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The Transparency Reports Aren’t So Transparent After All!

We all have heard how NSA i.e. the National Security Agency of the United States, has been pestering and bullying tech firms to turn over customer information to the government for secret national security investigations.
Now, after the companies were freed by a recent legal deal with government lawyers, the tech firms have released some new data – thousands of Americans’ records have been shared till date!
The tech companies disclosed the number of requests from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), the judicial body that authorizes some of the more controversial elements of the NSA’s spying program.
Stung by a series of news reports about government surveillance, based on documents leaked by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, the companies have been eager to show they hand over users’ data only under narrow circumstances.

Which companies?
The publications disclosed by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tumblr provided expanded details a…

Govt Launches ‘National Cloud’ Under MeghRaj Initiative

In recent times, Government of India has taken many steps to bring many Government services online. This is clearly evident from the fact that Government e-transactions have risen rapidly in 2013, growing 100 times more as compared to 2012.
Infact, according to eTaal site, in the month of January 2014 alone, over 500 million etransactions have been executed for various online govt services.
Now, to accelerate delivery of e-services further, Kapil Sibal, Minister of Comm and IT, today launched the National Cloud under ‘MeghRaj’ Initiative, which is being implemented by NIC (National Informatics Center).
The focus of MeghRaj initiative is to evolve a Strategy and implement various components including governance mechanism to ensure proliferation of Cloud in government. Formulation of the Cloud Policy is one of the primary steps that will facilitate large scale adoption of cloud by government.

According to press release, GI Cloud has set of discrete cloud computing environments spread across…

How to Monetize your website to Viglink?

I started trying Viglink to help monetize a couple of websites (including this one) two months ago. The sites I used it on were either not making much money, or had lost their income because of changes to the Ebay Partner program. I did not have high hopes, but now that some time has passed… […]
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How to use the responsive Google Adsense ad unit

What are responsive ads? Responsive Adsense ads show a different size ad depending on what the visitor is looking at your webpage with. So if a visitor comes to your website on an iphone it shows a little ad, if a visitor is seeing your page on a tablet, they see a medium sized ad […]
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Moto G Listed On Flipkart, Launching Tomorrow

Moto g, the much awaited phone is finally arriving tomorrow in India. And unlike normal listing that Flipkart does for other new phones, they have created a dedicated microsite for Moto g launch.
Flipkart has also sent out press invites for the Moto G launch meet slated to be held on February 5th, when they will reveal more details about pricing, availability etc.
The Flipkart microsite for moto g boldly mentions “Exceptional Phone. Exceptional Price

People who will buy Moto g on the day of the launch stand to avail some incredible offers as well that includes 70 percent off on colorful moto g covers. Buyers will also have chance to get 100% cashback for moto g purchases.

Even though moto g will be the first phone Motorola will be launching in India, after they moved out few years back. They have already updated their list of service centers across India, incase buyers have any issues with the phone. The number of service centers are expected to grow after the launch.
Check out their serv…

Best Selling Indian Cars Taken for Crash Tests And Look Who Passed [Videos]

NO ONE. Every SINGLE one of them failed. Even surprisingly each scored a ZERO on a scale of 5. The tests was conducted by London based car-safety watchdog Global NCAP.
The cars that was selected for the safety test were hatchbacks; Tata Nano, Maruti Suzuki Alto 800, Hyundai i10, Ford Figo and Volkswagen Polo.
The car models chosen for the test had to be the entry level models that are manufactured in India only. Hence none of them had airbags, which is considered one of the most basic requirement by global standards.
Two tests were conducted independently on on the same make and model for every brand. One test was made at 56 KMPH and the other one was at 64 KMPH.
All the cars were obtained from the Indian showrooms and shipped to Germany where the crash test was performed.
The results were shockingly bad. Each scored a zero on a scale of 5.

Representatives from each brand were on site to witness the test. As the results were on table, the manufacturers could only come up with excuses statin…

Budweiser “Puppy Love” Ad Wins This Year’s Super Bowl With Over 1.3 Million Shares

Budweiser has been declared this year’s official Super Bowl brand winner by video analytics firm Unruly, with its “Puppy Love” ad generating more than 1.3 million shares.
The ad received over a million more shares than the No. 2 spot, which was also a Budweiser ad. Budweiser won three of the top ten most shared ads this year, with its “A Hero’s Welcome” taking the No. 2 spot, and “Ian Up for Whatever” taking the No. 5 spot.
According to Unruly’s data, Budweiser’s heartwarming ad, featuring a friendship between a puppy and a Clydesdale horse, is already the sixth most shared Super Bowl ad of all time, and has helped the the brand overtake Volkswagen as the most shared online Super Bowl brand ever.
Citing research from media tracking company Civolution, Unruly said the Budweiser “Puppy Love” ad also earned the most television coverage of all this year’s Super Bowl ads:
In the US, “Puppy Love” appeared on national television channels 75 times prior to the game and on local broadcasts 1,200 t…

Pinterest Updates Acceptable Use Policy And Cracks Down on Paid Pins

I’d guess that 99% of the people who use a social media site don’t bother to read the Terms of Service. They’re long. They’re legal. They’re often contradictory, so I get it. Plus, it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission, right? But when money is involved, people have a tendency to get. . . shall we say. . . creative and that can lead to a poor user experience for everyone else.
Pinterest uses the word “authentic”, meaning they only want Pins that would naturally occur based on someone’s enthusiasm for the subject matter. In order to keep the site more “authentic,” they’ve clarified a few points in an update to their Acceptable Use Policy.
And kudos to the team who wrote this document in plain English. It’s not that we’re stupid, but by stripping out the legalese, they’ve made their position crystal clear.
Paid to Pin:
You cannot compensate a person for pinning, repinning or liking your business pins.
You can pay a person to run your Pinterest. You can also pay commission through an…

Facebook Maps Super Bowl Fan Engagement From 185 Million Conversations

Facebook reported earlier today that 50 million people (“unique people”) globally were communicating about the Super Bowl via the site or apps last night. The 50 million people apparently had 185 million “interactions.” That’s roughly 3.7 interactions per person on average.
Facebook has been eager to insert itself into real-time communication about live events and news along the lines of its rival Twitter. As one part of its strategy Facebook reportedly offered celebrities increased exposure and free “amplified distribution” as a kind of quid pro quo incentive for posts about the game.
Facebook also estimated that 50 percent of the viewing audience was “chatting about [the Super Bowl] on Facebook.
Below are the top 5 most discussed events or plays during the game:

Percy Harvin opens the 2nd half with an 87-yard kickoff return for a touchdown
Jermaine Kearse catches a 23-yard touchdown pass to extend Seattle’s lead
Malcolm Smith intercepts Peyton Manning and returns it for a touchdown in the…

Esurance Knocks Budweiser Out Of The #2 Spot For Top 10 Most Popular Super Bowl Ads Online

It looks like the Seattle Seahawks weren’t the only big winners last night. According to video analytics firm, Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” was the No. 1 most popular Super Bowl ad online, with two more of the brand’s ads making it into’s top ten list.
Ranking Super Bowl ads based on online views and digital activity, claims Budweiser held the No. 1, 2 and 3 spots during the game, but Esurance’s ad starring John Krasinski has since taken over second place.
Airing immediately following the Super Bowl, the Esurance ad asked viewers to tweet the hashtag #EsuranceSave30 for a chance at $1.5 million. While the ad hasn’t generated nearly the number of online views as other Super Bowl ads, iSpot’s data shows the ad has resulted in more than 400,000 social actions.
Even with Esurance’s ad continuing to gain online popularity, iSpot reports Budweiser is the overall Super Bowl brand leader this year, with its ads generating a total of nearly 68 million views and 1.3 million …

Automakers Sigh, Pony Up for Mobile Media Targeted to Own Showrooms | Robot Media Market So Confident It's Guaranteeing Media Sales | Social Media Apps Taxonimized

Retargeting: Competitive retargeting is increasing in the mobile media market, allowing for instance, auto makers to blast mobile users while they're on car sales lots. The practice is now inspiring major brands like Mazda to counter-buy ads in an attempt to win the mobile mental shelf space even in their own showrooms. Robot Invasion: MediaCrossing's swagger knows no [...]

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SEOs: Links Still Better than Stick in Eye | Facebook Uncool to Teens in Blighty, Rest of World Unknown | Cookiepocalypse Nigh

Search: SEO advocates are starting to invent reasons why link building might still be thought of as useful, even if Google stops using links as a proxy for site value. Two major Google algorithm changes in the past year have caused links be less effective on rankings influence, and in some cases downright negative. Social: Mashable points [...]

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