connectivity.
A few words of introducti… Screenshot Shows How Twitter E-Commerce Might Work

If a screenshot found today on’s website is accurate, the company may be close to partnering with Twitter to bring e-commerce to individual tweets.
Re/code broke the news this afternoon of a program called Twitter Commerce and reported that would be at least one of the consumer-facing partners that would make shopping from a tweet reality.’s part of the program is detailed in publicly available image that Re/code discovered on’s website. The image was available at but has since been removed.
According to the mockup, shopping-enabled tweets would be labeled “Twitter Commerce” in official Twitter apps, and those tweets would have a large “Buy with Fancy” button. Clicking that would lead to another “page” offering product description, photos and even related products. From there, the user could enter payment and shipping details to buy the product — all within the Twitter app. The image even includes order tracking via a map-base…

Suprise, Bud Light Is Not The Top Super Bowl Advertiser On Google And Bing

Despite appearances, Bud Light is not the number one advertiser on Super Bowl related queries on either Google or Bing.
According to new data from search monitoring service BrandVerity, Bud Light, which is advertising all four of its Game Day ads, has been beat out by different advertisers on each of the search engines.
The competition is heating up as well, many more advertisers are turning to PPC in these final days to promote their Super Bowl ads than were earlier in the week.
To see who’s joined the ranks and which advertisers currently claim the top spots in PPC, check out Who’s Tops? Bud Light Is Unseated As Number One Super Bowl Advertiser On Google And Bing on our sister site Search Engine Land.
(Image by Wisecontrarian and used via Creative Commons liscensing.)

via Marketing Land

Marketing Day: January 31, 2014

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.
From Marketing Land:

Adobe Predicts “Most Mobile Super Bowl Ever” With Advertisers Winning A 60% Jump In Mobile Traffic

Based on record playoff audience numbers combined with growing social media mentions, Adobe is predicting this year’s Super Bowl to draw the largest US television audience of all time and be, “the most mobile Super Bowl ever.” According to Adobe Digital Index (ADI) analysis, the company claims Super Bowl advertisers can expect a 60 percent […]

Report: In Q4 Facebook Once Again Dominated The Social Login Landscape

It has been an excellent run for Facebook over the past few months. Not only was their Q4 earnings report stellar, they’ve also owned the overall social referral space. To top things off, Gigya, a consumer management suite, is showing that Facebook is yet again dominating the social login space. According to Gigya, Facebook held […]


Google Fourth Quarter: CPC Is Down but Clicks Are Up

Type “Google” into the news search and scan today’s headlines. At a glance, it’s hard to tell if Google’s Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year Results 2013 report was good news or bad news. Google fell short of expectations. Cost Per Click is dropping. Motorola Mobility buy was a failure.
Now for the flip side: analysts expected Google to show a profit of $12.21 a share on revenue of $16.75 billion.
They missed the mark but not by much: $12.01 per share but compared to last year’s $10.65, it’s quite a jump.
Fourth-quarter revenue rose 17% to $16.86 billion. Not bad.
Let’s talk advertising:
Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora told the press:

Performance advertising continues to be a main stay of our core business. We’re seeing good growth as driven primarily by increased search activity across all screens, as driven by new measurement features and more sophisticated market ears lining their search and display advertising strategies.

Here’s the two sides of the ad coin:

Paid Clicks - Aggregate paid c…