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How Game-Day Prep For #EsuranceSave30 Made Esurance The Most Talked About Brand Of The Super Bowl

According to the latest data from Networked Insights, Esurance has won what might be dubbed the “Conversation Bowl” with 539,610 (and climbing) conversations on Twitter — far higher than number two T-Mobile’s 309,780 conversations.
The company executed a timed-to-a-tee teaser campaign to drum up awareness that it would be announcing something big in an ad right after the Super Bowl. And, yes, it then delivered on that promise, stirring up the hashtag frenzy it was hoping — no planning — for.
By being the first ad to air after the Super Bowl ended, Esurance saved about 30 percent on a game-time ad slot. In the ad, everyone’s favorite funny-sweet guy, John Krasinski, announces that Esurance will pass on that savings — 1.5 million big ones — to one person who tweets using the campaign hashtag #EsuranceSave30.

In the week leading up to the game, Esurance built awareness and anticipation across social media. Danny Miller, Senior Manager, PR and Communications at Esurance, says they seeded con…

Esurance Wins the Super Bowl

Let’s be honest, the reason why brands spend so much time and effort on their Super Bowl ads, is because they hope they will “go viral.” They’re even willing to spend $4M just to have it aired.
That’s why the Esurance ad is marketing brilliance.

Instead of spending $4M and hoping your ad will go viral, save the cash, and get everyone tweeting like crazy!

via Marketing Pilgrim - Internet News and Opinion

3 Ways To Leverage Social PPC To Gain More Targeted Customers

Jacob Baadsgard, CEO of Disruptive Advertising, spent most of his professional life guiding Fortune 100 companies to greater profitability with Pay-Per-Click advertising at Adobe. He was responsible for adding $30M a year to Adobe’s bottom line. That was before he started his own PPC Management firm.
Jacob attributes much of his success in PPC to doing proper market research and using all the tools that Google, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter make available to marketers. He also says that social is one of the most underutilized tools in AdWords. (Google allows you to include social extensions in your PPC ads, yet many marketers don’t — I will discuss this topic further down in the article.)
So here are Jacob’s 3 top guides for competition-smearing, social PPC tactics.
1. Facebook PPC Tips
The clout of social PPC, specifically where Facebook is concerned, is its targeting capabilities. With search, you are targeting keywords; with social, you are building/targeting personas. Precise targeti…

Divide By Zero Brings India’s First Indigenously Built 3D Printer!

The first question that might be in your mind is what is the whole ho-hum about 3D printing. Why is it being given such importance? After all, it is simply making stuff with plastic, something that is already happening in the world all around.
As a polymer engineer let me tell you first-hand what is the process of making something from plastic. For the simplest of product, say a bucket or a mug, there is a machine that is very costly to buy and maintain and then there must be a mold of the object that you want to make.
The basic step is that you put the plastic in its raw form (say beads of polypropylene) from one end and then it is heated to melt and with force pushed into the mold. Then it gets to room temperature and solidifies.
Job done.
Yes, it is that simple. So, the question again rises, what is the big deal of a 3D printer, because in essence this printer is the same machine doing the same thing. The two differences that sets it apart are:

No mold required. You literally print from…

Get To Know: HubSpot CMO Mike Volpe

In early 2007, Mike Volpe joined HubSpot as the company’s fifth employee. With Volpe serving as chief marketing officer, HubSpot has since grown from 10 to 10,000 customers, expanded from 5 to 650 employees, and raised $100 million in venture capital.
Under Volpe’s leadership, HubSpot has won more than 30 marketing awards and has been featured in over 20 marketing and business books. Volpe has guest lectured at Harvard Business School, Babson College, Carnegie Mellon, TCU, Boston University, and MIT Sloan School of Management, and contributed to numerous blogs, as well as the Harvard Business Review.
Volpe is an MBA graduate of the MIT Sloan School of Management and received his BA in Economics and Government, summa cum laude, from Bowdoin College. He is a former director of the alumni fund at Bowdoin College and a co-founder and former director of the Boston Scholars Program, a Boston volunteer organization.
At MIT, Volpe received the Patrick McGovern award for his contributions to entr…

After Delhi, Rajasthan Scraps FDI in Multi-Brand Retail, Which Other State Will Follow?

Around 3 weeks back, newly crowned Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal made one of his first announcements after coming to power – The banning of FDI in multi-brand retail.
In that article, we had mentioned that it is a very bad precedence that has been set in motion by Delhi Government. Now, all other states who do not agree with multi-brand retail FDI were free to overturn the decisions in their states as well.
That’s exactly what has happened.
Rajasthan has become the second state after Delhi to ban FDi in multi-brand retail in their state. Rajasthan was among the 12 states that had previously agreed to it, but now have retracted in that regards.
Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhara Raje has sent the letter to Industry minister Anand Sharma in this regards, reports Livemint. It was also confirmed by Rajasthan state official.

In Rajasthan CM’s favour, it could be said that FDI decision was agreed by them when Congress was in power. But Congress met with heavy defeat at the hands of Bhara…

Spectrum Auction Has Started, 8 Telcos Vying For Airwaves [Updates]

The much talked about and much awaited 2G spectrum auction is now underway. It started at 9am (today, 3rd Feb 2014), and this very much is a crucial auction for both the government as well as the telecom operators in India.
The previous 2 attempts of Govt. to auction two airwave bands (900 MHz and 1800 MHz) have been unsuccessful – They expect that this time around they will be successful, and raise close to USD 2 billion. The auction is due to Supreme Court’s order in 2G case in Feb 2012, where 122 licenses were cancelled and freed. The previous 2 auctions conducted in Nov 2012 and March 2013 lasted only two days and one day respectively and were unable to meet the minimum reserve price.
On the other hand, these airwaves have become crucial for Indian Telcos, especially for 2 biggest operators in India Bharti Airtel and Vodafone as their licenses are expiring later this year for some circles. For Vodafone, it is important to get spectrum for Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata to keep offering t…

Adobe Showing Intent To Acquire Simplify360?

Indian startup space is slowly coming under the radar of major players in the internet industry. After Little Eye Labs acquisition by Facebook and Google buying Impermium, there is a growing trend of Japanese investors flocking in to invest in Indian startups. If rumours are to be believed, another acquisition story is slowly building up as companies like Adobe and WPP seems to be interested in acquiring another Bangalore based startup Simplify360.
Simplify360 is a social media analytics tool that sifts through social media chatter to give meaningful insights to leverage from. The tool helps companies to find trend and interests in the social media. With biggies like Wipro, Yamaha, ITC, Star Network etc as clients the company has set up a profitable business. With no significant funding, the founders have so far bootstrapped the social media tool’s growth since its start in 2009.

The social media analytics tool bears resemblance to Topsy, which was acquired last year in a surprising mov…